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Gartic Phone tip: how does it work? Guide to getting started

Gartic Phone tip: how does it work? Guide to getting started

 A sensation of the moment, Gartic Phone is an ersatz Arabic phone game, playable on PC, smartphones, and tablets, which is a hit with streamers. On this occasion, we offer you some tips for this game in our columns.

A Twitch sensation for a few weeks, Gartic Phone is a cross between the famous Arabic phone game and, fully playable on browser, from 4 to 30 players simultaneously.


To make a good game of Gartic Phone, you must first bring the players together on an app allowing discussion: Discord, Skype, Zoom, etc. Without the help of these tools, a game of Gartic Phone will be much less fun! Once done, the game host can share the game link with others. He can also modify the time allotted to each player in each turn and change the style of the game.

At the start, each player in the room must describe a situation or something that comes to mind. It is recommended however to use something that everyone in the room can understand, at the risk of losing one of the players in an inside joke.


After your first turn, you will need to draw what another player wrote on their first turn. However, you will still have a little more time to draw than to describe! Again, you will need to describe what another player has drawn. Your objective will then be to repeat these actions until the end of the game, once each player has passed with all the others.

At the end of the game, you will be able to see the result of each situation, and how far they have... deviated from the initial sentence. You can also save everything as a .gif file to share on social networks.