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Triangle Strategy Recruit and unlock all characters

 With the help of friends and companions, even the most difficult task becomes easy. It's the same for Serenoa in Triangle Strategy. Here we explain which characters you can recruit, what their special features are, and which routes you have to take to have them on your side!

Triangle Strategy Recruit and unlock all characters

How many characters can be recruited?

Triangle Strategy has a total of 30 recruitable characters up its sleeve to help you in battle. However, it is not possible to recruit all characters in one playthrough. Of course, since there are multiple routes and endings that make characters your friends or foes, you can't promote everyone to one of your companions.

In order to actually add all characters to your party once, you have to do all four routes. It is advisable to use the New Game+ function for this, as this allows units and conviction points to be transferred to a new save.

Recruit characters as the game progresses

In the first two chapters of Triangle Strategy, you automatically recruit eight characters. In addition to the protagonist Serenoa, they also include his closest friends and confidants. So you can't miss them and you have them by your side, no matter which route you take. They include:

Chapter 1:

  • Serenoa
  • Benedict
  • Frederica
  • geela
  • Erador
  • ann

Chapter 2:

  • Roland
  • hughette

Recruit characters on different routes

Since there are four endings, there are characters that you can only recruit on each route. There are three instances in which there is one character per listed chapter that you can collect:






Form an alliance with Aesfrost



Form an alliance with Hyzante



Return to Wolffort



Remains in Crown City



Travel to the Rosalia's village after delivering them



Travel to Rosalia Village after protecting her



Follow the golden route

Recruit characters through stories

From the fifth chapter, there are character stories, which are similar to side missions. To do this, press the + icon while on the world map. Not all of these stories allow you to recruit a new character, often they are backstories of your current companions. However, there are a total of 14 characters that you can hire this way.

Serenoa's alignment plays a big role here: based on the score of the three different types of alignments, the characters and their stories are unlocked. So if you only have 100 morale points, a character that requires 200 points cannot be unlocked and therefore cannot join your group.

You can tell if a story is available by the icon for it in the lower right corner of your screen. If the story in question is a new recruitable character, that character will join your squad once the mission is complete.

Recruit characters through stories