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Walkthrough of all additional tasks in Weird West


Walkthrough of all additional tasks in Weird West

In addition to the main tasks in Weird West, you can complete additional quests and assignments. For the most part, the game contains simple tasks, but when passing some, you may have questions. In this guide, we will briefly describe the passage of all side quests in the game.

Please note that in our guide, some items are highlighted in a special color:

  • Blue - fossilized relics and golden aces of spades;
  • Yellow - keys;
  • Green - cache cards;
  • Red - weapons, and equipment.

Abducted Blacksmith (Huntress)

This task can be taken at the very beginning of the game in the still destroyed Birdhouse. Talk to Sharon Henderson, who is located near the sheriff's office, and agree to help her.

Go to the Greenwood parking lot for a story mission and find the key to the prisoner cages in one of the sheds. With this key, you can open the cage on the surface and free Jerry Henderson.

Return to Sharon and tell her that you managed to free her husband. She will give you a Copper Vengeful Spirit revolver from Quill and Medley. The weapon has a high rate of fire and a large ammo capacity, and will also come in handy in the early stages of the passage. In addition, you will receive 10 points for reputation.

Dying Bandit (Huntress)

During the bounty hunter's main quest, you will be taken to the Greenwood parking lot. If you go down into the well and inspect the distant adit, then you will find a dying bandit here. Share bandages with him. In return, he will give you a treasure map.

Move to the indicated location and kill several bandits. If you do not have a shovel, then look around the region and find a tool. Now examine the central grave in the right grave to complete the task. You will receive a gold bar and a golden ace of spades. Also at the location you can inspect the following graves and find two more similar items:

  1. Arthur Mitchell (tree grave).
  2. Mayte Martin (grave in the left burial).

Love Notes for the Illiterate (Huntress)

The quest can be taken in the Galen Bridge location, where Mayor Wicks lives. When you return here for the second time, a shooter named Jack Long will be waiting for you at the entrance to the estate. He will ask you to pass the letter to one of the guards at the entrance.

Do this, then go to the Vedder settlement. In the saloon, you will stumble upon another gang. Offer them a drink to get the guys off you ($15 to spend). In a conversation with Joaquim, you can choose one of two options:

  1. Agree to read the letter for free: Joaquim will give you the Ward of Infamy relic. This item allows you to deal more damage if you have a very bad reputation.
  2. Agree to read the letter for money: Joaquim will pay you, but you will not receive the relic.

Lost Memories (The Huntress)

After completing the previous side quest, look around the saloon and find a girl named Luna Zepeda. She will give a simple task, for which you can get $100.

Go to Bowman ghost town and find an old diary. When you arrive in the city, inspect it for valuable items. In one of the houses, you will find a quest item that you need to return to the girl.

The bank on the second floor contains a fossilized relic and a silver ingot. Pick up a treasure map on the roof of the saloon. For completing the task, you will receive the promised money and 10 reputation units.

Just what the doctor ordered (Huntress)

The task becomes available from doctors once every few days. You need to proceed to the marked location and hand over the medicines. The complexity of the quest is that the robbers will attack the heroine and try to take away the medicines. If you manage to get to the destination and hand over the package, you will receive $40 and 10 reputation points.

Bones, Lovely Bones (The Huntress)

When you decide to visit the Birdhouse again, talk to undertaker Larry Coleman. He will ask you to find the item "Gift Prayer Book" in one of the graves of the ghost town of Bowman.

Get to the marked location and run along the road through the whole city. At the end of the path, turn right and find the cemetery. There will be several graves here, but you need to search the grave of Stephen Adams. It is worth noting that when you receive the item and complete the quest, your reputation will decrease by 10 points. As a reward, you will receive the Golden Ace of Spades.

The Right Tools (The Huntress)

Speak with tailor Elias Pineda in Vedder Settlement to receive the quest. The man will ask you to find supplies of trappers in a location nearby.

During the journey, bandits will definitely attack you. If your squad has Sheriff Albright, then the battle will end quickly. You just have to get to the right camp and give the package to Thomas Lopez to get $50 and 10 reputation points.

You can also purchase a high-level jacket and bow from the same merchant.

Crime and Punishment. How to find vervain and free the spirit (The Huntress)

You will receive this quest while visiting the abandoned Die Hard Mine. Despite being abandoned, it is still full of hostile pagans. When examining the adits, you need to find a small figurine, in which the spirit will tell about his fate and ask to be released.

To solve the problem with the spirit, find any oneira (pagan priestess). They can be found in random events "Pagan Ritual" or in the location "Doubtfulness". It is located in the eastern part of the global map.

Show the girl the figurine and ask her to release the spirit. To do this, oneira will ask you to bring her several sheets of vervain. This is a special plant that only appears in locations with ghosts.

There are few locations with ghosts in Weird West. One of them is the "Golden Ridge", where around the estate you can find about five desired flowers. The rest you will find on the cards of random events when spirits attack the heroine.

When you collect the required amount, inspect the central part of the desert in the east of the global map and find the location "Ritual Site". Give the figurine and plants to Oneira, then choose one of two options:

  1. Unleash the Spirit: You have unleashed an evil spirit. He will continue to kill innocent people but will become your true friend. In this case, the spirit will come to your aid in a difficult situation.
  2. Destroy the spirit: in this case, you will not get anything.

Broken Tradition (The Huntress)

Exploring the northeastern part of the global map, you can find the Indian settlement "Good Place". Talk to the Giver to accept the quest.

Travel to the opposite side of the region and find the Cavern of the Broken Heart. Only animals live in the adits of this cave: rats, snakes, coyotes, and bears. In one of the boxes you can find the “golden ace of spades”, and you will find the item you need for the quest in the remains of one of the killed animals.

In return, the Giver will give you the amulet of the righteous.

Once Upon a Dream (The Huntress)

Examine the neutral Doubtful Temple and speak with Isadora Thicke. She is in a makeshift laboratory. The girl will ask you to find a dream journal for her in the Drowned Bog location.

In stealth, it will be quite difficult to get the item, so go to the indicated place and deal with all the enemies. The magazine lies in the center of the broken bridge.

For completing the quest you will receive $100 and 10 reputation points.