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Elden Ring guide - how to complete Kenneth Haight's quest chain

 A detailed walkthrough of the entire quest chain, tasks, and missions of Kenneth Haight

This quest can be obtained early in the game while traveling through the Graveyard. As is the case with many other characters, the chain will be divided into several stages, stretching for most of the game, and will be intertwined with the tasks of other NPCs. Kenneth's quest is quite short and you can complete most of it without leaving the open-world starting location. However, in order to complete it, you will have to fulfill several prerequisites. You will have to get almost to the end of Elden Ring to see the end of the chain. We tell you where to find Kenneth Haight and how to complete his task.

Elden Ring guide - how to complete Kenneth Haight's quest chain

You will meet Kenneth Haight for the first time north of the Misty Forest area, which is in the eastern part of the Graveyard. Follow the road south from the Agil Lake North place of grace, across the bridge, and follow the north road until you see a ruined archway. You will hear cries for help. This is Kenneth Haight, standing at the top of this arch. Climb up and talk to him. He will ask you to release Fort Haight, located on the southern outskirts of the Eastern Graveyard. When you get to this fort, note that there is a ballista above the barricade. There is also a large Pumpkinhead near the entrance and firebomb throwers located behind the main gate. To complete the task, you need to defeat the knight Godric, located on top of the fort. Beware of his attacks as they cause bleeding. Defeating the knight Godric, you will receive the Ashes of War "Bloody Strike" (stand low, smear your blade with your own blood, taking away some health, and then tear the enemy's flesh with a sweeping slash attack). In addition, in this place, you can find one of the two halves of the Dectus medallion, which is hidden in a chest at the top of the tower.

Elden Ring guide - how to complete Kenneth Haight's quest chain

Return to Kenneth, who will reward you with an Erdstal Dagger. In addition, you can swear allegiance to him. If you refuse, you can talk to Kenneth Haight again and choose the positive option. To continue the quest chain, you must agree to the offer. He will say that he wants to meet you at Fort Haight. In this place, he will knight the Extinguished One. If you go directly to Fort Haight and talk to him without advancing further in the storyline, he will say that he cannot knight you until a new ruler for the Graveyard is found. If you don't need the Dragon Smithing Stone or don't plan to complete the Nefeli Lux quest chain, you can kill him at this stage to get the golden seed.

To start the next step, you need to move further in the story. Complete Nefeli Lux's quest until you give her the ashes of the Stormhawk King, which you will receive in the waiting chapel (the third portal in the Four Bell Towers location in the western part of Lake Liurnia). In order to do this, you will also have to complete Roderica's questline until she can upgrade the ashes after the meeting at Storm Hill's hut. After defeating Morgott, the King of Omens, Kenneth Haight, Nepheli, and Gostok will appear in the Storm Veil Throne Room. Talk to Nefeli, who will give you the Dragon Smithing Stone. You can also buy another Dragon Smithing Stone from Gostok's Shop. Also, judging by the Wiki, one of the conditions for continuing the quest may be that the Seluvis potion went to Gideon Ofnir,