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In ARK: Survival Evolved , Element is one of the most important and at the same time rarest resources. Crafting Tek and farming Element are essential parts of the endgame. We tell you how to get Element.

How do I get items? In order to get Evolved Element in ARK: Survival, it is generally necessary to have successfully fought at least one boss fight.

Defeating your first boss not only grants you Element, but also unlocks the Tek Replicator. This is required to craft Element.

Once you've unlocked and built the Tek Replicator, you can consider a variety of ways to farm elements. In principle, you receive an element as a reward or you can produce it as a crafting end product from other resources.

We explains to you which methods there are to get an element:

  • Item as a reward for defeating a boss
  • Element as an end product, made from element dust
  • Element as a reward for successfully defending Element nodes
  • Purchased from HLN-A for 2,000 Hex
  • Element as a finished product, made from element ore and other resources
  • Element as a finished product, made from elemental shards

ARK: Element - Defeating bosses

Element Through Boss Battles: If you successfully complete a boss battle, the defeated boss will drop their inventory. You can take elements from this inventory.

What factors influence the selection of possible boss fights? In the method of element farming through boss battles, we are referring to maps and their associated bosses or boss arenas that were not part of any DLC and are playable at no additional cost.

What factors affect element farming through boss fights? The amount of element a boss drops depends on the difficulty level you choose (Gamma, Beta, or Alpha) and the boss you fight.

Depending on the map you are playing, only certain bosses are available as opponents and you might have to change maps for another boss.

List of bosses/arenas with element

  • Broodmother Lysrix
  • Megapithecus
  • Dragons
  • Manticore
  • The Center Arena
  • Ragnarok Arena
  • Forsaken Oasis (Valguero Arena)
  • Crystal Wyvern Queen
  • Dinopithecus.
The Megapithecus is an opponent not to be underestimated
The Megapithecus is an opponent not to be underestimated

How many items will I get? The following values ​​apply to the different levels of difficulty for the standard bosses or boss arenas:

  • Element on Gamma: 20 to 85 per fight
  • Element on Beta: 56 to 255 per battle
  • Element on Alpha 148 to 520 per fight

Which bosses are worthwhile for Element?

The highest element drop values ​​​​of a difficulty level reach the arenas. On the maps The Center, Ragnarok, and Valguero it is possible to fight against several bosses at the same time. The reward is correspondingly high.

  • Where is the most element?
Most of the element in fighting single bosses can be obtained from the Dragon and the Dinopithecus. However, they are among the slightly larger challenges of ARK: Survival Evolved.

  • Where is the easiest item?
The easiest and least rewarding is fighting Broodmother Lysrix. But this is not a problem even for inexperienced solo players with the right preparation.

  • A good middle ground
A good middle ground is fighting the Megapithecus, the Manticore, or the Crystal Wyvern Queen. These encounters give a "medium" amount of element compared to the Dragon or the Broodmother, but are manageable with the right preparation.

Extinctions Wastelands: Defending Element Nodes

Element from element nodes: On the Extinction map you can defend so-called element nodes. You interact with the nodes before waves of creatures rush towards you and the nodes. The malicious creatures are attacking you and the element nodes.

If you successfully defend the element nodes against all enemy waves, you can in rare cases receive element as a reward.

However, unlike the aforementioned boss fights, element farming by defending element nodes is not possible without additional costs. Extinction is a paid DLC.

ARK: Genesis - HLN-A as element seller

Can you buy item? If you're a Genesis Season Pass owner, you can also purchase Element from the ever-present companion robot HLN-A, nicknamed "Helena" by many players.

HLN-A asks for 2,000 hexes for 1x element. Hexagons are awarded for completing Genesis missions. Depending on the preset level of difficulty, you will receive more or fewer hexes per successfully completed mission.

Create element from element dust

How do I craft Element? If you don't want to repeat boss fights and don't feel like element nodes either, you can craft element from selected resources in a Tek Replicator or a Charge node.

You can craft element from the following resources:

  • element dust
  • element ore
  • elemental shard
Create element from element dust: With 1,000x element dust, you can create 1x unstable element, which becomes a normal element after a short waiting time. That doesn't sound like much, but it can deliver lasting success with efficient and sophisticated farming methods. 

This can be achieved both by means of well-considered farm tours and by eliminating Tek creatures. Farming element dust is particularly useful on the DLC map Extinction. In addition to Tek dinosaurs, the so-called Enforcers and other electronic creatures also exist there.

The metal-shaped "animals" give element dust when you mine their carcasses. The same happens when you dismantle lanterns and the like with creatures or tools on Extinction. Here is a list of creatures that yield Element Dust when mined:

  • Tek Stegosaurus
  • Tek Quetzal
  • Tek Parasaur
  • Tek Rex
  • Tek Raptor
  • Enforcer (Extinction only)
  • Defense Unit (Extinction only)
  • Attack Drone (Extinction only)
The Enforcers are unique to the Extinction map

The crafting of Element on the map Aberration

Craft Element from Element Ore: Element Ore is a resource introduced with the Aberration DLC. It can be found on the map of the same name as well as on the free-to-play map Crystal Isles.

If you combine element ore with a number of other resources, you can use them to produce a finished element in a charge node. The following resources add up to 1x element:

  • 8x charge storage
  • 50x Ball of Frozen Gas
  • 20x element ore
  • 20x Green Gem
  • 10x Red Gem
  • 15x Blue Gem

The Crystal Isles element hotspot

Create element from elemental shards: Another very popular and effective method is to create element from elemental shards. From 100x elemental shards you can create 1x element and vice versa.

It is possible to farm elemental shards on ARK: Genesis Part 1 and on the free Crystal Isles map. Farming on Crystal Isles is particularly useful, as you can obtain the elemental shards by mining certain blue crystals in the snow/thunderstorm biome in the north-east of the map.

Mining the blue crystals will give you elemental shards

Element can be obtained in many different ways in ARK: Survival Evolved. Which one is best for you depends on your play style and related preferences.

Which method do you prefer? Do you prefer farming resources and then crafting elements, or do you prefer fighting bosses? Do you have any other methods to get Element?