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Walkthrough Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok - game guide

Walkthrough Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok - game guide

 A detailed walkthrough of all story missions and battles with the bosses of "Dawn of Ragnarok"

There are two ways you can start the massive standalone Dawn of Ragnarok expansion. The first and most simple is to select the "New Game" mode, confirm the action, and in the window that opens, instead of the history of Valhalla, select the second item "Dawn of Ragnarok". But in this case, you will encounter a number of disadvantages:

  • Yes, your character will automatically be given a power level of 340. But you will receive several types of weapons, and the weapons and story leading up to the events of Dawn of Ragnarok will not be available.
  • You will not be able to travel between worlds and will be limited to Svartalfheim.
  • You will not be able to transfer character progress to the original game.

The second way is to go to Dawn of Ragnarok from the main game. In this case, your character must meet the minimum requirements of the add-on. In addition to the level requirement, there is one more action that must be completed before you can travel to Svartalfheim. The quest "Restless Dreams" will appear in the task log. This is the last step before submitting to the DLC.

Move to Ravensthorpe and talk to Valka. In order for it to appear, you first need to build a seer's hut (Valka's House). Find and bring her the mistletoe needed for the ritual. Place the mistletoe on the indicated marks around the ritual circle to advance the quest. Interact with the middle of the circle to start Dawn of Ragnarok.

For those whose level is less than 340, there will be an opportunity to increase progress. You will receive special Mythic-quality equipment, and the level will be increased to 340. But this is only for DLC! As soon as Eivor returns from Svartalfheim, the level will be restored to the value it was before visiting the DLC world.

Fortunately, the Restless Dreams quest can be completed regardless of the character's current level (player's power). However, Ravensthorpe must be at least level 3 in order to be able to build Valka the seer's hut. Otherwise, you will have to improve your settlement or use the first method.

The rescue

After the conversation, follow Frigga, who will pass through the forest and several houses. Once inside the longhouse, talk to her and go up to the second floor. At the far end is a table with a note that says something about a golden sickle. After reading the note, go down and fight the first enemies. Move to the throne room, killing ordinary opponents along the way. Don't forget about healing with the H key. Once inside the throne room and watching the cut-scene, fight Surt. Use character abilities, dodge on ALT to slow downtime. Win or lose, the outcome is the same - Balder is still kidnapped and Frigga is dead.

Gift to the deity

After the cut-scene, you will learn that Xavi was pulled out of Helheim by Sigrun and Halstein. Keep following your buddies until you meet the first fiery enemy. Kill him and then wait. Soon, Sigrun will discover the cache and give you a special bracer. Approach an enemy and press R to absorb Muspelheim's power. Select the cell in which the skill will be installed. Keep moving and kill a couple more opponents. This time, there is no need to manually absorb the power. It will be transferred to you automatically after the death of the enemy.

A scale appeared in the lower right corner of the screen. If it is full, you can activate Muspelheim's power, which will protect you from fire or lava damage, and also allow you to disguise yourself as an enemy. Soon you will run into a closed door. Activate Muspelheim's power and go through the lava on the right side. Go through the narrow opening between the rocks to bypass the door. Before heading downstairs, you can read the hymn to the dwarves hanging on the wall behind the pit. Jump down into the hole. There will be another door on the right, but first, run to the left and break the bolt on the door to let Sigrun and Halstein through. Walk with them down the corridor. In the corner is a statue of Yggdrasil. Interact with the statue to sacrifice a portion of health and gain hoog (for Muspelheim's power). After doing this, restore health to H and immediately collect provisions around the statue. Activate the power and go to the passage with lava to the left of the locked door. Crouch on C and crawl to the other side. Break the bolt on the door on the right.

There are flowers on the side of the door that you can collect hoog from. Do this to restore the scale. Follow the dwarves until they stop in front of the lava. Take the form of a thurs, jump down and stand on the side of the stone block. Press E and move the block to the right, closer to the doors. Move away from the block by pressing C. The doors will be able to cross over to the other side. Do the same with the stone block. Go ahead, restore the hug with flowers and disguise yourself as a thurs. Walk around the enemies and attack them from behind.

Walk forward and fight Sinmara. She will disappear once you reduce her health by 30%. For victory, you will receive a new legendary weapon atgeir "Piercer". Follow Sigrun and Halstein forward until you find the dwarven sign. Halstein will offer to look at the map. Open it.

The world of Svartalfheim is divided into four main regions:

  • Gullnamar with 340 Power Required - 7 Secrets
  • Svaladal with Power Required 355 - 11 Secrets
  • Vangrinn with 370 Power Requirement - 12 Arcane
  • Eitri with required power 390 - 1 secret

In addition, you will be able to examine your inventory. In fact, there are a lot more legendary weapons and armor available to you, so right now you can choose others. Follow your buddies to the next sign. Then they will stop. Hold down the V key to use Odin's vision, then move towards the "blue rings". They point to the next sign. Interact with him, run up and to the left of the other sign. At the fork, take the middle path (slightly to the left). Then climb up the cliffs, taking mostly left turns, until you find a large entrance to the dwarven hideout. Here you will meet Brodd. As a token of gratitude, Sigrun will give Xavi 2 Oligoclase, a rare resource used to craft Svartalfheim weapons and armor.

Shelter Erdbir

Before entering the hideout, there is a Kurda on the right. You can buy new skins for your horse from her, as well as learn skills that allow all mounts to swim, increase swimming speed, stamina and health. Enter the Erdbir ​​hideout. In the room on the left, you can meet the first trader Trinn. He sells standard items, three simple weapons, several runes, settlement and drakkar customizations, tattoos, and hairstyles. Nothing special.

Follow Brodd to the blacksmith and talk to him. This is Grungir. You will learn that in order to get Oligoclase, you need to raid mules. Oligoclase is used to upgrade the Harvester Hug, a bracer that grants you the appropriate skills and turs disguise. On the map, the mules are marked with a large waterwheel marker. The quest "Hunting and Gathering" will begin. You can also meet Reda at the top. Talk to Brodd at the entrance. He will tell you about the giantess Hyurrokin. Follow him until the task is completed.

Looking for shelter

You are offered to find the rest of the dwarven hideouts. There is a white dot to the left of the dwarven hideout. He points to a statue surrounded by thurses. Kill them and climb to the foot of the statue to find a letter and an uncut gem. There is a golden glowing dot southwest of Erdbir's hideout. She points to the fort Gemüll-Bru. Go there, kill the enemies in any way, and then highlight the golden dot on the map. You will see a golden pillar pointing to a hidden chest. Activate thurs disguise and move the stone block towards you. After removing it from the path, get to the chest and get the legendary fire turs helmet from there. Don't forget to take loot from the tower.

Further to the west, there is a white dot. Mark her, get close, kill the wolves and get a tattoo sketch. A white helmet is shown in the north. This is the Hand of Snimara. Trying to kill them without pumping Muspelheim's power is not worth it. Go to the northwest and activate the second synchronization point. A little to the north there is a lake, at the bottom of which lies an uncut gem.

Head south to the green marker to find wagons and other objects with yellow arrows. Follow the arrows to the hole and jump down. Follow through the cave. Along the way, you can destroy growths and collect obsidian. There is only one path here, so you will soon reach the Grenhellyr hideout. Immediately at the entrance, the task "Crystal Cave" is activated.

crystal cave

When you reach the second hideout in the game (the first in the Seeking Shelter quest), you will activate this quest. To begin with, you are asked to inspect the shelter. There are different characters here. For example, a stone hand marker indicates a doorg that collects gems. For two gems you will get the first sketch. The coiled snake marker in the form of "8" indicates the dverg, which is used to change hairstyles and tattoos. The merchant sells the same goods. Find Gunborg among the marked dwarves. Chat with her to progress through the story. The task will end, but the quest "Finding Frithief" along the "Relic" chain will begin.

Finding Fritjef

Exit the shelter through another passage, moving the stone out of the way. You will see Uldar in front of you. Dwarves and Turses live there. The first enemies will appear behind the bridge, and above the lava on the right there is an alarm bell. Destroy it to make the fight easier, and deal with the first dwarves. Some of them are marked with a "blue leg" icon. You have already received this power. There is a treasure in the house ahead. Use the power of Muspelheim to avoid taking damage from the lava and open the side grate leading to the house. There is a well on the left. Break the boards (for example, with a bow shot), jump down and read the message for the sons of Ivaldi. One of the enemies in Uldar can find the power of rebirth. This opponent will be marked with an "axe hand" marker. The "legs" marker indicates the power you previously received.

Open the map and go to the lower-left corner of Uldar. There will be enemies near the house, around which gold is scattered. Kill everyone. Eivor will notice that gold is lying around the house, which means you are in the right place. Climb up the hill to the tallest house in the jewelers' quarter and climb inside through the window. Use Odin's vision to find all points of interaction. You need to examine the tools on the table on the left, the hammer on the floor in the center of the room, the decoration near the stairs. Then remove the drawer opposite the steps and read the unopened letter to the sons of Ivaldi. Climb up, destroy the wooden boxes and move the stone block towards you to get into a secret room with a table on which lies a letter to Fritjef from the Sons of Ivaldi. You have completely searched the house.

Now you need to get to the smelter, it is located in the north of Uldar. Walk along with the marker, killing enemies, go inside. Turn into the adit on the left and kill one enemy from above and two from below. Interrogate three prisoners. They will say that Frithief was taken downstairs. Go to the adjacent corridor and open the door on the left. You can navigate by the golden dot on the map, which indicates some small loot. Clean out the adjoining adit. Kill the enemies from above first, then shoot the cargo hold to take out a couple more. Defeat the remaining targets and don't forget to search the chest located above, to the right of the exit to the outside. Go back through the door where you saved the three dwarves. Go to the other side of the door to get into a corridor with several detention cells. Destroy all bolts and find Tyura. Take the woman outside, through the cave,

Follow her and get in the boat. Follow Tyura, duck down and kill four turs. Use disguises to catch them off guard. Having done this, move on to the crossroads. Use Odin's vision and examine the corrupted sign on the stone on the left. Follow Tyura and kill the three wolves. Soon you will reach the excavations in Fornam. Use Odin's raven to locate the character with the key. Also, you may notice a white sign in the middle of the camp. She points to Frithief. Move first after the key, carefully killing the enemies. From the starting point, shoot at the mount to drop the load on the heads of opponents.

Get to the enemies with the key. They argue as one of them dropped the key down through the bars. Activate the disguise, kill the enemies and go down the stairs through the lava. Pick up the key, be sure to search the chest to pick up a platinum ingot. If the disguise is over, shoot the jugs to blow up another passage. Get to the cage in the middle of the camp and free Frithief. Take it to the specified location to complete the task. The quest "The Pundit and the Sunstone" will begin.

Also hidden at the Fornam excavations is a tattoo and a platinum ingot. Follow the dungeon entrance marker. Look up and shoot at the cargo anchor to break through the rocks from below. Go downstairs, put the jug near the other stones and blow it up. Take the platinum bar and the tattoo.

The pundit and the sunstone

On the map, in the southern part of this region, a green marker will appear. Move towards it until you find Heimdar's palace on top of a huge rock. On the side of the palace there is a high bridge. Climb up its support, but before moving to the palace, turn to the house in the opposite direction. Hidden here is the Explosive Retreat Skill Book. Bounce back and lightning will strike where you were just standing, dealing damage to all enemies in the area of ​​effect. This is a melee skill. Use a light source and aim at the separator in the middle of the location. Then break the boxes at the reflector on the other side of the divider, closer to the locked door. Light falls on another reflector, but there is no sphere in it. The sphere itself is lying on the right. Pick up and install it, and then aim at the crystal above the door. Enter the opened building

Now go to the palace. The first enemy sits on a slope and is fairly easy to kill. The next three can also be killed by stealth, provided that you can immediately attack the second. Climb the stairs and eliminate the enemy watching the opponents from below. Optionally finish off the remaining two and enter the palace. Search, go outside, and climb to the top of the palace along the walls. Go around it in a circle and kill all the enemies. Outside there are a couple of opponents with platinum bars and a heroic saga. Picking up this saga will activate the Heroic Scribe side quest. The armor chest is locked from the outside. In addition, two corpses of ravens can be found here. Approach them (you can use the vision of Odin or your raven) and absorb the new Raven Power. Xavi can now transform into a crow to reach new heights.

Council. You can have two powers active at the same time. If you choose two and want another, you will have to install it in the slot in place of one of the previous ones. Then, in order to return the previous one again, you will have to find an enemy with this power and absorb it again. But the most important thing is that as soon as you absorb the power at least once, it will forever remain in the “Hug Reaper” section.

Enter inside the upper part of the palace, watch the video and defeat all the turs. After that, talk to the dverg. We need to evacuate him. But first, go outside and go upstairs again. Remember the locked equipment chest? There is lava on the other side of the top tower. Go down a little lower, activate Muspelheim's power, and go into the lava cave. In a small room is a bag with a key. Take the key and return it to the chest. Unlock it to get the legendary Ivaldi Legacy Axe. Go downstairs and grab Einar's hands. Follow down the slope, past the bridge, until you find yourself at the foot of the mountain. Take Einar to the indicated place and talk to him.

Einar asks to release his son. It turns out you've already done it. Frithief is the son of Einar. Einar is willing to help you find shelter, but you need a sunstone. Follow the marker to the abandoned city of Onarthorp. First, collect various items. In a small area, a scroll with a heroic saga is nailed to a tree. Inside the building there is a chest with a platinum ingot. To get inside, find a window boarded up with boards and break them. Climb into the house, drive the rats to the grate and block it with a stone block. Move another stone block and open the chest. Outside, climb up to the arms of the tall statue and inspect them. Someone took the sunstone. To the right of the statue, there is a locked house. Go around it and look for an open window on the second floor from the outside. Climb inside, destroy all obstacles and go down to the first floor of the house. Chase away the rats put a stone block on the grate so they don't bother you. Search the chest with loot, and take the sunstone from the chest. You can go east of Onarthorp to find a gem under a tree with a waterfall.

Head northwest to the marker. Along the way, you can take part in your first raid in Svartalfheim. This will be an area called "Hvergelmir-mulne". Arriving at the location, hold down (do not press, but hold) the J key to start the raid. Together with your comrades, kill all enemies. Bring down three obelisks to get an oligoclase. When you do this, the raid will end. You can open the map, mark the dull gold dots and collect loot from the chests. Einar is in the center of the marked area. Finding it is pretty easy.

Follow him to Hvergelmir-mulne. If you cleared it, there will be no enemies here. Get inside the workshop and wait a bit. Then talk to him, go outside, activate Muspelheim's power and stand in the lava on the side. When the scale is full, return to Einar and watch the video. The task will be completed, but the Cache of the Ancients quest will begin.

Cache of the Ancients

Return to Uldar. Beforehand, you can search the surroundings, collect various items, and so on. In the city, enter the smelter, kill the enemies in front or go past and follow the top to the left, where the dwarves stand. Among them will be Tyura and Frithief. Chat with them, then plant a sun stone in the indicated place. There are two light sources on the side. Point both at the sunstone and wait. After the cut-scene, you will need to kill one and a half to two dozen enemies. Having done this, watch another video.

Exit with the dwarves back and fight Sinmara again. When you take away half of her health, she will disappear again. Return to Grenhellyr's hideout to speak with Ivaldi.

Open the map and return to the Grenkhellir hideout. Before communicating with Ivaldi, I recommend contacting a blacksmith. Upgrade the "Reaper Hug" bracer, as well as upgrade the selected equipment to the divine level. I think it would be wise to use the found parts of the fire thurs armor in this add-on. Don't forget to set the runes. Also, upgrade weapons. Since the armor of the fiery tour belongs to the path of the Bear, then pump the appropriate branch in the skills. Put runes on protection from fire, because here the enemies use this particular element. After talking with Ivaldi, you will have a battle with Glod.

How to beat Glod

Glod is the first full-fledged boss in the game, not counting Sinmara, who constantly disappears. He will turn into a fire panther. There are many red and yellow mushrooms on the location. The first allows you to fill the adrenaline scale for skills, and the second - is food for treatment. Use dodges and counterattack Glod. Don't forget to land powerful finishing blows using the Shift key. For example, two or three normal and SHIFT + LMB. At the same time, you will have time only in case of successful evasion, when time slows down. When the enemy has less than half HP left, the battle area will be periodically flooded with lava. You don't need to have Muspelheim's Power. Just wait out this moment by occasionally counterattacking Glod. Soon the lava will recede, and you will be able to collect mushrooms (if necessary). And don't forget to use your skills. In principle, there is nothing to do here without pumped equipment.

Seeking Asylum (continued)

It's time to head to the northeastern region of Svartalfaheim, Svaladal. From Erdbir's hideout, go north and activate the first sync point. Move to the east and clear Store-Muln. You need to move from below, from the river. You can find four oligoclase altars. Now go west, follow through Gungnir-smida, where there is another mythical memory. Just interact with the anvil marked with the appropriate marker. Climb the mountain and collect the tattoo from the small camp by the fire.

To the south of the dwarven hideout is Dimmmüln. You can only get inside from the side of the river, since the mule is located inside the cave. To the west of the shelter is Irkyandi-myulna. There you can find only one altar with oligoclase. You can clean it right away. It is noteworthy that there will be both ice and fire enemies. Follow the marker in this area and get to Yergeid's hideout. To do this is quite simple. Find some signs and follow them, and then jump down the hole, straight into the water. As soon as you find the shelter, the story quest "The End of the World" will begin.

End of the world

Immediately at the pier there will be a dverg that allows you to pump a longship. Find Dwarf Brammer in the market square and talk to him. Choose any phrase, after which he will talk about Surt's daughter. The task will end, but a new quest "The Daughter of the Lord of Muspelheim" will begin.

Daughter of the Lord of Muspelheim

Leave the shelter through a large passage with steps. Go to Gufathorp, where the dwarves work. Interrogate some of them in the lower part of the settlement. One of the dwarves is worried about his oven. Climb up the chimney above his stove and hit the straw to clean it out. Talk again to progress on the quest. One of the dwarves below will say that he is only allowed to communicate with the turs. Turn into a thurs through Muspelheim's Power and talk to him. Climb to the upper part of the city and you will see another dverg located on an island in the middle of the lava. Kill the enemies, turn into a turs and take out the dverg. Interrogate him. You have learned everything you need to know.

How to beat Trottig

Activate the sync point northwest of your location to reveal the Gem Marker and Sinmara Trottig's Hand on the map. In battle, this enemy does not restore health, but uses a very dangerous fiery breath that can kill Javi in ​​a matter of seconds. So proceed with extreme caution. For the rest, use the same tactics as before. By the way, there will be jotuns nearby. After killing them, you can take from the fierce warrior a new power for the Reaper of Hug - the Power of Jotunheim. Aim your bow and shoot at the world node to teleport. The giants will take you for a jotun until you do something suspicious. Performing dodges and rolls, you will teleport.

If you have cleared Store-mulne, the further task of the quest will be as simple as possible. Return there using the synchronization point in the east, move across the bridge without going down to the shore. At the top of the mule, there are large pools of fiery lava. Here you will find a statue. Examine it, and then fight Asa.

How to beat Ace

First, don't use Muspelheim's power until Asa turns to stone again. When this happens, run up and attack Asa while dodging the rest of the enemies. So you will not allow her to restore part of her health. Alternatively, when Asa tries to run away, use some kind of skill to stop her impulses. By killing normal enemies, you will restore Hug, and you will be able to use the powers of the Harvester Hug. You need to reduce Asa's health to about 10%. After the victory, follow the marker to the cave, clear it and go to the far left corner. Behind the narrow passage there will be a wall with a relief that should be studied. The task will end.

cooled coals

This quest will start right after the mission "Lord of Muspelheim's Daughter". Move north and activate another sync point in the area. Then find a white spot to the left of it. This is a gem that lies on the ground. Near him will be two crows. Head north to another white dot to find another gem on a suspended platform. To take loot from a small chest, find a jug to the left of the stone wall, move it and blow it up.

Continue north and across the river you'll find the Sol-oc Mani Cache area. Follow through the gorge and go under the archway. Jump down into the cave with the light source. Point it at the right huge door and go inside. We need to investigate the scene of the murder. Examine the blood trail at the very beginning, continue to explore the floor and soon you will find Sigrun and Halstein. Then examine the relief on the wall. You will learn about a strange rite. By the way, if the wrong source of light suddenly works, try to leave the location, hold G, select meditation and release G. This will rewind time for a day. One light source works during the day (the sun is depicted on the wall), and the other works at night (the moon is depicted on the wall). The source that works during the day is needed on assignment. Another source will be needed in order to open a large door, behind which is the Blast Retreat Skill Book. If you have already found such a book, then the skill will be improved: for 10 seconds, the electric shield will reduce ongoing damage by half.

Follow the marker to the specified location. This is Eitri. Get to Yarn-Herad Estate. This place is guarded by a large number of enemies. Don't forget to destroy the signal bell. You need to collect the key divided into three fragments. Each of the three Mistresses of Fire (enemies that revive dead turs) has one fragment. Armor is hidden in one of the buildings. Use Muspelheim's Power, open the door and go inside. Move the stone block and jump from it to the stairs. Climbing upstairs, search the small chest with loot and the large chest, which contains the cloak of the fiery turs.

Enter the building in the middle of the area and use Odin's vision to find all the clues: writings on a stand on the right, writings on a table on the left, by the stairs. Search the notes on the table under the wall nearby. On the second floor, examine the letter from Sinmara lying on a stand by the window. Look up and see a hole leading to the attic. Climb up the bloody wall there and examine the last piece of evidence.

Travel to Gullthorp on a quest, climb the indicated building by evading or killing enemies, and interact with the viewpoint. Climb down, turn into a turs and get closer to the Caldera. It is not necessary to kill everyone: now it is enough to leave the restricted area and escape from enemies. After that, the task will end.

Flame Trail

This is the next story mission. Move along the marker and examine the three corpses. Use Odin's vision to see their location. One of the corpses lies in the lava. Nearby there are flowers that will allow you to restore the supply of Hug and turn on the Power of Muspelheim. Move to the next location, swim across the river and look at two points with footprints. Climb the indicated hill, kill the jotuns and inspect four points. Use Odin's vision to see areas for interaction. Watch the cut-scene with Javi's conclusions. Follow the trail of the wagon until you find Ace. Examine it, the battle against Calder will begin.

How to beat Calder

During this fight, you need to rely on all the same skills and abilities. It will not be superfluous to capture the Forces of Winter and Muspelheim. The Powers of Winter will allow you to deal increased damage to Caldera, as he is a fiery tursa. If Calder runs into the middle of the area, try to stop his impulses with any skill. And then you won't need Muspelheim's Power. In any case, you can run back and stay away from the lava pool that appears until it disappears. After the victory, the task will end.


This is the next story mission. Go to Erdeig's hideout and sit on the indicated stool. Talk to Brammer and Lom. Head to the flooded village of Gapihus where Brammer and Lom's house is located. Dive underwater and use Odin's vision to find the entrance to the inside of the house. It will be marked with a blue marker (Odin's vision). When you swim inside the house, go up to the top floor and search the table. The bowl will not be in place. Go outside, kill everyone and talk to the surviving etun. At the end of the conversation, you can kill or release the etun. It doesn't affect anything.

Having reached the right place, go down under the dam and inspect the corpses of the traitors Brammer and Lom. Talk to Malvig, who doesn't seem to want to kill Javi. However, the battle will still begin. First, I recommend running in the other direction and shooting the bell so that the alarm is not raised. Then kill normal enemies, and only after that switch to Malvig. Dodge as often as possible and use various skills. After that, a copy of Malvig will appear. Attack the one whose gauge has already been touched. This will speed up the fight. After winning, you will complete the quest chain. It remains to find the third shelter of the dwarves!


The next story mission follows the Malvig mission. Drive to the indicated location in the Wangrinn region. Chat with Ivaldi, pick up the gem in the same ruins and climb the mountain to activate the synchronization point. A white dot will appear in the far north of this region. It is a gem on top of a small mountain. You need to find the third hideout to complete the Seeking Shelter mission.

Seeking Asylum (completion)

Get to the last hideout in Wanggrinn. Follow the arrows to the crevice and follow along the cliff, past the waterfall, until you find yourself inside. Down to the water, don't go down. You will enter Hodd's hideout.

Masters (continued)

When you get to the third dwarven hideout, Hodda's Keep. If three Hands of Sinmara have been killed, talk to the blacksmith and select the "Repair Weapon" option. You will restore the three-piece weapon and receive the legendary Fury Song atgeir. Also, you can find Hreidmar's armor here. The whole set at once. He is cursed, and will gradually drain your health points. However, if you find Modsognir's Clarity runes, then install one in each part, and save yourself from the curse. You can wear this divine set.

Talk to Oglekh, Vesallem and once more to Oglekh. Both characters are highlighted in blue when using Odin's vision. Need to talk to Brock at night. Move to any sync point, hold G, select the meditation icon and release the key to rewind time. When night falls, return to Hodda's hideout and talk to Brock in the center.

After that, head south to Eltrop. Kill all etuns and turs. Then examine the door to the building near the alarm bell. Need a key. Use the raven and you will see Brann, who has the key. Deal with him and return to the door. Open it, inspect four points on the first floor and a note on the top.

Go to Järnshus, where Sindri has gone. Kill all enemies. One will drop a platinum ingot. There is also a gem and another ingot. In the case of the building where the gem is hidden, there is an icy window at both the top and bottom. Break the ice and make your way inside. As for the platinum chest, you need to climb onto the visor of the nearby building and activate the Jotunheim Force, then shoot through the barred window at the target to teleport inside. Open the chest and take the item. Go down to the cage and grab Sindri's corpse. Activate Muspelheim's Power and carry him through the lava. Summon a steed and place Sindri's body on the back. Jump to Hodda's hideout and go to the door near which Brock is waiting. The task will be completed.

Strengthening ties

Starts after the mission "Masters". Go outside and talk to Brock. Chat with other guests. Wesall will talk about Sindri's tools. Follow the marker, go a little further, and activate the Raven Power to fly up to the nest where Sindri's tools are. If suddenly there is no power, look for a crow on the left. Take them back and put them in the coffin.

Chat with the appeared Ivaldi. Then hold T to pick up the torch. Other torches are placed around the coffin. Get as close as possible so that the left hand with the torch is next to them. When you light everything, a cut-scene will begin.

The beginning of the war

Return to Hodda's hideout to speak with Brock and Ivaldi. You need to visit three places. In the closest one, you will have to kill the motionless turs. Use Odin's vision to mark them (look for blue streaks while using vision). Destroy all the statues to complete the first part.

Then go east to the settlement of Ephursimud. Here you need to find and burn the records, as well as release the iron boars. There are two underground rooms with several cages in which iron boars sit. Destroy the straw floors of these cages. Use Odin's vision to find them. One of the enemies will have a platinum ingot. There is also a building, the entrance to which is blocked by a stone block. Activate Muspelheim's power and move the block. Inside, look for a chest with another ingot of platinum. Finally, the records are in the next building upstairs. You will knock out a key from one of the enemies. Open the door inside the building, climb up, light the torch and get closer to the records on the table. Nearby there is a table on which lies the heroic saga. There is also a chest with regular loot.

Travel to Drekatorp, the third place on the map. Use Odin's vision to mark the wagons. Each has a red jug. Shoot at it to blow up the wagons. When there are fewer of them, markers will appear. On one of the enemies, there will be a platinum ingot, on the other - a key. With the key, you can open the door up, behind which the sketch of the tattoo is hidden. There is also a chest with loot. Below there is a cave with magma. Activate Muspelheim's power and go inside to retrieve the Platinum Bar hidden in the chest. Near this place, there is a synchronization point, on top of the monument. If all three tasks are completed, the mission will end.

Aces Pride

Go back to Hodd's hideout and talk to Brock and Ivaldi. Head south to the Feygard settlement. You can go there by land or by drakkar. Hold T to pick up a torch and get close to the marked beacon. After the cut-scene, kill the etun and the turs. Be sure to pump the Mistress of Fire as early as possible. Follow the marker to the prison. Two turs will knock down the door. After killing them, go downstairs to get into the hall with prison cells. Use Odin's vision to find the enemy from above. Go left and up the stairs. Finish off the enemy to get the key. Also, pick up four more keys lying on the stands.

Return to the chamber with cameras. On the ground floor in one of the cells is another key. Use Odin's vision to see him (there is a note there). Then go up to the second floor. In one of the chambers there will be a cracked wall, in the third chamber to the right there is a stone block. Remove the stone from the floor, slide the block and make your way into the niche behind the wall to find a chest with loot. Walk around and open the upper chambers. In one of them you will find a heroic saga. If you followed our guide, this will be the final saga required for the Heroic Scribe quest. You will receive 2 skill points. On the top floor, in one of the chambers there is a stone wall. Look for a red jug nearby. Put it against the wall and blow it up. Go to the niche, look to the left, activate the power of Jotunheim and teleport to the target behind the wall. Retrieve the legendary dwarven smith's pants from the chest. Go down to the first floor and open the wooden door in the central building (not the cells). One will find Baldr.

After the cutscene, run down the stairs, killing the enemies, until the battle with Sinmara begins. Use Muspelheim's Power as there is a lot of lava around. Ideally, it should be activated as often as possible. Moreover, there will be ordinary turs, killing which, you will quickly restore Hug. For the rest, do the same. Watch the video after winning. Keep killing the spawning bosses until the scene ends.


Return to Hodd's hideout, kill all fire turs and free Ivaldi. Move to Eitri, use the raven and head towards the crater. Go downstairs and talk to Brock. Pick it up and carry it up the stairs to safety. Enter the throne room and fight Surt. Everything is as usual. Then run towards the tower and defeat Surt a second time. Collect different mushrooms, including red ones that give adrenaline, and don't forget to use abilities. For victory, you will receive the legendary atgeir "Muspel's Spark". This completes the Dawn of Ragnarok expansion.