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Dune: Spice Wars – 6 genius tips & tricks

 The spice has to flow. You can find out how you can do this as efficiently as possible and dominate in Dune: Spice Wars in our strategy game tips.

Dune: Spice Wars – 6 genius tips & tricks

In our tips guide to Dune: Spice Wars you will learn:

  • What you should pay attention to at the beginning
  • What advantages you get from the agents and the Landsraad
  • How you use sandworms in war

Take care of the Spice supply early on

The eponymous and most important raw material in the Dune galaxy, the Spice, is of immense importance to you. The first missions explain the start of a round and how to break down the spice well, but with the flood of information presented to you by the HUD, it can quickly become a bit overwhelming. Which is why we are giving you a few important tips below.

Boost Spice production at the start of a round - you have a few days to pay your first Spice Tax to the Emperor. So send out your ornithopter and explore the nearest piece of land with a spice field. During the search, you recruit one or two combat units in order to be able to take over the settlement.

Once you have explored the settlement, send out your troops and take it. Then build the spice refinery and the harvester and send them off. Now you can tend to the rest of your burgeoning Spice empire.

If you play as House Atreides, you can peacefully take over settlements . However, you should not use this method in the beginning, as it takes a long time and the first spice tax will come to you quickly. After you've paid the tax, there's still plenty of time to walk the path of the pacifist.

Balance the production of your remaining resources at the same time. So that you can spread quickly, attach importance to stable water production. You supply your conquered settlements with water and prevent uprisings. You get water in smaller amounts from wind traps. On Arrakis there are only large masses of water at the North Pole - you can find this with your ornithopters and you can conquer it with a quick settlement takeover.

Auto exploration makes your life easier

Exploration is the key to prosperity in Dune: Spice Wars. With your ornithopters you can find resource deposits and much more. So that you don't lose track of the increasing number of ornithopters, switch it to auto-reconnaissance. To do this, select an ornithopter and activate the auto-reconnaissance mode in the unit's window on the left.

Agents: research & how to speed it up

The agents in Dune: Spice Wars have a lot to do. Besides spying on the other factions, you can also use them for bonuses on Arrakis or in the Landsraad. In the beginning, there is a lot to be said for Arrakis because with an agent deployed there you unlock the possibility of exploring ruins and other points of interest. This can give you benefits such as accelerated research.

Agents are generated automatically - you just have to wait and you will get more and more agents. The more the game progresses, the more time you need to recruit new agents.

Speaking of research: At the beginning of a game, focus on peaceful research - taking settlements is easy to do and the other factions will not attack you directly. Make sure you progress as quickly as possible in the orange research tree. There you unlock buildings with which you can exploit the special resources on the map.

Tips & tricks for the sandworms

Use the ever-present threat of giant worms against your enemies. They appear not only in your collectors but also in battles. If the battle takes place on a desert surface, a red exclamation mark over your units will warn you of an imminent Sandworm attack. Use this to your advantage.

Retreat most of your units as soon as the warning icon appears. You leave a unit in battle with the enemy. The opponents will now try to destroy the remaining unit as quickly as possible. After a few moments, the sandworm will erupt from the ground and eat your single unit and multiple enemies - defeating even outnumbered enemies.

The Landsraad: With the right politics to victory

Politics plays a big role on Dune. This expresses the game with the Landsraad system. Resolutions are passed there and you can even earn a victory condition over them.

The resolutions can provide strong bonuses, but also hefty penalties for you and your opponents. In order to get this or to point your opponents in the eye, you distribute your votes among the three resolutions offered. If you need a resolution for yourself, you can spend influence to boost your vote.

Since you always have an overview of when the next resolutions will appear and when they will be voted on, you can plan perfectly what you want to do with the resolutions.

For example, there is a resolution that increases the cost of recruiting units. Produce enough units and then try to push through this resolution - this will strengthen your military power and give you an advantage over the other factions. If you're counting on a peaceful victory, this resolution is also perfect for you, as the costs of wars skyrocket.

Save resources for your capital

The longer you play, the more hegemony points you get. These symbolize your control over Arrakis and unlock various things in the game - like the building sites in your capital at 2,000 hegemony points. There you can construct special buildings that give you significant advantages. Caution: The buildings are very expensive - so save resources early on.