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Where to look and how to use gold coins in Tunic


Where to look and how to use gold coins in Tunic

The tunic is an isometric action game that is reminiscent of the early installments of The Legend of Zelda series. Exciting adventures, puzzles, dungeon exploration, and battles with various monsters are waiting for you in the game. In this guide, we will tell you how to find gold coins in the game and why you need them.

How to use gold coins in Tunic

You can find out why Tunic needs gold coins on page 20 of the in-game manual. You can find this guide at the top of the Outworld mountain.

But if you did not have time to find it, you can still use the coins at any time. To do this, you need to go to any wishing well, which is often found in the open world of the game. For example, one of them is located near the Old House, and the other is in the Western Forest, next to the first shrine.

Equip a gold coin and then use it. You should see a beam of light from the bottom of the well. At first, nothing will change, but if you throw a few coins, you will open additional slots for amulets. These items allow you to increase your stats and become stronger.

Each next slot (except the second one) will require more gold coins:

  • 1st additional slot — 3 coins;
  • 2nd additional slot - 3 more coins;
  • 3rd additional slot - 4 more coins;
  • 4th additional slot - 5 more coins.

Thus, you will need 15 coins to unlock the maximum number of item slots.

Where to look for gold coins in Tunic

Coins can be found in treasure chests found throughout the game world. In addition to gold, you can find items for improvement and various consumables in them.

Coins can also be purchased from the Skeleton Merchant for 999 local in-game currency apiece. However, we do not recommend spending money in this way, because finding treasure chests is not difficult.