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Guide Elden Ring - how to complete the Patchwork quest chain

 A detailed walkthrough of the quest chain, tasks, and missions Patch

Patchwork is a merchant, NPC, and boss in Elden Ring. This is a recurring character that appears throughout From Software games, usually playing the role of a liar or a traitor. He can be found in the Dirty Cave of Zagrave. This is an optional boss, as you don't need to defeat him to progress through the storyline. During the fight, when Patch's health drops to a minimum, he will say that he is ready to surrender. If you accept his surrender, then Patchwork's shop will open in the Dirty Cave (after a while). Patch can be found at the very end of the Dirty Cave, after the destruction of the robbers. To start the fight, you need to open the chest.

Guide Elden Ring - how to complete the Patchwork quest chain

Patch will give up when his health is between a quarter and a half of his maximum. In order to continue his quest chain, it is important to spare Patchworker. Also, at this point, you will receive the "Pray for Mercy" gesture. Forgive him or not, Patchwork will offer to return to him later when he opens his shop in the Dirty Cave. A new chest will appear that you can ask him about. When you open the chest, you will find a trap left by Patchpaw, which teleports you to the Misty Forest Ruins.

If you have already joined Vulkane Manor, skip some steps and take the quest from the Manor itself. If you have forgiven Patchwork, he will leave the Dirty Cave and set up camp at the place of grace "Scenic Island". It is a raised island in the southern part of the marshes of Lake Liurnia, north of Zamogilje.

Guide Elden Ring - how to complete the Patchwork quest chain

After meeting him in Lake Liurnia, you will receive Patchwork's recommendation to let the thief of virgins capture you. The Virgin Thief is located at the base of the water wheel in the center of the Raya Lukaria Academy dungeon. However, Patchwork does not change himself, therefore, instead of teleporting to Erdtree, the Virgin Thief teleports the player to the fiery halls of the Inquisition in Vulcan Manor. You will not be able to leave this place until you reach and rest at some place of grace. Ironically, this brings the Extinguished One closer to his goal. This is one of the possible ways to get to the Altus Plateau!

When you appear on Mount Gelmir, Patchwork will move to another place. I'm not sure if it's enough for you to get to the Altus Plateau for Patchwork to move to another point. You can find Patchworker hiding on Mount Gelmir, not far from the cliff to the west of the first camp in this location. He will leave a message on the ground and a trail of multi-colored rainbow stones, with the help of which Patchwork lures the main character to the cliff. If you talk to him, he will say that he is not doing anything suspicious. When you follow the trail of rainbow stones he left to the edge of the cliff, a cut-scene will play in which Patchwork will push you off the cliff, stating that you will never make it to Vulcan Manor. To be more precise, you need to move from the message left by Patchwork behind the insane Pumpkinhead to the first red glowing stone. From there, go to the second glowing stone. Jump down (but not off the cliff) in the direction of the third glowing stone and look to the southeast. You should see Patchwork.

Guide Elden Ring - how to complete the Patchwork quest chain

After that, you will be able to meet Patches inside Vulcan Manor, in the corridor north of the place of grace. In Vulcan Manor, Patchwork will have another quest chain. After completing one of Lady Tanith's assassination requests, you will be able to speak with Patchworker to receive his letter. When you return to him after killing the target, he will mention that he informed Lady Tanith of the mission. Go back to talk to him (re-enter the location). He will grudgingly reward you with a Magma Candlestick. Patchwork will leave Vulcan Manor after you kill the main boss of the location, Serpent, Eater of Gods.

You can then find Patchwork in the Shadow Castle before the boss Elemer of the Thorns. He will give you the dancer's castanets. If you hit him now, he will die (regardless of the amount of damage) and drop his items. The dancer's castanets can be given to Lady Tanith. Apparently, it doesn't affect anything. If you do not kill Patchwork and re-enter the location, he will disappear. By the way, if you do not attack Patchwork, he will pretend to be dead. But it won't drop the bell sphere!

Guide Elden Ring - how to complete the Patchwork quest chain

Again, Patchwork has you wrapped around his finger. He returned to the Dirty Cave. Go there to see Patchwork in the usual place. When you enter the adit, where he was before, you will again see a foggy curtain. Follow through it and interact with the chest. Patchwork will attack the hero again, but after a few moments, he will recognize you and stop fighting. If you don't attack him, he will show you the new Sit Like Patchwork gesture.

If you return to the Dirty Cave again, Patchworker will open his trading post again. You will be able to access his shop and the range of products he has previously sold. However, he doesn't have anything new. This seems to be the official end of Patchwork's questline.