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Dread Hunger Guide: Beginner Tips


Dread Hunger Guide: Beginner Tips

All the most important tips for playing peaceful characters and traitors in Dread Hunger.

Dread Hunger is an online multiplayer ship survival game. In a team of eight people, there are two traitors who, with the help of dark forces, are trying to deal with other researchers. In this guide, we will provide helpful tips for newbies to Dread Hunger.

Poker and distribution of roles. How to start the game and get the captain's key

After collecting all the players on the ship, the host must throw coal into the stove. From now on, any user who has joined can take the helm and hold "W" to activate the session. Before the distribution of roles, all players need to play five-card poker. The winner will receive the captain's key and will be able to take the resources from the chest.

All combinations in the game from worst to best (examples are given in parentheses):

  1. Senior card. All different cards, the highest one is determined.
  2. Pair. Two cards of the same value (two fives).
  3. Two pairs. Two pairs of cards of the same value (two threes and two queens).
  4. Set (threesome). Three cards of the same rank (three kings).
  5. Straight. Five consecutive cards (three, four, five, six, seven).
  6. Flash. Five cards of the same suit (five of hearts, seven, ten, jack, and ace).
  7. Full house. Three cards of one value and two cards of another (three tens and two aces).
  8. Kare. Four cards of the same value (four kings).
  9. Straight flush. Five consecutive cards of the same suit (eight of spades, nine, ten, jack, and queen).
  10. Royal Flush. Five consecutive cards of the same suit of higher value from ten to ace (diamonds ten, jack, queen, king, ace).

Remember to close the door behind you after entering the captain's quarters. After playing poker, all players will receive roles. Peaceful will see only white frames. Traitors will see blue frames for the hero and partner, as well as red frames for neutral characters.

General advice. How to survive in the Arctic

This section provides general tips for each player to help them survive longer in harsh environments:

  1. Stay within the team's line of sight. In any role, it is desirable to perform useful actions next to other crew members - collect food, mine coal, bring wood and iron. This will help enlist the support of other players at the right time.
  2. Don't move alone. Even with the frequent performance of useful actions, you should not move around the Arctic alone. Other players may misinterpret further actions and mistake the hero for an enemy. In addition, you can be left alone with evil and die in a short period of time.
  3. Consider the skills of the characters. Each character has unique characteristics that can be useful in co-survival. For example, a cook has a bonus to cooking, and an engineer has a bonus to creating various items. This does not mean that the player needs to constantly perform only the same actions, but it will allow the hero to be more useful to the crew more often.
  4. Collect all items. Locations often come across places with a lot of useful loot. It is advisable to use all the supplies found. Use them to pump equipment, and take the rest to the ship. This will greatly impair the survival of traitors who do not often return to the ship and pursue their atrocities.
  5. Leave your private key on the ship. This is an optional item, but in a critical situation, it will help you quickly return to the game. It is advisable to hide the item in a secluded place, otherwise other players can also take the key for themselves.
  6. Throw items. In the absence of normal long-range weapons, it is better to use any means at hand - stones, sticks, axes, sabers, barrels and much more. Throw them at any opponents. This will allow you not to lose health in normal battles, as well as quickly knock the enemy down.
  7. Don't use premade items. Along the way, players may find prepared meals and syringes. These items were definitely left in advance and can cause serious harm to the character, up to death. Ignore such finds and, if necessary, make them yourself on the ship.
  8. Be careful with nitroglycerin. At this stage, it is very easy to lose the entire crew. It is not recommended to walk close to players who are carrying explosives. At this point, it is advisable to keep a distance from them - look after the backs of the heroes, observe the actions of the messenger from the side, or go further ahead.
  9. Don't jump to conclusions. Before punishing the players for the slightest missteps, it is necessary to weigh all their previous actions. Be attentive to the events that have occurred and discuss them with the team.
  10. Don't make enemies. Throughout the session, players will often find themselves in contentious situations. From the very start, good characters have a greater advantage, so you should not aggravate relations between players and allow traitors to gain.
  11. Communicate with the team. Always explain your actions to other players and communicate your intentions.

Collaboration and group work. How to win the trust of the crew

Under normal conditions, it is enough to have two players in the squad, however, someone may turn out to be a traitor, so it is advisable to engage in various actions in a team of three or four people. Teamwork is good for the following reasons:

  1. The hero becomes less vulnerable to the attacks of animals, people, and traitors.
  2. Increases the efficiency of picking up items, cooking, and performing other actions.
  3. Increases the likelihood of a full clearing of all areas of the map.
  4. Helps to establish trust within the group.
It should be borne in mind that the commission of suspicious actions, silence, and an unfriendly attitude towards other players will significantly complicate the game:

  1. Communication allows you to enlist the support of other crew members.
  2. Swapping items if necessary will help improve the attitude of other players.
  3. Constant cooperation with other players will allow you to quickly detect traitors.
  4. Friendships work more effectively.

Ship management. How to navigate on a ship

Every captain and his assistant needs to know how to properly navigate a ship. The fewer accidents happen along the way, the easier it will be to survive in the Arctic. Use the following tips to move your ship:

  1. Get help from a navigator. In some situations, it is difficult to notice an iceberg and other obstacles on the way from the ship's helm. The player at the helm should always ask the navigator for help. This will help to effectively turn the vessel in the other direction and avoid breaking through the vehicle.
  2. Fire up the boiler slowly. Throughout the journey, the engineer or another member of the crew in his absence must gradually throw up coal. This will avoid abrupt stops of the ship and the possibility of sabotage.
  3. Guard the helmsman. At least one member of the crew should always look after the person at the helm. This will help protect your most important ally from being poisoned or killed by a traitor.
  4. Beginners should not steer the boat. Don't let bad helmsmen command the ship. This will lead to great difficulties in the future.
  5. Ask the repairman to be closer. It is very important that there is always someone on the ship for repairs. Also, be sure to ask to stock up on some wood to repair the ship.
  6. Stay close to the shore. The ship should stay as long as possible in shallow water. In this case, the crew members will not have to sail to the ship on their own.
  7. Never stop. It is undesirable to slow down the ship for the landing of the team. All crew members must wait for the right moment to board the ship.

Vessel visit. How often to return to the ship

In rare cases, players may stay overnight in caves or tents. Doing this is not recommended. It's better to get back on the ship before nightfall, rather than set up camp in the arctic wilderness. This will save the player from additional problems that may arise during the overnight stay. It is recommended to visit the ship as often as possible for the following reasons:

  1. It will be harder for traitors to sabotage a ship with the majority of the crew on board.
  2. Collecting supplies on the ship in one place makes it easier to cooperate with other players.
  3. On a ship, it's easier to get quick access to respawn.
  4. The ship is warmer, does not require much fuel to keep warm, and has more amenities than a camp in the Arctic.
  5. The ship has the simplest and most efficient place for cooking.
  6. A ship is easier to move forward with more crew on board.
  7. Weapon access codes are likely to be entered with the entire crew on board

Game win. What is the goal to pursue a peaceful crew

Players should not prioritize finding and destroying all traitors. It should be borne in mind that it is more important to sail on the ship to the very end. It is possible to win a session with living villains and lose with dead ones. Always consider the following principles:

  1. Move the ship forward. This will help boost the morale of the players and make them return to the ship earlier.
  2. Repair your ship immediately. If the vehicle sinks, the game will be lost. Without repair, it slows down and wastes heat when taking on water.
  3. Take care of the crew. If the team dies, the game will be lost. Crew members should always be fed, equipped, and warm. Be sure to pay attention to this.
  4. Enter the arsenal code. The sooner this action is taken, the better. This will make it harder for the player to survive in a critical situation. The armory plays a vital role in repelling traitor attacks and working with nitroglycerin.
  5. Take nitroglycerin. The sooner you go this route, the easier and faster it is to successfully complete the game.
  6. Watch out for nitroglycerin. Wear it when necessary and keep it safe. At this stage of the game, peaceful explorers can easily lose to traitors.
In most cases, the success of the entire campaign depends on the fulfillment of these points. If you can't win, then pay attention to those actions that were performed the least and correct your gameplay in subsequent games.

Negative actions. What not to do in the game

Sometimes players forget about the purpose of the mission and instead of fulfilling their obligations, they make a lot of mistakes. This section lists the most common mistakes that lead to fatal consequences.


Don't just take care of yourself. Eating food, and collecting supplies and equipment just for your hero will not lead to anything good. Single actions are less effective - it is advisable to collect items and return to the ship with them. This is important for the following reasons:

  1. Cooking alone is dangerous and inefficient for the team.
  2. Activating all equipment limits the space in the inventory and does not allow you to collect a lot of supplies at once.
  3. Inspection of boxes without partners reduces the number of valuable resources that the player will have time to take to the ship.
  4. Spending keys on locked chests will not allow crew members to be rescued from prison.
  5. Prolonged absences alone will cause the team to be suspicious of the player.
  6. The character will be vulnerable to the attacks of animals and cannibals, so it will not be difficult for a traitor to get rid of a spree crew member.
  7. Villains with all the equipment collected from the corpse of the hero will become very strong.

Collection of weapons

You don't have to search for weapons. It is enough for the infantryman, the captain, and in the armory. At first glance, this is a very useful activity, but there may be negative consequences:

  1. Crew members will be suspicious of the player.
  2. The team will also want to find weapons instead of collecting needed supplies.
  3. Loss of effective time to detect food, coal, and other useful items.
  4. Traitors will have the opportunity to take possession of weapons after the death of the player.
  5. Lost Keys - Most weapons are located in locked chests.

Playing without a team

In this cooperative game, you won't be able to win alone. The player's actions will appear suspicious when returning to a ship with a small supply of coal and food, especially after a long absence. In a single-player game, the following disadvantages appear:

  1. The player will appear as a traitor in the eyes of other crew members. This makes it difficult to further identify the real enemies.
  2. The character is extremely vulnerable to the attacks of animals, cannibals, and traitors.
  3. The player will not have time to form an opinion about other crew members and will not be able to independently determine the villains.

Idleness and excessive gathering

It doesn't matter how much ammo the player managed to accumulate if the team has hungry heroes without weapons and other supplies. It's better to have two heroes with two bullets than one with four. Also, do not sit idle - this reduces the motivation of other players and accelerates the loss of the entire crew.

Bad team. How to fix the current state of affairs in favor of the crew

Useless crew members are just as dangerous as traitors. Both will waste the team's time, interfere with the progress of the ship, and waste resources thoughtlessly. In this case, it is necessary to inform other crew members about the appearance of a bad ally and jointly decide his future fate. To correctly identify a useless crew member, use the instructions:

  1. Identification. Identify a rude or intractable player who does not communicate his actions and future plans. Such crew members often spend long periods of time outside the ship, do not bring supplies, make absurd conclusions, do not participate in assigned tasks, lie about completing an action, do not help in the fight against enemies, and behave stupidly.
  2. Alert. If at least one of the above signs is detected, it is advisable to immediately inform the rest of the team about the stupid player. The crew must know if the cook is not preparing food or the engineer is not bringing coal. Give one warning to such a player. If it doesn't work out, then you need to move on to the next step.
  3. Ultimatum. Forbid the player to perform certain actions and send him to engage in another craft.
  4. Destruction. If the player is wasting valuable time, then it is necessary to kill him. It is better to make such a decision together with the team. After killing another player, be sure to report the cause of his death. Useless crew members are just as dangerous to the team as traitors.

Basic mechanics. How to play Dread Hunger

After becoming familiar with the core gameplay principles, each player is required to delve deeper into heat, food, crafting, and healing. This section contains top tips for all mechanics.

Warmly. How to keep warm in Dread Hunger

To survive in the waters of the Arctic, the crew will have to constantly warm themselves and heat the nearest premises. Use the following tips:

  1. In tents, caves, and other shelters, varying degrees of isolation from the surrounding weather. To obtain the necessary heat, the fuel must be added to the heat source being used, or fire must be set up in these shelters to maintain a suitable temperature.
  2. Outside the ship, use lanterns and fires. The latter also allows you to cook food and avoid hunger.
  3. The temperature in the game is different at night and during the day. At night it is much colder, so try not to risk your life and not go far from the ship.
  4. Wood burners and stoves can be used to provide heat. These items are found on the ship and are also found in various places around the world. Such devices provide a good level of heat. In addition, you can use the oven for cooking.
  5. Always stock up on boards. They will help you survive in an emergency and keep your character warm.

Food. How to eat at Dread Hunger

All crew members need to eat well. The most important principles are listed below:

  1. Raw meat. This food is obtained from the bodies of dead animals. Such meat satisfies very little hunger and must be cooked on a fire or oven before consumption. To fully restore the hunger bar, 4 units of cooked meat are needed.
  2. Fat. Obtained from seals. Can be eaten raw, added to dishes when cooking, and used in crafting items. To fully restore the hunger scale, you need 2 units of the finished dish.
  3. Canned stewed meat. The most nutritious food. Noticeably satisfies hunger and increases heat.
  4. human meat. Can be obtained from the bodies of people. It is not recommended to use raw. It is advisable to pre-cook such meat. Traitors recover more health when eating human meat. Do not eat it often, otherwise, you can become a cannibal. In this case, the meat icon will change to a hand icon - you will occasionally have to use human flesh to survive. Ordinary meals will satisfy hunger less.
  5. Tea. This drink is enough to keep warm, so if necessary, you can make a night outing in a small detachment.

Kraft. How to craft items in Dread Hunger

One of the key mechanics is the frequent production of various items. Below are the most important crafting points:

  1. Most items are crafted at a workbench. It produces weapons and equipment.
  2. Pickaxe is one of the best weapons. In addition, this artifact allows you to climb ice slides.
  3. Using the "Q" key, players can create campfires. This will require 3 wood and 4 stone. In the same way, traitors can create totems on the go. This will require bones.
  4. You must use a stove to cook on the ship. The player can create food, tea, poison and antidote.
  5. Don't forget the traps. They are extremely effective against animals.

Treatment. How to heal a hero in Dread Hunger

There are several ways to restore a character's health. Below are the basic principles of health recovery in the game:

  1. Passive healing. The speed of such recovery depends entirely on the current state of hunger of the hero. The higher the satiety rate, the faster the health will be replenished.
  2. Use Laudanum. Healing tincture can be used immediately without changes. You can also create a special syringe with Laudanum. This will increase the effectiveness of the item.
  3. Characters may get tired. In this case, the hero will fall to his knees and begin to crawl, and rest will be required to recover. You must immediately find a bed or ask other crew members to take it to the camp or to the ship. Beds are highlighted with a blue outline. For instant recovery, you can use a syringe.

Inventory. How to wear items in Dread Hunger

To replenish the crew supply, players can carry any items they find. There are some features of using inventory:

  1. Right mouse button. To quickly move supplies, use the indicated key. This will allow you to quickly switch between different containers, furnaces, and workbenches.
  2. Combination of items. Some items fit into one inventory slot. There are not many such items. Coal is also a unique supply, so each unit of it takes up one free cell.
  3. The weight. It is worth considering the current filling of the hero's inventory. With a large weight, the character's movement speed will be slowed down. In this case, a red bar will be displayed under the inventory, which will signal the excessive weight of the items.
  4. Creating a bag. To increase the amount of supplies carried, it is recommended to craft the appropriate piece of equipment at the workbench. This will greatly increase inventory capacity.

Traitors. How to play as a villain in Dread Hunger

In most cases, hostile characters must perform the same actions as non-combatant crew members. This will keep the positive attitude of other players throughout the game. There are several traits that are unique to traitors:

  1. Bones. This item allows the player to cast spells. To use it, you need to hold down the “Right Mouse Button” and select the appropriate skill using the “Left Mouse Button”. Non-violent players are required to drop such items on the ocean floor. You should not get an artifact when you see other players.
  2. Totems. These items are needed to enhance the spells used. They make loud noises, so they must be hidden from other crew members. To create, you will need three units of wood and one bone.
Villains need to arrange a variety of pranks to prevent the rest of the team from completing their mission. To do this, you can throw away supplies, reduce the operation of the boiler, blow up the ship with a barrel of gunpowder, poison food, and much more. The main thing is not to catch the eye of other players.

Villain Spells

Three spells are available to villains. Below is information about them:

  1. Whiteout (Whiteout). Allows you to generate a blizzard that will significantly impair visibility for all heroes. The draw distance is no more than a meter in front of the character.
  2. Cannibals. Summons a small force of natives. They will attack the selected player.
  3. Ghost walk (Spirit Walk). Grants villains the ability to move around invisible. A great way to quickly hide in a difficult situation.
The villains also have access to special vision. With the help of the "V" key, traitors will be able to see the current location of other heroes and created totems and food on the map.

The actions of a traitor. How to sabotage the crew

Villains must constantly change the situation in the team for the worse. There are several main ways to do this:

  1. Food poisoning. It is necessary to create a poison on a workbench and move it to food. This will spoil the selected food.
  2. Ship explosion. To perform this action, you must add gunpowder to the barrels. Interact with the ignition cover and hide them on the ship.
  3. Stopping the boiler. During the operation of the boiler, it is necessary to add gunpowder.
There are many other ways to defeat traitors in the game. For example, villains can kill other players and use spells to degrade the game.

Basic tips. How to win as a villain

Traitors have extensive opportunities to destroy civilian crew members. This section lists the most important mechanics and tips to help you win the game.


Pay attention to the actions of the second villain. Joint play will expand the current opportunities:

  1. Use spells at the same time. This will increase the blizzard or send a large detachment of cannibals to the players. The combined use of spells is much more effective than a single one.
  2. Try to release your partner from prison. In such a situation, it is necessary to use all possible means to free the ally. This greatly increases the chances of winning.
  3. Build totems. Both players benefit only from their built totems. Don't neglect your charge.


The poisoning mechanic is sure to come in handy for villains. The following are the basic principles for using poison:

  1. Allows you to slow down crew members and weaken them before the battle.
  2. The action activates after a few seconds, instead of immediately, so the player can have time to poison several characters.
  3. It is possible to spoil raw meat before cooking - one item is enough to poison an entire dish.
  4. It is placed in syringes, which can be specially hidden in a conspicuous place or manually injected into the body of a crew member.


It is advisable to have several types of firearms so as not to wait for reloading. This will save a lot of time. The traitor will sometimes have to kill other players on his own, so you need to prepare in advance for all sorts of situations. It is also not recommended to somehow give out the presence of several pistols and muskets in front of other players, otherwise, they may guess about the current role of the character.

high locations

The game world is full of ice mountains. You can climb them with a pickaxe. Use these places to build totems, make gunpowder, and more. This will allow you to hide from the eyes of other players.

Final preparation

At the stage of searching for nitroglycerin at the end of the map, it is much easier for the player to perform treacherous actions. The camp with explosives is very far from the ship. In addition, along the way, you will have to fight with wolves. Here you can find many bodies with useful supplies, workbenches, and furnaces, as well as climb into caves that are only accessible when using the invisibility skill or a pickaxe.

Final stage

After exploding the nitroglycerine and destroying the iceberg, the crew will most likely want to burn all the coal in order to get to the target faster and complete the current mission. At this stage, you will have to act very quickly. Try to kill the helmsman and other gaping crew members. If the players do not have spare coal, it is recommended to throw gunpowder into the cauldron to stop the ship.