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Elden Ring guide - how to complete the quest chain of Dee, the Hunter of the Dead

 Step-by-step instructions for Dee's quest chain from the Round Table Fortress

In Elden Ring, Dee is an NPC that players can meet at the very beginning of the game. He has his own, full-fledged side quest chain, which we will cover in this guide. The questline stretches for almost the entire storyline. To complete all the tasks, you will have to run a lot, fight and explore some areas.

You can first meet Dee at the very beginning of the game, in the Thunder Hill Graveyard, west of the village by the Summoning Waters. You will find Dee examining the corpse. Talk to him to start his quest chain. Now you need to do a few things. In short, then:

  1. Speak to Dee at the Thunder Hill Graveyard west of the village by the Summoning Waters or at the Round Table Hold (depending on where he is now).
  2. Get any root of death. The easiest option is the boatman Tibia from the village near the waters of the call.
  3. Chat with Dee at the Round Table Fortress or the Village by the Summoning Waters and accept the offer. A portal will appear on your map that points to the location where you should look for the Beastshrine.
  4. Travel to the Beastshrine and speak with Gurrank. From now on, Dee will become a merchant.
  5. Dee can be summoned in the Black Knife Catacombs.
Elden Ring guide - how to complete the quest chain of Dee, the Hunter of the Dead

After that, you must turn your attention to another character, Fia. She has her own separate, fairly lengthy quest chain, which is also connected to Rennie and Dee. Once you've completed Fii's quest chain, you'll be able to reach the final stages of Dee's quests.

Dee will remain in the Round Table Fortress, where he will remain for the rest of the game or his life. To progress through his quest chain, focus on Fii's quest, which starts after you visit the Altus Plateau. During Fii's questline, she will ask you to find the owner of the old dagger. Agree to do so, and then hand over the dagger to Dee. Revisit this location. Dee won't be there. Head further down the hallway from the blacksmith's location to see Fia, who killed Dee. Search Dee's corpse to get the Bell Orb and the Gemini Set. The bell sphere must be given to the twins in the Fortress so that the goods that Dee sold appeared in their assortment.

As you progress through Fii's questline, you should also keep an eye on Rennie's chain. Around the middle of Rennie's quest chain, after you bring her the treasure, you will receive an overturned Carian figurine, which will allow you to turn over the Carian reading room and get to the Holy Tower of Lyurnia (in the east). At the top of this tower, you will find a Cursed Mark of Death.

Elden Ring guide - how to complete the quest chain of Dee, the Hunter of the Dead

Dee is dead, and you might think that his quest chain is complete. However, it is not! The next step on his quest is to find Dee's twin brother. We are talking about the sorcerer Roger. To find it, go to the Siofra Aqueduct across the upper Siofra River (you need to go down through the crater left after the fall of the celestial body that was held by Radan, the Scourge of the Stars; you need to kill him). In this area, find a staircase that leads to a battle arena with two gargoyles. To the right of the stairs leading to the boss arena, you will find Brother Dee. Talk to him and give the set of Gemini. This will complete the quest.

The last step in this quest chain is to complete Fii's quests. To do this, you need to climb inside the coffin in the pool of the Great Falls in order to get into the Lower Deep Root. Pass through this location to the boss arena at the highest point of the tree (roots). To do this, you need to move along the roots. Once in place, defeat the Fii Champions.

Once you've dealt with Fii's champions, talk to her. She is sitting next to the teleporter. Reject the request. Talk to her alone. Keep talking to her until you can transfer the Cursed Mark of Death. She will hug you even tighter and convey the powerful blessing of the Radiant Canopy. Keep talking on all topics, then re-enter this area (you can sit at the nearest place of grace) and talk to the girl again. Re-enter this area. Fiya will sleep.

Elden Ring guide - how to complete the quest chain of Dee, the Hunter of the Dead

Approach Fiya's body and interact with her to fall into her deathbed sleep. Defeat the Lich Dragon boss Fortisax. After this fight, return to Fie. Approach her corpse and take the healing rune of the Prince of Death. Rest at the nearest place of grace so that Brother Dee appears next to Fia, who will kill the girl. Collect items near Fia to get her armor. Interact with Brother Dee, then re-enter this area. Search the area to collect the Gemini set and get the Inseparable Sword.