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Walkthrough Shadow Warrior 3 - game guide


Walkthrough Shadow Warrior 3 - game guide

How to find all upgrade points and defeat all bosses in Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior 3 is an exciting first-person shooter where you have to fight against different types of enemies in order to eventually get to the Dragon's heart and destroy it. We have prepared a detailed walkthrough of the game, where we will describe the weaknesses of the monsters and tell you how to defeat all the bosses in the game.

Before starting the game, choose the difficulty level. If you are new to this genre of video games, then we recommend "Easy" or "Medium" level, as at the maximum difficulty you will face extremely difficult opponents and bosses.

Defeat the Dragon

Initially, we can only use a katana. To do this, you need to come close to the enemy and click on the RMB. We use this weapon on normal enemies until the end of the game, since with it we will save a lot of ammo.

We get to the glowing demon ivy and use any weapon to go further. Such ivy will be encountered until the very end of the game - if we see yellow crystals in front of us, then we will definitely shoot at them or chop them with a katana.

We reach the first arena and get acquainted with the enemies - the Samurai. They, like some other opponents, are not particularly dangerous. We cut them with a katana and move on.

The whole game consists of corridor levels and the so-called "arenas". In the arenas, we have to fight with a large number of monsters until we destroy them all. When the arena is cleared, the corresponding inscription will appear on the screen. If we died during the test in the arena, we will have to start the battle again.

Also, as we progress, we will need to restore health and replenish ammunition. Health is highlighted in red, and weapon ammo is highlighted in blue. In addition, we find the yellow spheres of the Finishing blow. With their help, we fill the scale in the lower-left corner and use the finishing blow on any opponent. The stronger the enemy, the more finishing blow charges you need to spend.

To overcome obstacles, we use a double jump and a jerk (Shift key). We pay attention to the vertical surfaces entwined with ivy. On this plant, we can climb higher or overcome long distances. From this moment on, new enemies are added to the samurai - Kugutsu. If you use a finishing blow on them, then we can temporarily freeze some enemies with the help of the “ice brain”.

We get to the next arena and kill ordinary enemies. We move along vertical ledges and green ivy, we complete the mission.

Find Zilla

We follow the road down and find the first character improvement point. Also, as we progress, we can find improvement points for weapons. They differ in color (purple and grey). We get to the arena, kill all the enemies and destroy the ivy on the huge door. In the jungle, we find new green devices. Use the hook on them (key E). In the future, such devices will be encountered quite often.

To continue the path, we cling to the hook and jump to the wall on the left, where the ivy is located. We return to the previous arena. We notice the same mechanisms here - we climb higher and get into a location with columns.

Here we deal with the enemy and go around the column to find an improvement point for the weapon. We move forward and again get into the arena. There will be no new enemies here, so we can easily deal with them.

We watch the cut-scene at the gates of the Kumo brotherhood. We will be shown a new strong enemy. First, we visit the arena nearby, then we pass through the gate and find an oni-hanma - a huge monster. Such enemies deal a lot of damage at close range, so they should only be attacked with firearms from a distance. We return to the arena and find two devices for grappling with a hook. Use them to break the distance between the oni-hanma and shoot the weapon.

If we activate the finishing blow on the oni-hanma, then for a while we will get the equalizer hammer. The shockwave of this powerful weapon deals massive damage to enemies in an area.

Save Zilla

We enter the opened gate and get rid of several flying kugutsu. If such enemies fly over the abyss. then we make several shots at the balloon to which they are attached. We move to the other side of the cliff and again find ourselves in the arena. When we deal with one oni-hanma, other enemies will appear. We will have to deal with two dozen samurai and three big men. When the passage is unlocked, we follow forward and collect a character improvement point.

We get to the next arena. We see here a new device - a crusher. It can be activated using one of the yellow buttons. Before that, we lure the enemies to the center of the location. We deal with the enemies and watch the cut-scene.

Take the mask of Houji

In the cut-scene, we meet the tanuki raccoon who stole Hoji's mask. We follow him and get into the arena with a new enemy - Laser Shogun. The monster has two weak points - the back of the mask and the core under the mask. We attack the core before it shoots at the main character. We can also use the finishing blow and get a disco grenade. When thrown, this device transforms into a stationary turret and fires multiple laser beams that strike enemies and deal heavy damage.

After the arena, we open the passage and take the improvement point for the weapon. We follow the raccoon and find a new weapon - a grenade launcher. In the next arena, we deal with a crowd of monsters and get to another arena. The task will be updated.

Defeat the Mogur twins and their minions

The Mogur Twins are one of the toughest opponents in the game. They move underground, leaving a red trail. If we stand on such a trail, we will receive huge damage. Monsters can only be attacked when they get to the surface and hover above the ground. This action is accompanied by a special sound. As soon as this happened, we shoot at them with the most powerful weapon that is in the arsenal. At the moment it is a grenade launcher or a shotgun.

We use the finishing blow on the twins - we get a penetrator, a special drill that stops opponents on contact and inflicts damage on them until they die.

Defeat Seeker Sekers and their minions

Seeking axes are another type of enemy in Shadow Warrior 3. They move only through the air, so you will have to use firearms against them. If we perform a finishing blow on such enemies, we will get a searching eye - it strikes, immobilizes, and then undermines opponents.

Find your way to Dragon Mountain

We fight in several more arenas and climb up the rock. We find an improvement point for the character and use the hook to get to the other side. Here we find an improvement point for weapons.

We watch the cut-scene, we get to the next arena. In the center of the arena is a device with two buttons. Shoot at the top - the crusher will start, which will kill all flying enemies. The lower part of the device activates the mechanism for enemies from below.

We run around the device and activate it. We try not to fall under the mechanism, as it takes a lot of health. After winning the arena, we move to the opposite side and get acquainted with a new enemy - Devil-from-the-box.

By itself, the enemy is not difficult, the main thing is not to follow on his heels, as he scatters spinning discs that cause huge damage on contact.

We use the finishing blow to the monster and get the Swarm launcher. This is a powerful weapon that fires a swarm of homing missiles. At the climax, the cannon explodes and fires more projectiles that hit nearby enemies.

Kill the enemies, watch the cut-scene. We follow the cave until we find ourselves on the next platform with two twins. Here we can find a hidden weapon upgrade point. Climb up the left side and find an ivy-bound hook device. We destroy the ivy, go upstairs. We take an improvement point.

Again we pass through the cave and find ourselves in the arena. First, we deal with the twins, then with several devils and samurai. Let's solve a little puzzle.

We need to get to the top of the cave. We examine the arena, we find four platforms. We rise on the first platform and jump over to the second. Here we find a button that raises the third platform up. We shoot at the button opposite and immediately jump to the last platform.

In the cave, we select a point to improve weapons and move on. We fight enemies in the first arena, then we get acquainted with a new monster - the Hatter. He knows how to reflect shots from weapons, so it is best to use a grenade launcher or a basilisk against him, which we will get later.

Use the finishing blow on the hatter and get the hatter's blade, which hits enemies with a powerful attack. The advantage of this weapon is that we don't have to get close to the enemy to attack. We press the attack button and the main character himself will be attracted to the monsters.

Find the dragon's nest

We get into the location with the jungle and find a new weapon - a shuriken thrower. We get to the river, on the wooden boards on top we see an improvement for weapons. We go into the house on the right, climb the fallen roof to the second floor and jump onto these boards.

We get to the next arena with a large number of monsters. In this test, we do not stand in one place - we constantly move, collect ammo and health, and also kill opponents. The so-called "kamikaze" will be added to the usual enemies. They will try to explode next to the main character. We destroy them with any firearms.

Defeat the Ancient Rooster

We attack the rooster with any weapon and dodge his few attacks. When he jumps to the ground, we make a double jump - so we dodge the shock wave. We also use a dash and bounce to the sides when approaching the enemy.

The first part of the battle will end very quickly. We collect cartridges and health, we wait until the rooster gets up again. The second part of the battle is much more dynamic, so you will have to react faster.

We dodge attacks and shoot at any of the two parts of the boss - the damage will be inflicted overall. We continue to shoot until the health bar of the Ancient Rooster disappears. At this moment, the upper part of the boss also teleports. Stones will begin to appear above the arena, and the lower part of the rooster will kick the ground. Be sure to perform a double jump before hitting.

After several attacks, the lower part of the rooster will start to run towards the main character. We dodge and cling to the green devices with a hook. We go upstairs and jump on the stones until we get to the rooster.

We go down behind the egg overcoming obstacles and watching the cut-scene.

Take the egg to the hot springs and revive Hoji

We blow up barrels and other obstacles in the water that can get in the way. Shoot the ivy above the red crystals to drop the bridge. The next red crystals will have to go around on the left side. We climb the stones with the help of green ivy and fight in several arenas. After winning the last arena, we can return to the raft with the egg. Before that, we take a weapon upgrade point.

We get to the waterfall and use the hook. There is a secret here - if you examine the right side of the rock, you will see another green device for the hook. We use it and take an improvement point for the character.

We follow forward and get into the arena with the ship. This test is also very difficult, so we do not stand still, collect auxiliary items and destroy strong enemies as quickly as possible. When we complete the test in the arena, we move along the destroyed bridge and pick up one more character improvement point.

Let's go to the next arena. In the center of the location we see a button - with its help we can open the platform and drop all the enemies standing on it. We use the device and complete the test. We get to the raft with the egg, watch the cut-scene.

Activate the doomsday device

We listen to Hoji and activate the device. To do this, we interact with two buttons. We get into the arena with three crushers. We use the device and destroy the enemies on the ground. After that, demons will appear in balloons - we deal with them and complete the test.

We leave through the gate and turn the camera to the left. Here we find a small passage and a weapon upgrade point. We need to find the upgrade shown in the screenshot below, as the next upgrade point will be nearby.

We get to the next arena. There will be no new monsters here, so we stick to the old scheme - we constantly move and collect auxiliary devices, and also activate finishing blows on strong enemies.

After the test, we find the second doomsday device. To activate it, you will have to find two buttons: one is on the right at the cliff, the second is in the passage on the left.

We again find the arena and get acquainted with a new enemy - Oboru-guruma. This enemy in itself is harmless since it practically does not interact with the main character in any way. He scatters a large number of bombs around him. If you run into such devices, you can quickly die. We try to bypass it and shoot from a distance.

Use the finishing blow on this monster to get a special item with which you can kill a large number of enemies. We throw the item on the ground - a small funnel will appear in this place, which will begin to attract enemies to itself and inflict damage on them.

We find the last doomsday device and activate it. Here we select an improvement point for the character. We get into a small arena. We use stone platforms on the walls to hide from enemies and inflict damage on them from a distance. As soon as we get out, the next test will immediately begin. We kill all the monsters and watch the cut-scene with Hoji.

Search the forest for Houji

We follow the forest, use the hook and green ivy so as not to fall down. Along the way, we collect weapon and hero upgrade points. We fight monsters on several platforms and continue on our way. We get to the arena with a crusher in the center. We use this device to exterminate enemies. After the fight, we get to another location.

Search the frozen forest for Houji

We follow all the time forward-moving over the ice blocks until the cut-scene starts, after which we will find ourselves in the arena. First of all, we try to destroy the twins, as they will become a serious problem in this test. We constantly move and use the ivy on the walls to avoid damage to the twins. When these enemies are defeated, we can deal with the remaining monsters. As soon as we deal with the opponents, a cut-scene will begin and the task will be updated.

Take the Battle Tanuki to the Dragon's Mouth

We get to the arena and get acquainted with the last type of enemies in the game - Farting Obarien. This monster can fly and attack with two machine guns and is also considered the strongest opponent. To perform a finishing blow on an obarien, you need to accumulate three bars of rage in the lower-left corner of the screen.

The finishing blow will allow us to equip two machine guns and attack all enemies. We can also track the time of using weapons in the lower-left corner of the screen. We complete two tests in a row and select a weapon upgrade point at the foot of the statue. In the cave, we deal with monsters and take a character improvement point.

Extreme slides

When we defeat opponents in the last test, we jump onto a piece of the ice floe. In the center of the "raft", we will see a device for grabbing a hook. It is useful to return to the ice floe after overcoming obstacles. Beware of red crystals - if you do not have time to get over them, the hero will die.

We get to the cave and see the raft under a layer of ice. You need to jump so that you have time to cling to him. We watch the cut-scene, after which the task will be updated.

Catch the Dragon

In this location, we always follow forward and kill the monsters in the arenas. There will be no new enemies. After the second arena, we will see two caves - if we look into the cave on the right, we will find an improvement point for weapons here.

We activate the doomsday device and fight in the arena. There are two waves of monsters to overcome - before the cut-scene and after. When we pierce the dragon's heart, we go down and prepare to fight the Guardian of the Heart.

Defeat the Guardian of the Heart

The Heart Keeper is the second and final boss in the game. We wait until the enemy shows tentacles and shoots from any weapon in the eyes. This is the only way to lower the enemy's health.

When the guardian grabs the bones with the tentacles, we shoot at the eyes to knock down the tentacles. We continue to deal damage to weak spots on the boss's body until he enters the next phase.

Now it is dangerous to be on the ground: we use a hook and move only through the air, destroying weak spots along the way. At some point, the hero will fall down. We rise upward with the help of a hook and green ivy to finish off the enemy. This will end the game.