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Allods Online - useful tips for new players


Allods Online - useful tips for new players

Tips for beginners just starting their way.

More than 11 years have passed since the release of Allods Online. During this time, the game has acquired many nuances that are completely unobvious to an inexperienced beginner. Of course, nothing prevents you from plunging into the game without any preparation, and it will still be fun to play. However, in this case, you are likely to make a bunch of common mistakes that slow down your progress. We will give you some simple secrets that will help make your first steps in the world of Sarnaut much easier.

Create an account bonus link

In 2022, there is a system of bonuses for newcomers when registering using special links and codes. Finding the right link on the Internet is not difficult. When registering an account in this way, a new player is given a set of useful items that significantly increase the speed of pumping and more. The set includes Scrolls of Fate to complete quests quickly (more on that below), Tomes of Knowledge to increase the amount of experience gained, and much more.

Use Mercenaries

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a group of players for story dungeons, or it just takes too much time, especially if you play outside of prime time. In addition, sometimes you just want to play solo, without burdening yourself with a team game. In this case, you need to use Mercenary NPCs. Mercenaries will deal with the mobs inside the dungeon just as well (and sometimes better) than the players.

To get a mercenary at your disposal, you need to talk with the captain, summoned using the Mercenary Contract skill, which all characters receive when they reach level 8.

Choose your class wisely

In Allods Online, you cannot take two representatives of the same class into a group. Of course, if you want to play only for a certain class, then you don’t have to limit yourself. Nevertheless, if you want to be in demand in groups and quickly find yourself a decent guild, then choosing the class of your first character must be approached sensibly.

The most popular role in any MMORPG is the damage dealer. No wonder, because everyone likes to wreak havoc and destruction, see big damage numbers and watch how quickly the opponent's HP bar decreases. Allods Online is no exception, so the most popular classes here are Wizard, Scout, and Priest. The latter can be an excellent healer, but he is wildly popular due to the huge damage in the Offensive Aspect.

Pick a class that fulfills its role well, but for one reason or another is not very popular among the players. The demand for classes is largely determined by the current balance, which can change dramatically from patch to patch.

Don't forget to spend Fate Points

Destiny Points are a special resource that can be used to instantly complete quests. Of course, this allows you to significantly speed up pumping. Fate points can be used to "skip" only certain types of quests (mostly passable quests with relatively small rewards and not of great importance for the plot), but even with this, the increase in leveling rate will be very noticeable. To find out the number of accumulated points, you need to hover over the experience bar. Additional Fate Points are awarded when gaining experience from any source.

If you want to optimize the process as much as possible using Fate Points, you can download an add-on like QuestS kip or Quest Automation, which will automatically accept and turn in quests.

Find a guild with a pumped experience milestone

In the game, there are many guilds for beginners who willingly accept everyone. In these guilds, milestones have been opened that increase the experience gained by members by 20%. After reaching the maximum level, you can go out and find yourself a "real" guild, sharpened to achieve certain goals in the game.

When pumping, focus on damage

Let's say you chose Warrior as your first class because you like to tank. It may seem logical to level up in the Defender Aspect, because you are a tank, and you need to be as strong as possible. However, pumping and playing at the maximum level are, as they say, two big differences. Leveling will move much more briskly if you choose the Attack Aspect. For quests and simple dungeons, the basic survivability will be quite enough, but the speed of passing the content will increase significantly. In addition, a dead enemy does not deal damage.

The flag is in your hands

Near the portrait of your character, you can observe the War Flag icon. This determines your status as a target for PvP. You can raise and lower the Flag as you please, but everything has its consequences.

If the icon shows two crossed swords, then the War Flag is up and you can be attacked by other players.

The sword and shield icon means your flag is down and most players won't be able to attack you, no matter how much they want to. Of course, if you decide to attack another player, then you will have to say goodbye to the peaceful status right away.

Empire vs League

There are two factions in Allods Online, and everyone has to join one of them.

At the moment, the League has a numerical advantage, which gives it a number of certain advantages. The main one is the ability to quickly find a guild for yourself since there are simply more active League players in the game. Trying to balance this aspect, the developers have increased the amount of experience gained by the players of the Empire by 10%.

If you don't know who to start as, and faction aesthetics don't matter, then it's better to play as a League. If you start playing in a group of friends, or a ready-made guild is already waiting for you on the side of the Empire, then feel free to join the "red" side.

Follow the stats

All characters have a set of characteristics that are responsible for their effectiveness in combat. If you follow our guide, then you will be pumping very quickly and will regularly “grow out” of your equipment. This fact can lead to the fact that the power of your character will be lower than it should be at a certain stage of the game. As a result, completing quests and killing some mobs will become too difficult.

Fortunately, the game has an indicator that tells you if some stats are lagging behind in development. In the event that, when opening the character window, you see that some characteristics are highlighted in red, then they are too low for the level of your character. Find or buy equipment that increases this characteristic, and you will immediately become much stronger. Mastery should be prioritized, as this stat is responsible for the amount of base damage dealt.

You can give a lot more advice since Allods Online is full of secrets and subtleties, but all of the above should be enough to make your first trip much easier and more enjoyable.