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WWE 2K22 keeps crashing? That could be the reason

WWE 2K22 keeps crashing? That could be the reason

 After disappointing many fans of WWE 2K20, 2K Sports has made a decent comeback with WWE 2K22. The game is mostly positively received and there is little to notice on the bug side. However, WWE 2K22 keeps crashing for some users. Most players have a specific reason for this.

The "Universe" mode and the area in which you can create and edit your own superstars are particularly affected. In addition, the image often returns to the home screen of the console when changing an arena.

Created community content causes crashes

Commonly, downloaded community content is responsible for stopping WWE 2K22 from working properly. You should therefore be particularly careful when downloading image files. Downloading too much of this content will result in crashes and freezing games.

So to fix the error, you should delete recently downloaded content. This can be any type of content. So created superstars, as well as arenas shows or other edited parts, lead to crashes. If you have already downloaded too much content and the work is too tedious for you, you can delete all created files at once in the "Images" area in the right section.

This is how most crashes in WWE 2K22 can be fixed:

  1. Controls the Extras menu.
  2. Selects the delete function.
  3. Deletes content such as "Created Superstars", "Alternate Clothing" and "Arenas". Above all, choose content that has a lot of pictures included.
  4. Then you control the image area in the delete function. Delete images here that are no longer needed.