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Guide for beginners Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga. How to farm coins, explore locations and get new heroes


Guide for beginners Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga. How to farm coins, explore locations and get new heroes

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is an adventure game set in a popular futuristic universe. The plot of the project will introduce you to the history of nine episodes of the saga, for the passage of which hundreds of famous characters are available. In this beginner's guide, we will cover the most important moments of a game project.

How to quickly earn hairpin coins. What items to break

The player can smash almost anything to get hairpin coins. After their appearance, you must immediately collect the dropped money. Try to do this very quickly, as they will disappear after a short period of time.

There are several types of round Lego plates of different values available in the game:

  1. Silver - 10 coins.
  2. Gold - 100 coins.
  3. Blue - 1000 coins.
  4. Purple - 10,000 coins.

There is an end goal when collecting coins in missions. The player needs to complete all three bars at the top of the screen and reach the current level's True Jedi status by opening three Kyber Bricks to receive upgrades to the hero class.

Hairpin coins are also used to purchase characters, ships, and other unlockable items. Try not to skip them, as this will directly affect the leveling of your heroes.

Collecting coins after death. How not to lose all the money and enable safe resurrection

After the death of the hero from an enemy attack or falling into the abyss, the player will lose some of the previously accumulated coins. In this case, the character model will explode and a certain amount of money will fall out of it. Once the character is revived, the player will have a short amount of time to collect the lost coins. If this is not done, then they will disappear forever.

Players should be wary of bright red items, as they will explode when damaged. At first glance, it may seem that coins fell out of them. This is not the case - most studs will be thrown out of the player's savings. Shoot such items from a safe distance to protect yourself and not lose the collected money.

There is an opportunity to protect yourself a little by getting into dangerous zones. You can go to the settings and in the "Management" section enable the Fall Recovery function. When enabled, the character will appear in a safe position without losing a single coin in the process of jumping on the platforms.

Various attacks. How to use combos, break through blocks and perform counters

In battles with enemies, players will use the most common attack more often. It is also recommended to use heavy strikes and jump attacks. For long combinations made up of these techniques, the hero will receive bonuses.

On the right side of the screen, a scale is displayed that will tell you about the current state of the beats. When it ends, the combination will be reset. To maintain the timer scale, it is enough to land one hit and increase the current multiplier.

When attacking, a message may appear on the screen about blocking the attack by the enemy (Blocked!). This means that the opponent successfully manages to beat off the player's moves. In this case, it is necessary to use different attacks to break through the opponent's defenses.

When an exclamation mark appears on a red background, the player needs to press the Counter button. This will allow not only to block the enemy’s attack but also to inflict heavy retaliatory damage on him.

Exploring the surroundings. How to search for rewards

Many of the levels presented in the game have several branches. The player will have to make a decision about the way forward. Having reached such points, it is desirable to go as far forward as possible and assess the current situation.

A dead-end that catches your eye can hide useful rewards. Pay attention to the need to collect items. If there is a choice to create something from the details, then before performing this action, you must definitely study the surroundings. This will allow you to find all kinds of paths and not be afraid to miss them.

You can use one of these builds before destroying it to restore another item. This will help you not get hung up on one solution and provide some variability in actions.

Ability improvement. How to upgrade skills in the game

It is recommended to upgrade the hero's skills as soon as possible. You need to do this in the holoprojector - you will have to spend coins and kyber bricks collected earlier on the levels.

First of all, you need to focus on the main improvements at the very top of the window and work your way down the skill tree. It is recommended that you first open the first row before moving on to the second and third. After pumping all three skills in the first line, you must definitely open the ability to collect money. This will allow you to find coins much more efficiently and detect rare collectibles nearby.

From now on, it is desirable to move on to the unique skills of each class. For example, a bounty hunter will be able to get extra money after killing enemies, and a protocol droid will be able to earn hairpin coins for transferring. Don't forget about leveling up these abilities - they will definitely come in handy in the game.

Characters. How to unlock new heroes and combine their abilities

Each character type has unique skills. The player can independently switch between several heroes at any time during the game. This will help you combine attacks and solve various puzzles in missions. Jedi and Sith can use their force to move a variety of objects, droids can translate other languages, and heroes can activate stealth and bypass opponents in stealth.

Throughout the game, new characters will be unlocked. To do this, you must complete the levels. Some heroes can be unlocked for the in-game currency - coins. When choosing any character in the menu, the player will be able to see its cost. It is not recommended to spend money on rumors about heroes. Most of them can be opened in the process of completing story or additional tasks.

Data cards. What are you for and how to use

Data cards allow you to get additional game benefits after unlocking. For example, users will be able to collect more coins, open a partner in battle, or turn on funny effects. It should be borne in mind that the acquisition of such improvements requires a large amount of money. In addition, you need to get a collectible card. It is recommended that you first buy a bonus to receive additional coins, before spending all the accumulated money on other, less useful improvements.

Communication. How to unlock rumors

Some neutral heroes have special icons with the letter "i" above their heads. After talking with such characters, the player will receive additional information and be able to activate side missions. In addition, such NPCs can provide rumors of a variety of collectibles that previously would have had to be paid for with coins.

It should be borne in mind that there are no restrictions on the number of simultaneous active tasks in the game, so talk to each character and activate all quests at once.

Holoprojector. How to find statistics by levels

In the level tab on the holoprojector, the player can see the number of collectibles found and completed quests. Do not worry about completing all the tasks during the first playthrough - many levels will require the user to have special characters and abilities. These tasks can be completed later in the free play mode.

If you need to find a specific collectible item, you can purchase a rumor that will tell you the right direction to the item. After getting detailed information (a blue entry in the list will be displayed), the player will be able to track the item. In this case, a marker is placed to help the user focus on completing that task while exploring locations.

Galaxy game. How to return to old missions and get collectibles

Galaxy Free Play is unlocked for every mission after completing this episode. It allows you to return to the same tasks to complete all the quests and find the missing items. Keep in mind that this mode will only allow you to use standard heroes.

Visiting planets. How to explore space

During the game, you will have to move from one planet to another. Each such location has a separate space zone to explore. Do not neglect the study of such areas and carefully examine the available locations.

The player will be able to destroy kyber comets to get coins and kyber bricks. You can join space battles and get some money. It is also recommended to participate in time trials. When you receive a gold medal, you can unlock new characters and ships.