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Bugsnax: Start DLC “The Isle of BIGsnax”.

 In this guide, we will tell you how to start the free Bugsnax DLC "The Isle of BIGsnax".

Bugsnax: Start DLC “The Isle of BIGsnax”.

In our guide to the Bugsnax DLC “The Isle of BIGsnax” you will learn:

  • How to start the DLC
  • Which side quests you have to have done for it

How can I start the Bugsnax DLC?

You start the free DLC in Naschingen at Snorpy, the yellow inventor grumpus. Snorpy is either strolling around the village or can be found in his large barn behind the Bugsnax enclosure (see screenshot below). At night he sleeps there on the upper floor.

If you have already finished the main story, simply click on “Next” in the main menu and you will start again at the point before the last main mission. So you don't have to start the game from the beginning and can start right away with the DLC.

Requirements to start The Isle of the Great Bugsnax

Before you can start the DLC, however, you must complete all of Snorpy and Chandlo's side quests. Only then does Snorpy ask you to come to the Smoking Springs and thus start "The Island of the Great Bugsnax".

In the following we tell you all the side quests from Snorpy and Chandlo and what tasks await you.

All Snorpy side quests

side questtask
Lord of the Frosting!
  • Travel to Frosting Peak
  • Catch 1 papa cake leg
  • Feed 1 papa cake leg
become bright!
  • Light all fire baskets in Naschingen
Vitamins XXL
  • Catch 1 Banana Ramma
  • Feed 1 Bananaramma

All Chandlo side quests

side questtask
A worthy opponent!
  • Meet Chandlo at Watermelon Falls
  • Catch 1 Mama Mewone
  • Feed 1 Mama Mewone
give weight!
  • Throw five weights at Chandlo
Munch instead of gym!
  • Catch three aggressive, muscular Bugsnax
  • Feed Chandlo the evil, muscular Bugsnax