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Boss guide in Core Keeper - how to find and defeat all the bosses, effective tactics, necessary equipment


Boss guide in Core Keeper - how to find and defeat all the bosses, effective tactics, necessary equipment

Core Keeper is a sandbox game where you can mine resources, build and farm to uncover the mysteries of the underworld. Also on the way of the hero will meet a lot of enemies of varying degrees of difficulty, which will help to overcome a well-thought-out strategy and careful preparation. In this guide, we will go into detail about the bosses you will face, as well as describe how to defeat them.

How many bosses are there in Core Keeper

There are currently only six bosses in Core Keeper (Early Access game). Only three of them are basic, while the rest are completely optional. Moreover, any battle is a difficult test. To win, players must be properly equipped and show an individual approach. It is important that the optional bosses are in a different biome. If you want to see everything that the game offers, you will have to go through all of them.

Glurch the Abominous Mass. How to find the first boss in Core Keeper

The first main boss is the Glurch the Vile Mass. Glurch appears not far from the beginning of the game, and therefore you can find him at the very early stages of the adventure.

To get to the boss, dig a straight tunnel from the starting point until you hear a rhythmic knock. Continue moving in the direction where the sound gets louder.

If during the excavation you find a tunnel covered with mucus, turn around, as you are in Gorm's lair (next boss). After entering the arena, simply approach Glurch to start the fight.

How to defeat the Glurch the Vile Mass in Core Keeper

The only attack of the boss is a jump around the arena. This simple movement becomes much more effective due to the small puddles of slime left after landing. If you step on them, you will take damage and slow down.

Before starting the fight, expand the area of ​​the arena as much as possible. This will allow you to have more room to maneuver. We recommend using a long-range weapon, as it will allow you to take a safer position, which is easy to change if Glurch gets too close. You also won't have to worry too much about slime puddles.

If you choose to use a melee weapon, keep moving around. Attack Glurch as soon as he lands, then run far enough to avoid taking damage.

Make sure you are using good gear. We recommend making copper armor, a pewter sword, and some bombs. If you are using ranged weapons, stock up on ammo. It will also not be superfluous to set traps before the start of the battle.

You can remove some of the slime that is already in the area with a shovel.

It is important not to retreat too far. Glurch will stop chasing if you leave the area, but will begin to regenerate health rapidly.

Gorm the Devourer. How to find the second boss in Core Keeper

Gorm is the second main boss in the game. This is a huge worm that digs tunnels throughout the map and moves through them in sequence. It doesn't care at all that you are trying to start a fight, the monster will just squirm and crawl away.

Gorm's mobility makes him difficult to track and capture. If you choose to follow him into the tunnel he has made, he will leave a trail of slime behind him to slow him down. It's also inefficient to wait in one place and attack every time the worm crawls by - the monster will be constantly healed.

The worm circles clockwise, so finding it will not be so difficult - it is huge. Follow the orange slime in the tunnel and you will eventually find it. It is also logical to focus on large open spaces - due to the size of the boss, he leaves behind wide trenches.

How to defeat Gorm the Devourer in Core Keeper

First of all, you need to check the equipment and supplies. Create a Ring of Swiftness - it will increase your movement speed by 6.9%. It's not much, but you won't lose the buff over time, unlike consumables.

The next item you'll need is the Swift Feather. The material can be obtained in boxes on the map. The artifact gives +200% speed and dash. The downside is that its effect lasts only 4 seconds.

You can also make a spicy tulip salad, which requires a pepper bomb and glowing tulips. The item increases movement speed by 21% and the effect lasts for 1 minute.

Craft a slime sword. To craft it, you need to defeat Glurch. You will need 8 tin bars, 8 copper bars and 15 slime. The damage inflicted by such a sword is moderate, and the indicators are only slightly higher than those of tin. Most importantly, a unique effect that slows the target by 41.1% for 4 seconds.

For ranged combat, you will need at least 3 slingshots or 2 muskets. You can catch up with the worm and shoot in the back once or twice, then retreat. Remember not to move too far, as the boss will start to regenerate if you move out of his reach.

Repeat the process until the monster's health drops to 50%. The boss will move into the second phase, where he will start chasing you.

Due to its gigantic size, it is difficult for the worm to turn. Use this to your advantage and finish off the monster.

In the second phase, it is better to use bombs or something long-range. You need to make about 30 bombs, after which you can simply run ahead of the boss, throwing shells into his mouth.

A good additional option would be traps, but this tactic has only a 50% chance of success. To finish the boss, you will have to craft about 60 pieces. The boss makes a complete rotation in almost 5 minutes. You need to throw spike traps in his path and wait until they eventually kill him. However, the worm can also destroy traps. In any case, this tactic will greatly weaken the monster.

Hive Mother. How to find the third boss in Core Keeper

Rounding out the top three mandatory bosses is the Hive Mother, a larva that is a huge clot of flesh spitting acid. She won't attack unless you start the fight first. The monster has a huge supply of health, and the acid remains on the ground and complicates the battle.

To find the Hive Mother, you will need a special device - a scanner. It can be obtained by approaching the statue of Glurch located in the core. You will have to spend 5 ancient stones and 5 mechanical parts. After using the scanner, the location of the boss will be marked on the map.

How to beat the Hive Mother in Core Keeper

In a fight with the Mother, it is recommended to use several items that will give the necessary advantage:

  • An iron sword;
  • Iron shovel;
  • Iron armor;
  • Healing Potion;
  • Potion of Rage;
  • Pepper wrap.

As we already wrote, the boss does not enter the battle until you attack him first. This is a great opportunity to study the environment and eliminate all threats that may interfere during the battle.

Several maggots around the boss will injure you if stepped on. It is also recommended to excavate and expand the space around the monster so that you have more room to move around.

There are several small buildings/objects near the Hive Mother that cannot be destroyed. It is in these places that aggressive mobs will appear. In order not to be distracted by such enemies, build wooden boxes around buildings. This will keep the opponents out.

The hive mother is static and does not move. Instead, she spits acid. You need to constantly move to dodge "shots". It is important to remember that avoiding a direct hit is not enough. When acid hits the floor, it stays there. Stepping on it will take damage.

Start attacking the Hive Mother with your sword and move in a circle to avoid getting hit by acid spitting for as long as possible. Such places are marked on the ground with a red marker.

It does not matter at all what weapon you will fight with, the main thing is that it deals a lot of damage, and you have time to dodge in time.

Sky Titan Azeos (Azeos the Sky Titan). How to find the fourth boss in Core Keeper

Azeos unlocks three optional bosses. To get to it, you need to defeat all three previous ones and use their gems to power the core. Once these conditions are met, a new biome will open in which you will encounter a sky titan.

To find the boss, you will need an Azeos Scanner. Start by crafting an ancient hologram pod from the Hive Mother statue in the core.

Place the capsule on the ground to reveal a hologram that sells two items: a Sky Titan Scanner, and a large, shiny, shimmering egg-like item. You need both.

The materials required to create a scanner are 5 ancient gems, 5 mechanical parts and 10 ancient feathers that you can easily find in the wilds.

The scanner will indicate the location of the boss with a red mark on the map. Once you're there, you need to place a shiny shimmery item. The artifact will summon a boss, after which the battle will begin.

How to defeat Sky Titan Azeos in Core Keeper

It's best if you have Runesong, Ancient Pickaxe, Scarlet Armor, Scarlet Ax (or Sword), Grub's Egg Necklace, Copper Cross Necklace, Clot Ring, Cavemother's Ring, and a few Bombs. Also, stock up on Crispy Blue Cheese, Heart Pepper, and Guardian Potion for a slight edge.

There are several voids around the arena. Build bridges in at least four of them. Then you need to eat to prepare for the fight. Throw an "egg" and a titan will appear.

The boss attacks with light beams, which must be avoided. When hit, they take away about 40% of health.

There are three types of thunder rays:

  • Intersecting - pass through each other parallel and perpendicular;
  • Nova rays - moving towards and away from Azeos;
  • Random - form and move in unexpected directions.

Azeos likes to create crystals that help him regenerate health. Destroy them at every opportunity.

The boss is also able to teleport around the map. Constantly dodging, waiting for the right moment to strike, and breaking the crystals in time is a sure tactic for victory.

Malugaz the Corrupted. How to find the fifth boss in Core Keeper

You can find Malugaz after defeating the sky titan Azeos in the wilds. To summon the boss, you will need a crystal skull, which can be crafted with 10 shards. After crafting, travel to the Forgotten Runes and find the Throne Room of Malugaz. There will be no hints - you will have to look for the arena yourself. As a rule, it is located in an underground fortress with many caves.

When you find the room, place the Crystal Skull on the summoning rune to summon Malugaz.

How to defeat Malugaz the Corrupted in Core Keeper

The boss has a lot of fire attacks that deal damage over time. Prepare some Hearty Pepper Wraps and Berry Puddings to restore health and get various buffs. Don't forget to also stock up on a dozen health potions, even with good armor you should be prepared to take a lot of damage.

Malugaz has two phases. In the first, he throws fireballs and accidentally spawns bursts of lava in the arena. In the second phase, the boss reveals his flaming skull by removing his hood and switches to quick strikes that cause an explosion on impact. Each hit deals fire damage in an area.

The universal advice would be to pump weapons and armor as much as possible, otherwise your health reserve will simply not be enough to win.

Poisonous Ivy Mass. How to find the sixth boss in Core Keeper

The last boss in the game is also the most difficult to find. There will be no clues to find him. Get ready to dig a lot. Poison Ivy Mass is similar to Glurch, but with a few changes - it deals poison damage every time it hits you. Neutralizing the poison is another task that will have to be solved in battle.

This is an optional boss, but worth the effort as it gives you a poison sickle, one of the best weapons in the game.

The monster can be found in the wild lands of Azeos. Unfortunately Massa does not have a fixed location. You will have to explore the entire territory on your own to find it.

How to defeat the Poison Ivy Mass in Core Keeper

First of all, you will need a Grub Egg Necklace and a Maggot Ring to reduce the slowing effect of the slime. It is better to do a few pepper wraps to keep up the pace and health. You can greatly increase your survivability by crafting Scarlet Armor and a Scarlet Sword. You will also need a ranged weapon like Grubzooka.

The boss's main attack is to jump up and land on you. The pink slime left after the jump slows the hero and also deals poison damage. Upon contact with it, the speed of recovery of health will be reduced by 75% for 30 seconds.

If you manage to find Remedaisy's Necklace, which occasionally drops from Toxic Slime, it will make you resistant to poison, which will help in the fight against the Poison Ivy Mass.

In addition to jumping, the mass has a secondary attack - the secretion of mucus around itself. Locations are pre-marked with red circles, giving you a second or two to dodge. When the health of the Toxic Mass is greatly reduced, it will begin to jump much faster.

In order not to be crushed or poisoned, use any means of increasing mobility and dodge in time.