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Triangle Strategy The best ending and the golden route

 Each decision takes you further down the path of one of the four endings of Triangle Strategy. But are there good and bad endings and if so, which is the best of them and how do you achieve it? We'll tell you here what requirements you have to meet in order to take the golden route!

Triangle Strategy The best ending and the golden route

Right at the start of Triangle Strategy, you'll be introduced to a system that determines Serenoa's alignment. At times you will be asked to choose one of three possible answers. Each of them is under a sign: morality, freedom, or utility.

The end of the game is determined based on your answers. There are four different endings in total. Three of them depend on Serenoa's alignment, which you influence throughout the game. However, the fourth end, the golden route, can only be reached if you reach certain interfaces in the game and make the right decisions there.

Choices for the best ending

Only from chapter seven will you have to make decisive decisions that determine whether you can go down the golden route or be thrown off it again. In the following, we have compiled the decisions for you and explained what you should pay attention to.

Chapter 7: Protect or deliver Roland

Your first important decision takes the form of an election. In the seventh chapter, you must lead the vote on Roland's fate. Depending on whether you are protecting Roland or handing him over, there are a few points to consider:

  • Protecting Roland :

If Roland is under your protection, you will have to deal with Avlora in Chapter 7a, who will immediately engage you in a fight. You will find several fire traps on the battlefield. While these are useful, that's the crux of the matter: you absolutely mustn't use them to guarantee staying on the golden route.

  • Roland is delivered :

You are spared the fight against Avlora and you only get to know the fire traps a few chapters later. In addition, you can no longer use Roland for some chapters.

Chapter 9: Smuggling Salt

Also in the ninth chapter, everything runs in the spirit of democracy. Nevertheless, you should make sure that this runs in your interest. The illegal transport of salt to Aesfrost is on the agenda this time and you should make sure all your fellows vote for it to stay on the golden route.

Chapter 10a: Reveals Roland's identity to Svarog

Another choice surrounding Roland's fate: Again, you'll need to do some convincing and make sure your companions vote to reveal Roland's identity to Svarog.

Chapter 11: Protect the Rosalia

This decision may affect your relationship with Hyzante. Don't worry about that, however, as your decision to protect the Rosalia continues to lead you down the golden route.

Based on this decision, one of two characters can join your party. If you protect the Rosalia, which you should do to keep the golden route, you will be joined by the bandit's daughter Trish, who you already know from the first chapter. If you deliver the people to the hyzantine, your father Travis will follow you from now on.

Chapter 12: Find the key of the Rosalia

To find the item you are looking for, instead of looking for a key, look for a pink stone. However, it is not that simple. Once you have reached the exploration phase, go into the house of the eldest and ask him for the key. After he denies its existence, you leave the house and seek out Benedict. Once you have spoken to him, go straight to Frederica, who will ask you a favor.

Luckily, Frederica helps you and gets the eldest out of his house, giving you the opportunity to take a good look at it again. Go to where the eldest stood to find the pink stone.

Chapter 15: Return to Wolffort

The next election is coming up and this time it's about returning to Wolffort, which you have to convince your companions to do. Back in the castle, you will meet Symon and also Milo, who can join your squad as a permanent member.

Chapter 17: Finding another way

This chapter is important, no matter what ending you choose. In the course of this, you have to make an important decision, which has a strong influence on the further course of the game. If you have made all the important decisions for the golden route so far, you can choose between the options of using the scales or looking for another way. Select the latter option, whereupon Serenoa will fall into thought and ask herself various questions, which you have to answer as follows:

  • Greet them with the wildfire of Wolffort?
  • Is Lord Svarog the key?
  • We can reveal the truth of the statue of the goddess.
  • You belong to the consortium.

Caution: If you are asked to make another choice before making a decision, you have missed one of the intersections of the golden route.

Golden Route: Hire Avlora as a companion

A bonus of the golden route is that Avlora will join your squad throughout Chapter 17. This is not possible on any other route.



Dark General


Berserker III


• Stats increase when their life points are low

• Has a powerful special attack, but it doesn't come without its dangers.