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A guide for beginners in The Planet Crafter - how to create a planet from scratch, how to collect resources, craft equipment and build a base


A guide for beginners in The Planet Crafter - how to create a planet from scratch, how to collect resources, craft equipment and build a base

In The Planet Crafter, you take on the role of a brave astronaut whose task is to create normal conditions for life on an unknown planet from scratch. This process is much more complicated than it might seem at first glance. We'll have to collect resources, build a base and deal with natural disasters. In this guide, we will cover the basics that will help you quickly get comfortable in the game and create everything you need on the planet.

What are the stages in the game?

Conventionally, your adventure is divided into two stages - "First Steps" and "Free Play". At the beginning, hints will appear on the screen about what needs to be built first. This will help you learn the basic mechanics and types of resources. Once you get 175,000 terraforming points, the sky will turn blue and the quests will disappear. From now on, you will have to act independently.

There are also small stages in the free play mode. They are not demarcated in any way, but you will clearly understand when it's time to start extracting water or landscaping.

To progress, regularly review the list of available drawings that are displayed on a dedicated desktop screen. They open automatically after certain conditions are met. Accordingly, if you want to open a more capacious backpack or improve the drill for terraforming, you will have to complete mini-tasks in a timely manner.

How to collect resources

In the hands of your astronaut there is a special device that performs several useful functions at once. The main thing that it can do is to collect resources scattered on the planet with a special beam. At first, there will be few basic materials:

  • Iron;
  • Magnesium;
  • Titanium;
  • Ice;
  • Cobalt;
  • Silicon.

The further you advance, the more diverse the elements used will become. Please note that your "cutter" does not collect ordinary stones. This makes available resources easy to collect and highly visible in the monotonous yellow-orange expanses.

How to craft equipment and items

Right after disembarking, your capsule will have a storage box and a crafting station. When you open it, you will find the available recipes and the resources needed to create. One piece of material is equal to one unit.

The initial inventory is extremely limited, so put extra resources in a box, this will help save time.

By opening new recipes, you can improve existing items, but for this you will have to remove them from the hero and move them to your inventory.

Please note that all the functions of the device in the hands of an astronaut are regulated by chips, which also take up space in the backpack. Like other items, they need to be crafted. Only after obtaining a certain chip can you build or destroy buildings.

How not to die of hunger, dehydration and lack of oxygen

Despite the fact that you are not limited in time, you will have to act quickly at the beginning of the game. The fact is that food is given only for a few days, and without it the character will lose vitality.

With water and oxygen, the situation is a little simpler. After collecting the right amount of ice, you can easily get clean water at the crafting station. Oxygen is replenished at the base automatically but is quickly consumed during research. To increase supplies, create an oxygen tank. Over time, it can be improved, which will make forays for resources much safer.

Food is stored in special containers that cannot be reproduced at the beginning of the game. There are blue boxes scattered throughout the area that will contain a couple of extra rations, but you should not rely on this. Much more important are seeds, which can also be found in various places around the base.

After receiving the seeds, put them in a heater for further maturation. Unfortunately, this method will not completely solve the problem of nutrition, since quite a lot of time is spent on the growth of vegetables.

How to start terraforming

The first thing you need to do to start changing the planet is to start the terraforming process. To do this, you need to build a drill and provide it with energy from a wind turbine. Both machines are built from the most basic resources, so it is better to craft several of them at once. The more drills that work at the same time, the faster the terraforming points are gained. After reaching 175,000, the sky will turn blue, there will be rains and the opportunity to sow grass.

If there is not enough energy from the turbines, the automatic operation stops. Keep an eye on this so you don't waste your time.

How to build a living compartment. Where is the best place to build a base?

After creating a chip for construction, you can work on the base. The main room is the living quarters. However, it cannot be used immediately after installation. It is necessary to craft the door separately.

Having gained access to the living compartment, you will be able to replenish the supply of oxygen. So the area for research is greatly expanded. Inside the room, you can build everything that is in the initial capsule.

Very quickly you will realize that one compartment is not enough for comfortable work. To expand the base, select "create a new room" and build it close to the already finished one. The compartments will connect automatically, and there will be two rooms.

At a certain point in time, the available space of the planet can flood. To avoid unpleasant consequences, choose a hill for the base, and install iron frames under the compartments that raise them above the ground.

Why blue and gold chests are needed

As you explore, you will regularly find blue and gold chests. Some of them are well hidden, others are just scattered around the map. There are many useful and rare materials inside the boxes. If you want to find everything, check out a separate guide.

How to open the minimap

Like many things in Planet Crafter, the mini-map can only be obtained through construction. You will need a missile launcher, one of which will provide you with GPS. To receive data, create an interface display. So you can see a map of your base and nearby territories.