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Triangle Strategy Aesfrost or Heissand: You should choose this alliance

 The agony of choice lies in Serenoas and therefore in your hands. Will you choose to ally with Aesfrost or Heissand and how will this affect the story and ending of Triangle Strategy? We'll tell you here which side you should choose and what consequences you draw from it!

Triangle Strategy Aesfrost or Heissand: You should choose this alliance

In the third chapter, Serenoa and his allies are faced with the question of whether to ally with the kingdom of Aesfrost, which comes from the cold north, or whether to ally with the desert dwellers of Hot Sand. But does the choice have a serious impact on the further course of the game and what positive and negative effects does it bring with it?

Three of your companions tend to one of the two countries, while Anna is not sure yet. Before the election begins, you can go to each character and use some skill (and based on your alignment) to convince them of your desired outcome.

Advantages of hot sand

If you choose Heissand, Corentin will join your troupe. The Ice Mage can cover the battlefield with a layer of ice and use it to slow down your opponents. Corentin's magic is also useful for erecting barricades.

You also get access to various information such as the sacred seven of Heissand. One of the notes, which gives you a deeper insight into the game world of Triangle Strategy, is also available with Heissand.

Benefits of Aesfrost

If you choose Aesfrost, Rudolph will join your squad. The hunter and smuggler fight with a longbow and is therefore ideal for long-range combat. Traps are also part of Rudolph's expertise. If you place them cleverly on the battlefield, they deal additional damage to the opponent at the end of their turn.

An alliance with Aesfrost doesn't give you quite as much information as that with Hot Sand, but it gives you access to three notes instead of just one.

our recommendation

We recommend forming an alliance with Aesfrost. Aside from one important decision within the golden routes that can negatively impact your relationship with Heissand (if you've formed an alliance with them), the benefits of the Aesfrost route are more prominent.

Basically, this decision is based on the recruitment of the character in question - in this case, Rudolph. Compared to Corentin, the damage dealt and the range of his attacks is significantly higher. Setting traps will also give you an advantage in battle and can make the difference between your opponent's life and death. Aesfrost is also the preferred option for friends of lore, as you get access to several notes on this route.

If you're wondering whether it's not possible to recruit both characters in one playthrough, we'll have to disappoint you. Rudolph and Corentin cannot work together. So the characters are in an “either/or” situation. However, this decision does not have an ultimate effect on the ending, especially if you are aiming for the golden route .