Complete walkthrough "Hello Neighbor 2" - how to solve all riddles, open doors, find keys and objects


Complete walkthrough "Hello Neighbor 2"

Hello, Neighbor 2 is a sequel to a colorful stealth horror game in which you have to solve the mystery of the disappearance of several children. In this walkthrough, we will describe all the riddles and puzzles, help you find keys and story items, and open all the doors in the game.

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At the moment, the game is in development, but a beta version of Hello Neighbor 2 is available to all pre-order owners. We will update this guide after release.

Passage "Hello neighbor 2"  Beta. How to get out of the barn

After the opening cutscene, take the key on the wall and open the door with it. Climb the stairs to the attic, take the camera and jump down. You need to approach the window to activate the cutscene. Wait until the raven breaks down the door and goes outside.

How to get rid of a raven. Why won't he let me through

Enter your office and look at the building next to which there is a police car. The game hints to you that you need to go there. If you try to go the other way, then you will be caught by a raven. This happens especially often on the steps in front of the bakery. In this case, just load your last save, as it will prevent you from progressing further. You will appear and immediately die.

Follow the path to the house and look out the window. You need to wait until the policeman turns away, sneaks into the room and steals the key on his belt. If the cop sees you, he will take the key. Open the patrol car door and press the red button. You will turn on the siren, which will distract the officer.

While the policeman is busy, return to the room he was inspecting and open the central door. She leads to the basement. To do this, hold down the action button and do not release until the door opens. Pick up the crowbar on the wall, then crack the boards on the door. Examine the hole and the leaflet on the tree. This will take you back to your office.

How to get into the neighbor's house. How to open the door in your house

Since the inventory and the item switching function are disabled in the beta version of the game, you will appear without a crowbar in your hands. But it lies in your inventory and can be used. To do this, you have to pick up any object and throw it on the ground. You can go to the bakery and pick up a master key in the kitchen. This item will also come in handy during the passage.

When you've done this, go back to the house and break the boards on the door. Take the camera and tracking device. This is optional but may help with the passage.

Return to the street. You need to go along the dirt road to the broken sign to the left of the house. If the raven won't let you in, then try to do it through the bakery kitchen. Climb up, on the left, there is a hole in the floor. Jump down. Examine the painting to the right of the door, which shows a man with a key.

Open the window and get outside. Turn right and go around the back of the house, because if you try to go along the asphalt road, you will be caught by a raven. Look at the mansion above the neighbor's house. A dog walks around the area. Climb the bushes in front of the statue and take the key. Try not to let the dog catch you. Return to the house and open the lock. Climb up the stairs to the second floor on the left, find the boarded-up door, and get rid of the planks. If you took a camera with you, then install it on the second floor in the main hall.

In the room, you will find a stuffed bear, a fish, and a wild boar. You'll have to find the missing pieces to solve the puzzle.

How to find a boar's head

Return to the bakery and inspect the kitchen table in the second room. Take the lockpick and set the alarm. Wait for the baker to go to the kitchen and open the drawer with the key. Take the key. It must be applied on the first floor in the neighbor's house. The head is in the refrigerator.

How to find a fish head

Exit the building and follow the path between the neighbor's house and the bakery. Behind the hangar is the hunter's hut. The territory is almost not fenced. Approach the main entrance and take the instructions from the mailbox. Open the door and wait for the man to notice you. Walk around the house and go down to the basement. You need a door to the right of the entrance. Place the instruction on the table and hide nearby. When he returns and makes a head, follow him outside. Wait for him to place it next to the target and move away. Take the item.

How to find the bear's head

To do this, you need to get into an expensive mansion, on the territory of which you found the key. Enter through the main entrance and follow to the right. Open the door to the right of the stairs to distract the man. When he goes to check, make your way under the stairs to the left room. Open the lid of the jukebox and take out the records. You can drop them on the floor.

Hide in the closet. The owner of the house will try to turn on the music, but nothing will come of it. He will go to the second floor. Follow him and enter the door in front of the stairs. On the bookshelf is a record labeled SPEEL. Place a record in any of the three compartments of the jukebox, close the lid and press the button. After some time, the owner will appear, then go upstairs again. Follow him and enter the bedroom before the door closes. When he falls asleep, take the bear's head and get out of the house.

How to get to the attic

Set the three heads in their places in the room on the second floor. A showcase with a ladder lever will open. Take it and wait for the neighbor to go down to the first floor. For this, by the way, a camera is useful. Directly above the TV there is a staircase that leads to the attic. Use the lever to complete the game.

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