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Dread Hunger Class Guide


Dread Hunger Class Guide

Detailed instructions for classes in Dread Hunger

Character classes play a key role in Dread Hunger, each of which significantly changes the gameplay. The user must select one hero and follow his main occupation, so as not to arouse suspicion among the rest of the crew. In this guide, we will go into detail about each class in Dread Hunger.

Classes. Which character to choose

Before the start of the match, players can choose a character class. Each of them has unique starting items, passive ability, and appearance. Leveling up the class will upgrade the passive ability up to level 30. Below are the features of each character.

  1. Captain.
  2. Chaplain.
  3. Cook.
  4. Doctor.
  5. Engineer.
  6. Hunter.
  7. Infantryman.
  8. Navigator.

How to play as a captain

The captain is the guardian of the ship. Its armament is designed to ensure the safety and protection of the ship.

Starting items: saber, tea, and coal.

Passive: Increases shipboard survival by 30% at max level.

Key Tips:

  1. Stay on the ship as long as possible.
  2. Steer the ship more often if possible.
  3. If necessary, ask for help in navigation from allies.
  4. Don't let the crew wander around the ship idle and send crew members to get a variety of supplies.
  5. Memorize the movements of each character.
  6. Make sure each crew member enters the weapon code.

How to play Chaplain

The Chaplain is a versatile hero who is often suspected of being a traitor, as he farms bones easily and can use keys for nefarious purposes.

Starting items: shovel, lockpick, and coal.

Passive: Increases the chance of finding trinkets while exploring the world by 7% at max level.

Key Tips:

  1. Don't be afraid to dig graves, as they often contain valuable items.
  2. Do not use keys to open locked drawers.
  3. Save your key for the dead.
  4. Interview the dead crew members about the causes of their death, the killer and their next steps.
  5. Loot to find more trinkets, return the collected items to the ship and offer them to the crew.
  6. Collect coal and food in your spare time.

How to play as a chef

The cook is not the strongest hero, who can easily gain the trust of the crew members, thanks to his useful skill.

Starting items: meat cleaver, stew, and coal.

Passive: Increases cooking speed by 30% at max level.

Key Tips:

  1. Collect at least ten carcasses of meat and ask the crew members not to touch them.
  2. Be sure to return to the ship the first night for a hearty supply of stews.
  3. Keep a close eye on nearby allies and don't let anyone touch the dish.
  4. Put the stew on the table to make it harder to spoil.
  5. Keep part of the dish separately in reserve for crew members who are looking for supplies.
  6. Reward efficient crew members with extra food, but don't overdo it so you don't ruin your relationship with other players.
  7. Prepare a second meal.

How to play doctor

The doctor is one of the most suspicious characters, as he constantly collects a variety of herbs.

Starting items: meat cleaver, syringe, laudanum, and coal.

Passive: Increases the respawn speed and effectiveness of healing artifacts by 60% at max level.

Key Tips:

  1. Collect herbs for antidotes and inform the rest of the crew about it.
  2. Offer the crew members an antidote if the food was sent.
  3. Ask about the need for healing, especially after encounters with animals.
  4. Gather coal and food in your spare time, but don't do it alone.
  5. Do not walk with a syringe in your hands near other crew members.

How to play engineer

The Engineer is the most efficient coal collector. It is easy to identify a traitor if the player does not collect minerals at all.

Starting items: wooden axe, barrel, and coal.

Passive Ability: Increases the speed of repairs, item crafting at the workbench, and the repair of holes by 30% at maximum level.

Key Tips:

  1. Start immediately collecting coal in your barrel.
  2. Collect five coals as soon as possible to propel the ship forward on the first day.
  3. Slow down the fuel supply to the boiler when the ship is moving.
  4. Repair the ship when damage occurs.
  5. Collect firewood and stack it in several places on the ship to quickly fix holes.

How to play hunter

Hunter is the most useful class for free movement around the map, but the player will have to constantly justify himself to the team for long absences from the ship.

Starting items: bow, arrows (four units), bear traps (two units), and coal.

Passive: Increases pick-up speed from all corpses by 30% at max level.

Key Tips:

  1. Help the cook collect meat for further preparation of the stew.
  2. Collect scrap to create more bear traps.
  3. Stock up on arrows in time to easily deal with bears, wolves, and other animals.
  4. Collect as much meat and other items from animals as possible.
  5. Explain each time your next steps before leaving the ship.

How to play as an infantryman

The Royal Marine is one of the strongest heroes on the Krabl. Most often, he will deal with disobedient crew members, but first of all, he will have to gain the trust of the team.

Starting items: flintlock pistol, flint ammo, and coal.

Passive: Increases Musket and Flintlock Pistol reload speed by 30% at max level.

Key Tips:

  1. Make sure to find secondary weapons first and stock up on ammo.
  2. Question all crew members about their next steps.
  3. Help clear the way for the delivery of nitroglycerin.
  4. Patrol hideouts.
  5. Stay as much time as possible near the ship to strengthen your trust and raise your authority.
  6. Collect food, wood, and coal in your free time.

How to play navigator

The Navigator is a flexible character that can become a very useful crew member.

Starting items: spyglass, lantern, and coal.

Passive: Increases the hero's movement speed by 10% at max level.

Key Tips:

  1. Use the spyglass to watch other crew members looking for suspicious activity.
  2. Help carry the nitroglycerine and give the team a lamp to keep your character warm.
  3. Patrol hideouts.
  4. Transfer all supplies to the ship to create items.
  5. Collect food, wood, and coal in your free time.