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Tunic: 9 tips and tricks for an easy start

 Tunic is only superficially a cute action-adventure. In truth, it is full of tricky puzzles that require a lot from you. However, the following tips will make the start a little easier.

Tunic: 9 tips and tricks for an easy start

In Tunic you explore a mysterious world with a brave little fox. To ensure that you get off to a smooth start, our guide will tell you:

  • Where you can quickly get a sword and shield
  • How you can sprint
  • Why the manual plays such an important role

Get your sword and shield quickly

Before you really jump into the adventure, you should equip yourself with a shield and a sword. You won't be able to do much with the small stick you have at the beginning. You can find the sword in the East Forest. On the way there, however, you will meet a first small boss, which you can quickly eliminate with a bit of tactical skill. Go to the gate and open it - behind you will find the sword.

The sign is again in the upper world in the old house. Get the key first, otherwise, you won't be able to get into the house. Inside is a secret passage that leads you to a room where the sign is. Pick it up and you'll be well prepared for the adventure to come.

Always look behind stones and trees

Due to the isometric view, there are always areas that you cannot see completely. Is there something hidden behind the block of stone? What's with the big tree? Is something hiding under the ledge? Figure it out! Run around everything you can't see completely. The probability is very high that there is something behind it. Be it a chest, an item, or even a secret passage.

Don't be put off by wondrous items at first

In the world of Tunic, there are always small or large objects that you can't do anything with at first. You can also ignore them at the beginning with a clear conscience and don't need to puzzle around what it's all about. As a rule, you will understand at a later point in time what one or the other item is good for.

Is tunic too heavy? No problem!

Tunic has a few options in the settings that will make gameplay a little easier for you. For example, you can enable the option to have infinite mana or health. So you become invincible. In the long run, of course, this doesn't pose a great challenge. But if you despair of a boss, it can't hurt to use this opportunity for a short time to study the attacks and practice appropriate counterattacks.

Use fast travel

Not only can the little fox run fast - by holding down the dodge roll button - but he can also get from A to B in no time thanks to fast travel. If you find golden platforms in Tunic, they are a sure sign of fast travel. Enter it, go into prayer mode, and then travel to another location.

By the way: If you get stuck in an area, worship structures such as monoliths or platforms. Most of the time, this skill will get you further.

Read the manual thoroughly - and collect the pages

Yes, in Tunic there is actually a digital manual that accompanies the game, which you should definitely read! It doesn't seem really useful at first glance, since there are many symbols and illegible characters shown there. But take your time and examine the pages at leisure - they have many details and reveal solutions to puzzles.

In the beginning, the manual is still incomplete, which is why you should definitely look for the missing pages as the game progresses.

Always return to your corpse

Tunic is not a classic action adventure but also has soul-like elements. If you die, you lose gold, which stays with your corpse. So be sure to return to her to scrape every last penny from the earth. But be careful not to let yourself be killed again on the way - then your property will be lost forever!

By the way: If your corpse is surrounded by enemies, collect your belongings and then let the spirit explode. While he doesn't kill the others, he does damage them and buys you some time to getaway!

Visit the windmill regularly

Northwest of the old house is a windmill. Pay her a visit from time to time, because you can buy useful items there. So you can get an additional slot for potions or more bombs. But choose your purchases wisely, because the necessary coins are unfortunately not available like the sand by the sea.

Remember: EVERYTHING has a reason!

It's probably the most important tip in Tunic: nothing is left to chance in this game! Any item that strikes you as suspicious is there for a reason. Maybe this is not yet clear to you, but at some point, there will come a point when the time has come.

Even if you get stuck at one point, it doesn't mean that the game is bugged. You just haven't found the right solution yet. In this case, take a look at the manual - maybe you missed a clue? Otherwise, circle all the stones again or look behind ledges.