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Weird West Story Quest Walkthrough - How to Find All Fossilized Relics and Get the Best Ending


Weird West Story Quest Walkthrough - How to Find All Fossilized Relics and Get the Best Ending

In Weird West, an isometric action RPG, you play as several characters whose stories are closely intertwined. The main feature of the game is complete freedom of action: you can destroy enemies, friends, civilians, and even key heroes. In this guide, we will describe a detailed walkthrough of the game, as well as tell you where to look for keys, fossilized relics, and other useful items.

Please note that in our walkthrough, some items are highlighted in a special color:

  • Blue - fossilized relics and golden aces of spades;
  • Yellow - keys;
  • Green - cache cards;
  • Red - weapons, and equipment.

Chapter 1: The Headhunter's Journey

After the opening cutscene, talk to Sheriff Flora Albright and proceed to the backyard. Find a shovel in the barn and dig underground with an old revolver. You can use the shovel to bury the corpse of the heroine's son.

In the barn, you can find the key to the barn, which contains several bandages and valuables. When you're ready, go to the edge of the map and press the interact button. Go to the Birdhouse.

Along the way, a pack of coyotes will attack you. Random events like this will happen all the time only if you follow the path of the story or to locations with additional quests. Feel free to scavenge as almost all items in the game can be sold to merchants. In this guide, we talked about how to quickly earn money, increase your reputation, expand your inventory and describe other tips for the game.

In the Birdhouse, inspect all the houses for valuable items and money, and also climb onto the roof of the saloon. Here you will find a fossilized relic.

In the Doctor office, be sure to find the key to the doctor's office, as in the future it will help you enter the building and replenish first-aid kits for free. You can find some copper and silver ingots in the bank safe. When you're ready, go to the sheriff and talk to him.

Local residents managed to catch one of the robbers. To make him speak, select "Break Finger" several times. Before you set off, you can take the Stolen Blacksmith side quest from Sharon Henderson. How to complete all side tasks in the game, we told in a separate guide.

Head to Camp Stillwater and do a little game tutorial. You need to learn how to use weapons, stun enemies and restore health. Go to the end of the map and look at the footprints that lead to the next location.

Here, examine the corpse of the shooter to the right of the building. Take the gold nugget and dynamite. Talk to the girl, then go for the marker to another location. This will take you to the Greenwood parking lot.

Parking "Greenwood". How to find evidence and find out where the husband was taken (Huntress)

In front of the camp, you will see a patrolman who goes to the left. Follow him and stun the guy. Here you will see a tree that has fallen on the fence. It can be used to sneak into the camp unnoticed.

Eliminate another bandit who patrols at the gate and from time to time enters the barn. After that, you need to get to the well, use the rope and go down. Make sure you have a rope in your inventory.

In the cave, examine the carved chest and take the silver nugget. The fortified door on the left is locked, you can blow it up with dynamite. But first, you need to search the room on the right and help the wounded. Give him bandages, after which he will share the coordinates of the cache and you will receive a new additional quest "The Dying Bandit". He will also become your true friend, and the reputation of the heroine will increase by 5 points.

Follow the fortified door and eliminate the gang of robbers. In one of the cages, you will find Andrew Wright, who will give you the code to the bandits' safe if you let him out. You can pick the lock with three master keys or look for the key to the cages with prisoners. It is in the previous adit on the table next to the cartridges.

Here, in one of the open chambers, do not forget to pick up the Golden Ace of Spades card. When you release the prisoner, you can open the safe and receive an encrypted telegram. Now it’s worth returning to the Birdhouse and contacting the post office to decipher the entry.

First, we recommend going up to the camp and clearing it to find useful items. For example, one of the Stagnant Water archers has a cache card. In the barn, you can pick up the key to the cages with prisoners and complete an additional task.

Should Assistant Albright join the squad or not? (Huntress)

This subquest will appear after you find the encrypted entry in the safe. Sheriff Albright invites you to take your assistant to the squad. We would not recommend to refuse, as at first, it is a good bonus since you can store your items in the companion's inventory. In addition, he will cover you in gunfights for free.

In addition to him, you can also take Jacobo Figueroa into your squad, who lives in front of the saloon building during the daytime. The guy will join you for free if your reputation is above zero.

How to decipher the message of Still Water (The Huntress)

Visit the post office during the day and chat with Eric Harris. To decrypt the relay, you need to pay $300. If you do not have enough money, then use our guide, in which we told you how to farm money quickly in the game.

Once the Birdhouse has been rebuilt, you will be able to climb up to the top floor of the bank through the skylight. You can get to the roof from a neighboring building, and go down from the roof with a rope. Take away the petrified relic in the office on the table.

Witch at the crossroads. What is hidden in the box and should it be opened?

Around this point in the passage, you will meet a witch at a crossroads. The strange woman will ask a question that can be answered:

  1. Revenge what she did to you (the savage was waiting for such an answer);
  2. Ask forgiveness for your cruelty (you surprised the savage with your answer).
She will also give you a box with the number "21" and ask you not to open it until you meet again. It makes no sense to open it since it is empty. In addition, in the next campaign, the inventory of the protagonist will already be open.

Documents for Mayor Weekes. Kill farmers or find dirt on the mayor? (Huntress)

As soon as you get the documents, go to the Galen Bridge location and talk to the mayor. He will offer an "equivalent" exchange: you must force the farmers from Bush Creek to transfer the land to him. You can do this, but we advise you to go the other way.

To get started, talk to the mayor so that a location with a farm appears on the map. Go there and talk to the owners. They will tell you that dirt on Weeks is in his basement. Return to the mayor's manor and inspect the one-story building next to the manor.

In this building, you can steal a petrified relic and find the entrance to the cellar. We recommend acting in stealth, because if you are noticed, then at best they will drive you out of the foreign territory.

Talk to Marion Keane, who is languishing behind bars. Use the master key, open the door and listen to the man. If you help him, he will become your true friend.

Try to get to the second floor of the mayor's estate and inspect his bedroom. Here you will find the Golden Ace of Spades.

How to find Essex Mast in Quickbend (The Huntress)

This location will open immediately after you find Marion Keane in the basement of Mayor Wicks. Once in the town, choose what to do. You can use stealth, find the key to the bank and rescue Essex Mast, or kill all the bandits. Almost everyone in this city has this key, so getting it won't be a problem.

We solved the problem by force. If you look around the second floor of the bank, you will find the key to the vault, the "golden ace of spades" and a petrified relic in the chest. Here you can also chat with Essex Mast. It is not necessary to let him out of the cage because if you put pressure on a man, he will tell you all the necessary information.

By the way, if you kill Essex Mast, you will get 15 reputation points and his diary.

Check out the city before leaving. In the chest on the roof of the saloon and find the petrified relic. On the roof of the spirit temple is a Gauzer Copper Combat Rifle and a Deathbed Charm (if you're low on health, your abilities cost less action points to use).

How to find traces of her husband in the mine of the Great Gorge (Huntress)

Move to the indicated location and deal with the bandits. Activate the lever to the left of the mine entrance and blow up the reinforced door. If you look at the roof of the building, you can find the "golden ace of spades" and the copper gun that we wrote about earlier.

In the dungeon, you will find a large group of enemies and monsters. In one of the adits, you can free the hostage. Here, pick up the key to the pits with monsters.

Get to the pits with monsters and open the door with the found key. Now you need to defeat several monsters and find a passage to the distant adits. Deal with the sirens, inspect the adits for fossilized relics and talk to Stubborn. He will ask you to bring him to Sheriff Albright. In fact, this character will be a burden, so kill him and take the brain.

Return to the Birdhouse and inspect the sheriff's office. Examine the blood trail behind the building and head to the marked Albright Reach location. Enter the basement and talk to the girl. You will know her secret.

In Albright's basement, find the "Golden Ace of Spades". When she offers to go with you, we recommend that you agree. The sheriff has the maximum level of pumping and will help deal with enemies. Since after visiting the next location, the tasks of the hunter will be completed, we also recommend that you explore other cities and mines that you have not yet visited in order to find and complete additional quests.

How to find the hunter's husband in the Copper Mountain Quarry (Hunter)

Go to the location with the quarry and get rid of the robbers. To the left of the entrance to the mine, find the key on the box, as well as the petrified relic on the cart.

In the first room, kill two bandits and free the girl from the cage. In the adjacent adit, you can inspect the box if you have three master keys. Follow on and deal with the sirens. There is a fossilized relic on the bed to the right. Take the key to the sanctuary from one of the killed enemies or try to jump over the cliff.

If you manage to get over, as shown in the screenshot above, then inspect the chest and find another relic. Move into the dead-end adit and deal with the only enemy here. In his pocket, find the key to control the bridge.

Use the found key, activate the lever, and talk to your husband. Leave the cave to meet the marshal. If you keep Sheriff Albright's secret, she will be grateful to you. This concludes the Bounty Hunter campaign.

To be continued...