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Elden Ring: The best mods for the open world

 In Elden Ring, you can use mods to influence the gameplay a bit. Some make the game easier for you, and others provide even more beautiful pictures. We have listed the most exciting utilities.

Elden Ring: The best mods for the open world

Do you want to simplify your life in the tough Elden Ring a bit or make the game even more beautiful? Then mods could be the solution. The small programs developed and provided by the community provide additional content for the game. In this guide you will learn:

  • What you should generally consider with mods
  • Which mods are worthwhile

Keep in mind that Elden Ring is still relatively new and there aren't that many mods out there yet. Most of these are about the look in general. In the coming weeks and months, however, numerous new programs are likely to be added, which is why we will update the article again and again.

General information about mods in Elden Ring

As with most cross-platform games, Elden Ring only has mods for the PC version. In addition, mods are always programs from the community, which is why there may be errors in the game - it is best to create a backup copy of your current game status.

Important: When using mods in Elden Ring, only play in offline mode as you can be banned in online mode with mods enabled.

Pause the game

Do you miss it as painfully as we do that there is no easy way to pause the Elden Ring?

If installing mods doesn't put you off, you can use the small additional program Pause the Game. In the description text, you will find an explanation for the installation. If everything went well, you can easily pause the open world in offline mode at the push of a button.

99 million runes

In Elden Ring, you need runes for everything! They are the currency of the game. Accordingly, you should have enough of them with you to be able to buy weapons, souvenirs, or armor parts. However, you also have to invest some time to get runes. If you don't feel like grinding, you can cheat a bit - with the mod  Start Game with 99 Million Runes. As the name suggests, you start the game with 99 million runes.

Note, however, that you can only use the mod in Elden Ring in offline mode.

Elden ReShade – HDR FX

This mod focuses - like most mods currently - mainly on the look of Elden Ring. However, Elden ReShade has become the most popular, at least on NexusMods. The additional program ensures that the image becomes more contrasty with a few settings and gets HDR lighting effects.

So far it is still unclear whether you can also use the mod in online mode. While the developer hasn't heard from anyone that he or she has been banned, they can't guarantee it. If you want to use the mod in Elden Ring, it's best to only play with it offline.

PS5 PS4 Controller UI for Elden Ring

If you play the From Software game on your PC with a controller and want to learn the button assignment, the button layout of the Xbox controller will be displayed in the menu by default. Unfortunately, this is not very helpful if you use a DualShock or DualSense controller of the PS4 or PS5 on the PC. With the Mod PS5 PS4 Controller UI for Elden Ring, you will see the Sony controllers in the menu with the appropriate key assignments.

Outlook: Thomas the locomotive as the final boss

Chooo Chooo! At the end of the list, is a small preview of what will soon appear as a mod in Elden Ring. After Skyrim and Resident Evil, you can soon meet Thomas the Tank Engine in From Software's open-world cracker. The mod has not yet been released as the developer is still fine-tuning it. You can see how the locomotive is doing as the final boss in the video: