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Walkthrough Beholder 3: how to complete all quests, save Kim and get the best ending


Walkthrough Beholder 3: how to complete all quests, save Kim and get the best ending

Beholder 3 is a continuation of the dark manager simulator, in which you will have to follow various orders of the Ministry of the Union. There are a lot of quests in the game, and some of them directly affect the ending of the story. In this guide, we have described the passage of all tasks in the game.

A new beginning. How to manage the house, clean the washing machine, take out the trash and keep an eye on the stove

Talk to Ernst Müller and follow him. The man will tell you about your duties. In addition to answering calls and completing Ministry tasks, you will have to descale the washing machine daily, add fuel to the stove and take out the garbage. These actions will bring you some money:

  • Clean the washing machine: You will need a descaling agent, which can be bought at the stall. The cost of the tool is $50, but for each cleaning, the hero will receive $100;
  • Add heating oil: daily you will have to add fuel to the boiler. To do this, you need heating oil, the cost of which is $ 50. Also, as in the previous case, for each action you will receive $100;
  • Throw Trash: When the corresponding icon appears above the trash can, interact with it and throw away the trash to get $100.

If you ignore the daily errands, then the bills for garbage collection, heating and water will increase every day.

Read more about how to earn a lot of money in Beholder 3 in this guide.

When Ernst asks you to inspect the houseplant, you will find three first-level chambers (MK I). Install them in the common rooms and talk to the official again. These cameras are useless in the common rooms, so after completing the task, remove them and use them in the tenants' apartments as needed.

Family care. What to give Sabina, where to find a rat for Kim and a pipe for Alexander

You need to talk to family members. After talking with each of them, the task will be updated. You will have to find certain items for them:

  1. Sabina (wife): hints at your wedding anniversary. You need to wait until night and buy a chocolate bar from a merchant of forbidden items. He appears on the street at the entrance to the metro station or next to the kiosk. The cost of chocolate is $300.
  2. Alexander (son): the guy wants to play the trumpet. Buy a pipe at the kiosk for $50.
  3. Kim (daughter): will tell you that she wants to get a rat. You can find a rodent by examining the washing machine (magnifying glass icon).

Getting to know residents. How to collect information, create profiles, and create reports

At the beginning of the game, get to know all the tenants. Some of them are key and will live in the house until the very end. From the conversation, you can learn some facts about the tenant - bad habits, loyalty to the Ministry, and others. When tenants are not at home, inspect their personal belongings, take photographs of items, and file a report with the Ministry.

To do this, return to your office, open the overseer's menu and select the "Dossier" item. Click on the desired tenant and in the lower-left corner mark all the facts about him. Click "Submit" to receive some money and reputation points.

When all the reports are collected and sent to the Ministry, the task will end.

Enemies of the state and the police. Where to find a police suit

The task will begin after talking with the boy Alfred Weckert from apartment No. 1. The guy lost his cop suit. Examine the dumpster in the common rooms to find it.

Difficulties in communication

Sabina asks to speak to her daughter, as she wears strange clothes and hair. No matter what you say to your daughter, she will not change her mind.

Medicine. How to help the boy Alfred

When you meet Elisabeth Weckert from apartment number 1, you will find out that her son Alfred is sick. You can help her by buying penicillin from a drug dealer for $1200. Be sure to take some of the money from her, as this will not affect the plot, and it will be easier for you to save up for other needs.

Huckster. How to write a denunciation of Hermann Schwartz

According to the Ministry, one of the residents, Hermann Schwartz, illegally stores and distributes penicillin. Go up to him and ask about the supply of medicine. Naturally, he will refuse to cooperate. Wait until the guy leaves the apartment and search the chair in the central room. Here you will find a bottle of penicillin.

Return to your office and select the section "Denunciation". Click on Hermann, then select the evidence and indicate the violation of Directive 6025.

Find new tenants

After completing the previous quest, one of the apartments will be empty. Repair it in the appropriate section and move in new tenants. You can rent out two apartments at once - a young figure skater and an unemployed man.

friend from the past

Get a new assignment from the Ministry and chat with an old friend from apartment #3. Inspect the apartment and make a dossier on him. At the same moment, you will receive another task "Youthful maximalism".
Youthful maximalism

Bullhauser suggests searching apartment #4 for prohibited items. Chat with the tenants of the apartment and ask them to leave for a while. They will refuse. Go outside and find giant cockroaches in the bushes under the lantern.

Return to Wolf, quietly release the cockroaches and inspect the apartment. In the central room, we study the flag of the Resistance, we report this to the Ministry. The flag will turn out to be not his, but a cohabitant (this is a plot point, so it will be impossible to choose another character when drawing up a denunciation).

Forgotten criminal. How to search Wolf Henker's apartment

Keep following Wolf. Wait for him to go outside and stand by the bush under the lantern. Note his suspicious behavior. After that, examine the bushes and find a gun. Give the weapon to Bullhauser.

If you inform Wolf a second time, nothing will happen. Chat with him again, then with Bullhauser, and complete the quest. Immediately after that, the Ministry will order to collect dirt on an old friend. This will begin the quest Breaking Ties.

Breaking ties. Frame Bullhauser or warn?

It really doesn't matter if you set up an old friend or warn him that the Ministry wants to arrest him. In any case, the man will be caught at the border and put in jail. You will learn about it from the newspapers.

Sabina's suspicions

The wife will talk about what Kim suspects of using illegal substances. Examine the closet in the central room and find the bag. Tell Sabina the truth, then talk to your daughter.

Talking to Kim will get you nowhere, but the story will continue later in the quest The Bad Influence.

Bad influence. Report on Frederica Feinbein or forgive her?

Chat with Sabina and follow the skater. Ask her if Frederica gave Kim illegal substances. Wait for the girl to leave the apartment (she leaves at about 11:25) and inspect all the furniture.

Find a love letter on the kitchen table, which is compromising evidence on Frederica. If you tell Sabina about this, you will receive the task "Forbidden Love". In this case, even if you do not dare to betray Frederica, then later Sabina herself will call the Ministry and report the unacceptable behavior of a neighbor.

Meet the boss

Inspect the houseplant in the office and pick up the subway pass. Now you can go to the Ministry and meet with Lotte Altmann - your immediate boss. Talk to the Gatekeeper and look around your office to complete the quest.

Mail delivery

Ernst Müller will call you later and tell you to take care of the mail delivery. Ask the Gatekeeper about the delivery rules, wait for the day, and look into office number 101 to Suzanne Beinert.

Take the receipt from the girl and give it to the gatekeeper. Take the mail to the second department and give it to Chantal Siebld (room 201) or Sybilla Fels (room 203). This will complete the task.

Find new tenants (2)

After completing the first quests in the Ministry, return to the office and rent out two more apartments. A separate task will be associated with each of the guests.

Curiosity is not a vice. What to tell Franz Hanau

The reporter will ask you to tell who from the Ministry ordered Bullhauser. We recommend that you do not reveal the names in a conversation with Franz, as this may lead to additional events. After this quest, the reporter will leave the apartment, and you can rent it to a new tenant - Nora Helm.

Secret messages

Meet Ernst Müller on the third floor of the Ministry and collect the envelope. Give the parcel to Wolf Henker from apartment 4 and return to Ernst the next day. He will order the destruction of the documents. Go down to the first floor and use the special device in the pantry.

Problems at school

Talk to your son and ask how he is doing at school. Alexander will complain about poor academic performance, so you need to find a tutor for him. To do this, contact Nora Helm and return to the boy. Wait until the timer ends to positively complete the quest.

Watch out, family! How to frame Gerhardt Günzel and find dirt

Gerhardt Günzel is an old border guard who will live in your house with his family. After a few days, you will begin to notice that the man's wife and children are upset. Talk to each of them and find out what's the matter.

To do this, wait for the evening and look through the peephole. You will see how Gerhardt gets drunk and beats up family members. Report the man to the Ministry to complete the task.

Stonewall protests. How to stop Kim from participating in the protests

This quest is a direct continuation of the quest "Evil Influence". Even if you didn’t hand over the skater, you won’t be able to dissuade your daughter from participating in the protests. In any case, she will go there and get a fine. This will start the next quest The Lost Daughter.

Lost daughter. How to get rid of Kim's fine

Sabina will tell you that her daughter went to the protests and was fined. The amount of the fine is so high that you will not be able to pay it. To get rid of the fine, complete the following task "Assignment of Duties".

Distribution of duties. How to Get Sybil Fels to Cooperate and Get Kim's Dossier

Go to the Ministry and talk to Sibyl Fels from Room 203. She will say that Kim's file is with her. But the problem is, she's not going to give it to you. Stealing the document won't work either, as Sybil takes it home for the night.

There are several ways to complete this quest. The fastest and most effective is to get dirt on Sybil and blackmail her. To do this, install a security camera in room 203 and wait until 20:00.

At this time, a colleague from the third department comes to Sybil, whom she blackmails. Use the tracking mode (key "C") and film the blackmail. Show the tape to Sybil, after which she will give you the daughter's dossier. This method will lead to other consequences. Later, the quest "Extortion" will begin.

Conflict of interests. How to get the views of colleagues. Right answers

Talk to all colleagues from departments 1 and 2. Some of them will directly answer your question, while others will answer evasively. In any case, you need to call Steven Huberts back and tell the following:

  • Susanne Beinert (room 101) - politically neutral;
  • Chantal Siebolt (room 201) - politically neutral;
  • Wilhelm Würger (room 202) - politically backward (reactionary);
  • Sibyl Fels (room 203) - politically progressive;
  • Hans Meinhardt (room 204) - politically backward (reactionary).

Place at the feeder. How to Blame Hans Meinhardt and Get a Place in Division 2

Blaming Hans is pretty easy. Buy a lockpick and inspect the furniture in his office. In one of the boxes, you will find foreign money. Use "Directive 6004" and get rid of the "colleague". So you get an office in the second department of the Ministry.

Career ladder. How to Earn 10,000 Ministry Reputation

To earn 10,000 reputation points is enough to complete all the quests that we described earlier. If a few hundred points are not enough for you, then be sure to inspect all the apartments of the residents and the offices of colleagues, collect dirt on them and send the dossier to the Ministry. For each completed report, you will receive a certain amount of reputation.

Let's raise the flag. What flag to hang in front of the house

Soon Ernst Müller will call you and order you to raise the flag of the Ministry on the flagpole in front of the house. Now you need a regular flag (not a modern one). Take it from the box in the entrance on the first floor and place it on the right flagpole.

spring colors

After completing the previous quest, Emma Grundig will contact you and ask you to replace the flag with the old symbols of the Ministry with other flags. On the ground floor, find a flag with a new logo and a blue flag in a crate. Place the flag with the symbols of the Ministry on the left flagpole, and the blue flag on the right.

Dusty footprints. How to get Kerstin Henker file in 3rd department

This building can be obtained after talking to Susanne Beinert from the first department after the first promotion. Now that you have access to the third section, buy a lockpick from the Gatekeeper and inspect room 302. Take the document in the box. If you ask the owner of the office to give it away, she will ask for a “gift” in return.

At the end of the quest, you will receive a new task Prisoner of the Past.

Prisoner of the Past

After talking with Susanna, go to Wolf Henker and tell him that his wife is alive. Return to Susanna and complete the task.

The fate of the martyr How to find information about Kerstin Henker

This task is secondary and is not tied to game time. You can complete it only after you get a position in the third department of the ministry.

When you complete all the tasks and get a promotion, use the reinforced lockpick to inspect Ernst Müller's office (404). The man himself will refuse to give you information about Kerstin. In one of the drawers of the office, you will find a note with the code "76281", which is necessary to obtain information.

Go down to the third department and find the server. Enter the data:

  1. Ernest Müller.
  2. Code - 76281.
  3. Call for information about Wilstrand.
  4. Call for information about Graucholz.
Tell Wolf Henker what you've learned.


Climb up to the third department and chat with Armin Kreinert (room 303). Ask him about the reform, then report it to Lotte Altmann by phone. You will receive a new quest "Progress is a Matter of Opinion".

Progress is a matter of opinion. How to prevent massive reform

Climb up to the third section and talk to Philip Ruckert (room 301). Ask him to change some points of the reform and wait until he finishes. Collect the fake reform, wait for Armin Kreinert to leave the office, and place it in the desk drawer in room 303. Don't forget to collect the original reform manuscript, otherwise, the task will fail!

Spring cleaning. How to find dirt on Armin Krainert

After completing the previous quest, Lotte Altman will offer to find dirt on an employee from the third department and inform him. It is not difficult to do this - we buy a master key from the Gatekeeper and put any forbidden item in the closet in room 303. We photograph it, draw up a denunciation.


The quest is very important, because if you do not have time to collect $10,000 and pay the blackmailer, then the game will be over. In parallel with this task, the quest "Urgent Operation" will begin, in which you need to collect the same amount of funds in order to pay for Alexander's operation.

Doubtful teacher

If you followed our advice and asked Nora Helm to study with Alexander, then after a while Sabina will want to talk to you. She will say that she suspects the girl of dissolute behavior. You have to find out.

Wait until evening and look through Nora's peephole. You will receive a new piece of evidence. If you lie to Sabina that they did not find anything, then she will say that she knows the truth. Denouncing Nora Helm will result in the failure of the Trouble at School quest.

emergency operation

In this task, you need to raise $10,000 for an operation for your son. If this is not done, then he will survive, but remain disabled. Please note that if you do not pay the blackmailer for the "Extortion" quest, the game will fail.

special needs

A new resident of the house named Peter Pranger will ask you to look for a very rare and forbidden medicine. It can be found at Toman Noller (office 304) and can be bought for $2000.

Return with Peter and tell him that the medicine came out very expensive for you. The guy will give you $3,000 and $160 on top.

The Sound of Progress

After a while, Emma Grundig will call you and ask you to collect audio recordings of various musical genres. You need to find the following cassettes:

  1. Punk Cassette - You can ask for a cassette from the manager's daughter before she is taken to the penitentiary.
  2. Rock Disc - This recording will be given to you by Wolf Henker if you complete the tasks to find Kerstin Henker. In addition, the man will ask for any covert surveillance camera in return. If you have cameras of the second and third levels in your inventory, hide them anywhere and give him the camera of the first level.
  3. Pop record - when communicating with the tenants, you will find out that only Nora Helm listens to "pop music" (if you did not report her for prostitution). In this case, you will have to wait until the girl leaves the apartment and search the chair in the corridor.

Simple dictation

A new task from the Ministry will become available after completing the previous quest. Go to Section 4 and talk to Emma Grundig, to whom you recently handed over the audio recordings. She will ask you to draw up a reform. Here are the correct answers:

  1. Punk - 35 minutes, rock - 75 minutes, pop - 233 minutes.
  2. Pop - 75 dB, rock - 45 dB, punk - 65 dB.
  3. Pop - 132 beats per minute, rock - 124 beats per minute, punk - 107 beats per minute.
  4. Songs must not be subversive, inflammatory, or revolutionary.
  5. Names and design of musical packaging.

Find a new tenant

Soon you will receive a call from Emma Grundig with an order to accommodate a guest from a neighboring country. We'll have to get rid of one of the tenants. We recommend taking a look at the following people:

  • Peter Pranger: After completing the "Special Needs" quest, this villager will be useless;
  • Christian Sülinger: Inspect the man's apartment and collect dirt to earn money and reputation. After that, you can safely get rid of the tenant.

Now you need to move into Lukasz Schmolke's apartment. During the passage of the game, we encountered a bug in displaying his name. If you also have such problems, be guided by his dossier “Man, 40 years old, on a business trip in the Union”.


As soon as you settle a foreigner in your house, answer the phone and talk to Ernst Müller. He will order to collect material on Lukash and draw up his profile.

High standards

During a conversation with Lukasz, he will ask you to bring him a Big Leader hamburger. It can be bought at a stall for $500.

We do not recommend doing this quest, as the quest reward will not pay off your costs.

Find dirt on Shmolka. Protect Schmolke

These two quests are connected to the same person - Lukasz Schmolke. Lotte Altman will order to find compromising evidence on him, and Steven Huberts - to protect the foreigner. Huberts' side leads to a positive game ending.

  1. If you want to find compromising material on Shmolka: go to Nora Helm (if you haven’t handed her over to the authorities) and ask him to provide intimate services to a foreigner. She will agree to $2000;
  2. If you want to protect Schmolke: take no action.

In the first case, you need to wait until Nora enters Lukash's apartment and peep through the keyhole.


Chat with Elisabeth Weckert from Apartment #1 and ask her about the problems. At first, she won't want to talk, so she'll have to peek through the keyhole. So you will know that she is trying to get a passport and go abroad.

Elizabeth will ask you to help her and find a passport. Instead, you can report it to the ministry. If you decide to help, wait until evening and buy a passport from a dealer in illegal items for $550.

Poisoned Colleague

When you once again decide to return to the Ministry, the Gatekeeper will stop you and say that a prohibited device was found in your office. Go up to Emma and talk to her.

Examine room 403 and find the Laufmann package. To continue the quest, it must be taken from the box and put back. If you do not put it back, the police will confiscate the box, and you will receive a fine.

Talk to Emma Grundig and wait for Steven Huberts to contact you. The man will offer to legalize the wearing of the device that was found in your office. This will complete the task.

Deposit for deposit

Soon Steven Huberts will contact you again and ask you to perform a small task for him. You need to find dirt on Gunther Beislaus.

Immediately install a CCTV camera in room 403 and wait for Gunther Beislaus to arrive. Discuss this with him, then leave the room and observe the actions of the “colleague” on the menu. When he becomes involved in illegal business, record it on tape and give it to Emma.

During the passage, we encountered a bug in which it was impossible to install a surveillance camera in Gunther's office. If you try to plant prohibited items on a man and denounce him, the form will be rejected, and you will be fined.

Not available

One of the residents of your house will ask you to bring her tools. Talk to Annemarie Pinkert and buy the tool from the kiosk for $50. This way you will get information about her runaway daughter, which you can use as compromising evidence for blackmail.

In move

Ernst Müller will give you an envelope with money, which you need to hide in the bushes under the lantern. Do this, go up to Wolf Henker and tell him the phrase "The chicken has landed. "

Call Mueller, answer him "The man bites the dog. " This will complete the quest.

Letter. How to help Kim escape the penitentiary

Talk to Sabina and find out about your daughter's problems. The mission is to help Kim hide and avoid the penal camp. We haven't found an efficient way to do this. If you also cannot help your daughter, then you will have to complete the additional quest "Kim's Call".

Career ladder. How to earn 50,000 reputation points
To get promoted, you need to complete all the quests described earlier. The last quest will be "Deposit for a deposit". As soon as this happens, you will get a place in the fourth department and will be able to inspect Lotte Altmann's office. Immediately collect information on this official.

Treble (good ending)

This quest will only become available if you completed the "Protect Shmolke" quest and failed the "Find Dirt on Shmolke" quest. will give you Steven Huberts. Answer the call and take three transmitters from Lukasz Schmolke. Place them in several places:

  1. In Wolf Henker's apartment: can only be done at night, as his partner will return home and will be in the apartment around the clock.
  2. In Ernst Müller's office: use the lockpick to open room 404 and place the transmitter in any piece of furniture.
  3. In Lotte Altmann's office: you will need an electronic lockpick for this.

Economy circle. Correct answers for Lotte Altmann

After some time, Huberts will contact you and invite you to the projection room, which is located in the fifth department. Listen to him and go to Altmann. Tell her the following point by point:

  1. You are homeless!
  2. Your investment is gone!
  3. Your passport has been invalidated!
  4. You've been sued!
  5. You are bankrupt!
  6. You're fired!
Now interact with the phone on her desk and fire a few Ministry workers at will. This will end the game.