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Elden Ring guide - how to complete the Nefeli Lux quest chain

 A detailed walkthrough of the entire quest chain, tasks, and missions of Nefeli Lux

Nefeli Lux or simply Nefeli is an NPC in Elden Ring who has another task for you. This is a warrior who can be your companion. By decree of her father, she was ordered to kill and overthrow Godric the Hundred-handed from the throne. Her clothes exactly repeat the set that you will receive if you select a hero as the initial class. She can help you in the battle against Godric the Hundred-Handed (must be summoned). Her summon sign is gold, and it is located just behind the fog leading to the boss area. The Spirit of Nefeli Lux can also be summoned to any battle using Nefeli Lux's War Ashes.

Elden Ring guide - how to complete the Nefeli Lux quest chain

Find Nepheli in the eastern part of Stormveil Castle's heavily guarded courtyard. Talk to her on all topics so that she offers her help in the battle against Godric the Hundred Hands. It's optional, but... Before you go through the golden mist door, look for the summon sign next to it, which can be used to summon Nepheli. Whether you're playing online or offline, you'll still be able to use her summon token. After defeating Godric, she will go to the library of the Round Table. Talk to her and exhaust all dialogue options. She won't move to the Round Table unless you've talked to Gideon Ofnir. Talk to him and re-enter the place of grace. The girl will appear here. In addition, in order for her to appear in the fortress, you need to rest in the place of grace "Godric the Hundred Hands". She will reward you with a weapon talisman.

Elden Ring guide - how to complete the Nefeli Lux quest chain

By completing part of the quest above (or even skipping it), you will be able to continue the quest chain. Meet with Nefeli in the hall of the Round Table Fortress. If you offer her a Seluvis potion when you first meet her in Round Table Keep, she will refuse to accept it. Once she returns to the Round Table Keep from the Albino Village, you can offer her the potion again by talking to Gideon (he is in the library room talking about the bosses) about her desperation.

Elden Ring guide - how to complete the Nefeli Lux quest chain

Chat with mentor Seluvis and get his task. If Seluvis is dead, you will be able to continue the quest by going to the next stage. Find Nefeli in the Albino Village, talk about everything, and defeat the elite Omen Slayer found on the other side of the bridge above her. Return to the Fortress of the Round Table and find Nepheli below. She will stand next to the first wall of fog. Talk to the girl, chat with Gideon Ofnir and ask him about Nefeli.

Elden Ring guide - how to complete the Nefeli Lux quest chain

If you have a potion, then he will offer a choice: give the potion to him so that he decides how to dispose of it, or give it to Nepheli. If you pass the potion to Nefeli, she will stop responding and leave. Then she can be found in the secret room of Seluvis, who turned the girl into a puppet. And even then, you can return to Seluvis to complete her questline.

If you don't have the potion, the quest will progress through the storyline as if you didn't give the girl the potion (for example, you gave it to Gideon). This can happen if Seluvis is dead and the player met Nefeli in the Albino village and killed the Omen Slayer without triggering Seluvis' quest. This can also happen if Seluvis is still alive.

Give the ashes of the Stormhawk King obtained in the waiting chapel to Nepheli, who will be in the Round Table Hold (assuming you didn't give her Seluvis' potion). Switch to Roderica's quest line and go through it until she can upgrade the Soul Ashes before you give Nefeli the Stormhawk King. If you get to Farum Azula, new dialogues will appear with Roderica and Hugh. Talk to continue the quest (despite the fact that they are essentially unrelated).

After completing the previous steps, provided that you did not give Seluvis' potion to Nefeli, you must complete Kenneth Haight's quest before the moment when he goes to Fort Haight. He will say that you need to find a suitable successor who will rule the Graveyard.

Nepheli, Gostok, and Heit can be found in the throne room of Thunder Veil Castle, next to Godric the Hundred-Handed Place of Grace. If they did not appear there, rest in the place of grace "Secluded Chamber" (do not teleport, but go to it). This will solve the problem. Also, before all three characters appear in the throne room, you must defeat Morgott. The quest will continue even if Gostok or Kenneth are dead. You should talk to Gideon about how to help Nefeli get back on her feet and let her come to the throne room. Nefeli will give you a dragon blacksmith stone. You can buy another Dragon Smithing Stone from Gatekeeper Gostok for 20,000 Runes. If he was killed, you can give the bell sphere to the twins from the Fortress, but there will be no blacksmith stone in the assortment!