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Guide to all the challenges in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

 A detailed description of all the challenges in each level of the game - from the first to the ninth episodes

Each episode of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga consists of five main missions, and in each of these missions you can complete three challenges. Often these challenges are not so obvious, and therefore you will need any help to complete them. We are ready to provide it!

Episode 1

The fish is bigger

  • Just a plague. Dodge 3 Sea Assassin Opie attacks in a row. Opie's killer is a giant fish that you have to hide from. You can enable auto-assistance in the game settings to perform automatic dodges. However, even without this, you should be able to handle the challenge without any problems. Just press at the right time on the key that pops up on the screen.
  • Dodge him. Defeat the Sea Assassin Opie without taking any damage. use auto assist or dodge Opie's assassin's attacks by yourself using CTRL and ALT. You need to hold out until the moment when Opie has no more than 25% of his total health. Once that happens, she will be devoured by a much larger creature. If you suddenly get damaged, reload the level and try again.
  • Squirrel Kolo. Dodge 3 Kolo Clawfish attacks in a row. This is another giant fish swimming in the pond. And again, you need to evade her attacks. Right before the attack, you will see several "red lightning bolts" appearing above the enemy's head. Dodge attacks by pressing the keys that pop up on the screen. At some point, when Colo has about 25% of her total health points left, she will be eaten by a huge creature.

Bunta Yves Classic

  • Swallow the dust! Beat the fastest lap time (75 seconds). Pretty simple task. Use all the accelerating platforms you can see. Try not to crash. It is better to slow down to enter the turn.
  • It's Skywalker! Use the overpass on the third circle. We are talking about the middle of the track, where there is an accelerating platform on the right, which is fenced by barricades by default. You could take down the barricades before, but it is important to get on the platform at least on the third lap. The desired location is shown in the screenshot below:
Bunta Yves Classic

  • Overtaking. Take advantage of three booster platforms in one lap. We are talking about platforms with blue arrows that speed up your racing vehicles. Make sure you hit three of these platforms within the same lap. Optional on three platforms in a row! Some can be skipped.

Best Call Maul

  • Fine grinding. Defeat Darth Maul in less than ten minutes. By itself, this level is quite short, so problems should not arise. Do not focus on exploring locations, do not look for secrets. Complete the level as quickly as possible for the first time.
  • Power reception. Use a Force push to push five droids off the overpass. On one of the sites, on the side you will find a platform with five musician droids. Use the Force against them to push everyone out of the way. The desired location is shown in the screenshot below:
Best Call Maul

  • Everything is in your favor. Use the Force to bypass an electrical device. As soon as you find yourself in front of a section of the path with an electrified pit (Darth Maul will destroy the bridge), do not rush to jump forward on separate poles. Instead, use the Force to place a white block on top. Use it on the platform so you can jump over to the other side. The block is shown in the screenshot below:
Best Call Maul

Mal, da gungan

  • Boom jackal! Destroy all AAT-1 hover tanks. Toward the end of the level, you will control a Gungan siege weapon (catapult). Use it to destroy ALL visible AAT-1 tanks in the area. On the screen will be droids and transport equipment. So you need to destroy all the transport, and after that proceed to the droids.
  • Don't lose your head! Shoot off the heads of the three battle droids. Use any character's firearms, aim accurately at the heads of the white droids, and shoot. This will cause the heads to fly away from the body. If it doesn't work, try to aim a little lower, in the neck area.
  • It will hurt! Destroy 300 battle droids with a single boom. After any shot from a siege weapon (catapult) you will see information on the screen with the number of damaged droids or tanks. Make sure you destroy 300 droids at once. Don't worry, we're not talking about 300 individual droids on screen. There, each droid counts as several at once. Try to shoot so that you hit the center between the four squads of droids, forming a square.

It's cooler than kart racing

  • Virtuoso. Shoot down three Vulture Droids within five seconds. Sounds more complicated than it really is. Use the crosshairs on the screen and shoot the enemy vulture droids. Pick a moment when 4-5 droids are visible on the screen. In this case, you will have time to kill three of them in five seconds (or even more).
  • Spin around? And this is an idea. Wait until the vulture droid is aiming at you. After that, a tooltip will appear on the screen, indicating the keys to be pressed. You must simultaneously press the left CTRL and ALT to make the fighter make a full turn. Repeat the steps three times and after that complete the main objectives of the task!
  • Hooray! Destroy the droid control ship without being defeated. It's simple - destroy a huge ship without ever blowing up your own fighter. Use dodges and shoot at weak spots on the ship.

Episode 2

Fun with Wessel

  • The Jedi need insurance. Deal damage to over 70,000 pieces. During the passage of the level, you need to destroy as many objects scattered around as possible. Try to collect the required number of parts before the chapter ends. There are many details in the pillars shown in the screenshot below:
Fun with Wessel

  • The best pilot in the galaxy. Defeat Zam Vessel without damaging any buildings. You can neither shoot nor crash into any buildings located on the sides. Stay away from them and you won't have any problems.
  • This is the shortest way. Catch up and defeat Zam Wessel in four minutes. Focus on shooting Zam Wessel. Don't waste time exploring the level, admiring the scenery, collecting parts or looking for mini-kits. You will deal with this later, but for now - the main goal of the test!

Looking for Django

  • Aileron butterfly. Evade the homing missile three times by doing a barrel roll. As soon as you notice that a guided missile is flying in your direction, tooltips with the CTRL and ALT keys should appear on the screen. Click on them at the same time to perform a "barrel" and dodge projectiles. Please note that this must be done before completing the main objectives of the task. So be patient and wait for the homing missiles to launch at you three times.
  • Charge. Complete a level without being hit by a seismic charge. Jango Fett will sometimes drop seismic charges on you. Keep a safe distance from them or dodge during the explosion. If you take damage, you will have to restart the level.
  • Flying is for droids. Fly through the tunnel in the largest asteroid without crashing. Find the largest asteroid on the map. When you fly inside it, your fighter will slow down, the lights will turn on. Fly through it and get to the other side without crashing into anything.

Trouble at the Droid Factory

  • Don't slow down. Find a way to save Padme in thirty seconds. As soon as Padme needs help near the end of the chapter, switch to the droid R2-D2. Move forward without being distracted by enemies. Go to the end of the bridge and jump over to the other side, grabbing the rope on the crossbar. Hack the terminal as soon as possible with a simple puzzle.
  • Drone manipulator. Make the Geonosians fight with Jedi tricks. Use the power of influence on the Geonosian soldier. After you take control of it, attack another Geonosian soldier.
  • Skip past the danger. Find a shortcut over the conveyor belt. At the end of the conveyor line with lowering and ascending presses, you need to climb the last block (press) that will take you to the top. Use the rope shown in the screenshot below:
Trouble at the Droid Factory

Panic at Petranaki

  • Everything is in their heads! Use the Force to cause a Nexa, Rick, or Aklay to deal damage to another creature. Control the mind of any of these monsters. Use it to attack another creature.
  • Fight in the arena. Trample 20 droids while controlling rick. Once you've dealt with three enemies and can control Mace Windu, use mind control and mount Rick. Run around the arena and destroy all the droids you see (large and small).
  • Return of the gift. Use the Force to hit an enemy with one of Jango's missiles. You can catch one of Jango Fetta's missiles with your Force. When you do this, throw a rocket at any enemy located in the arena.

Jedi battle

  • Dark side. Catch up with Dooku in five minutes. Hurry up and complete this level without being distracted by anything. Don't waste time exploring locations, searching for parts or mini-kits. You will deal with all this in another run, but for now, focus on the main goal - to complete the level in five minutes or less. In principle, there is nothing complicated about this.
  • Electrofly swatter. Wait for the electric flycatcher to clear the cave of Geonosian warriors. When you pass through the gloomy tunnel, find three LEGO boxes near the closed gate. Destroy them. Now you can build two different things. In our case, select a light trap to complete the test.
  • Coercion by the Force. Use the Force to defeat the Geonosian warrior and battle droid. You need to use the Force to knock the enemy out of the arena, or to pick up a large block and throw it at the enemy. You are asked to kill two different opponents. Pay attention to this and do not forget to do a trick with each of the enemies.

Episode 3

Passed out

  • Beep-bop, reinforcements! Activate a friendly turret droid. Blow up the door on the left side, at the very beginning of the level, using a grenade. Use the protocol droid to activate the console in the room behind the blown door. This is how you complete this test.
  • Civil War. Defeat an enemy droid with another droid. Use the protocol droid on the droideka control console. We are talking about droids with turrets, which are able to roll like porcupines. After taking control of one droideka, destroy the other. Or deal with a regular droid.
  • Beware of wet floors! Destroy the droideka like a real bastard. Choose a character of the "Scoundrel" class. For example, it could be Chewbacca or Han Solo. Find a droideka in the level and destroy its shield. After that, use the quick fire skill of the Scoundrel class to hit the red explosive block. Aim at the purple dot located on the right side. It is enough to destroy at least one droideka in this way.

How impolite

  • Droid attack. Defeat 5 Battle Droids, 4 MagnaGuards and 5 Super Battle Droids without dying. Choose any character or class that you are used to fighting. Kill all the droids on the list without dying once. If there are few health points, it is best to run back and wait a bit, or switch to another character.
  • Stealth attack. General Grievous is waiting for you upstairs. When Grievous goes upstairs and will be waiting for you on a long bridge under the ceiling, find a golden box with a ladder. To get to it, you need to climb the stairs located outside, next to the units of clone wars and droids. Shoot this golden box while controlling a Bounty Hunter class character and climb the bridge to Grievous.
  • Very impolite. Defeat 2 MagnaGuards with a blaster. There will be several MagnaGuards in this level. Just take a moment to switch to a character with a blaster and finish off those two enemies. Only a blaster is suitable - not any ranged weapon!

Wookiee droid attack

  • Force impact. Defeat an enemy clone by taking control of another clone with the Force. Use the power of the Jedi and select the "Influence" option to take control of the mind of an enemy clone trooper. Use it to kill another clone trooper.
  • Regular passenger. Get to the capsule using an alternate route. The task can be quite difficult. Use the Scoundrel class (Han Solo or Chewbacca) to shoot the torch on high ground. Then use the Jedi skill to run up the wall. Climb up using the giant block and jump into the hollow of the big tree. Use the rope to get down to the escape pod, shortening the path.
  • In our way, in Kashyyyk! Use the AT-RT walker to defeat three clone troopers and an enemy AT-RT. Use the AT-RT walker to kill a few enemy units. During the passage of the level, you will definitely encounter one free walker (without an enemy pilot).

Conflict in the Senate

  • A dazzling sight. Use the lighting to blind Palpatine. Use the skill of the Scoundrel character to shoot the electrical panels on the walls and ceiling. Refer to the screenshot below:
Conflict in the Senate

  • The latest technology. Drop the droid on Palpatine's head. Pull down the wall lever to open a hole in the ceiling of the room. As a result of this action, a droid will fall on Palpatine's head.
  • Return to the Senator. Interrupt Palpatine's Force lightning circle attack by reflecting the lightning back at him. Use the block key to catch the lightning and redirect it to Palpatine.


  • Get the cake! Use the Force to throw the cake cart at Anakin. Grab the cake cart with the Force and throw it at Anakin.
  • Secret entry. Take an alternate route to Anakin. When you defeat Anakin for the first time, turn right past the bridge while Anakin is chasing you. Then follow the golden markers.
  • Expanding horizons. Use the vents to damage Anakin. Use the R2-D2 droid to solve the puzzle and open the steam valve while Anakin is standing on it. Don't worry, when you start hacking the terminal, Anakin will stand still and wait for damage.

Episode 4

Boarding team

  • Sometimes I surprise myself. Defeat the enemy with an explosive canister. Shoot the red explosive canister so that the explosion will kill the enemy soldier.
  • I propose a new strategy. Defeat a stormtrooper with his own weapon. Open the imperial box next to the large room where the radio transmission is taking place. Use the weapon found inside to kill one of the stormtroopers. The box is in this location:
Boarding team

  • Full vacuum. Throw stormtroopers into space. Get rid of the fire in the passage on the right side. After that, go to the end and solve the puzzle to open the hatch and drop the enemy troops from the next room into space.

Old trough

  • An absolute bastard. Use the surrounding objects to defeat the stormtroopers. Choose a character of the class "Bastard" (Chewbacca, any Wookiee or, for example, Han Solo). Use his Quick Shot skill to aim at the purple mark and hit the block above the hangar gate. Thanks to this, you can block them.
Old trough

  • Don't ask! Defeat three stormtroopers with hidden turrets. Jump on the small brown GNK droids and stand in the appropriately shaped and sized slots to activate the turret next to the Millennium Falcon. Use these turrets to kill at least three stormtroopers.
  • Chewie, let's go! Find different ways to cut off stormtroopers from reinforcements. Find three different spots where you can use R2-D2 skills to block stormtrooper reinforcements. The first place is in open space. Just walk up and interact with him. The second is up the stairs. Climb up there with Luke and kill the enemies to help R2-D2 get to the console. The third position is on the second floor. Use the elevator to get there and solve the last puzzle.
Old trough

Old trough

Old trough


  • Okay, I'm already tired of it. Break the control panel to sever the link with the Imperial Captain. Break the console panel in the prison block meeting room. This is a room where several Imperials are standing. You won't confuse it with anything.
  • Minor weapon issues. Deal with the prison guards like a real scoundrel. Use a quick shot of any Scoundrel class character to hit the lamps hanging under the ceiling of the cell block. As a result of these actions, the lamps will fall down, an explosion will occur and several guards will be killed by electricity.

  • You won't need a weapon here. Make your way through the first floor without letting yourself be discovered. Follow the yellow markers, from one to the other. Don't shoot anyone, don't destroy anything. In general, do everything not to arouse suspicion. Don't do anything that could injure your opponents. After descending the elevator, the test will be completed.

Oh, and lifeguards.

  • Exactly. Find a less civilized way to help Luke and Leia. Shoot the big red button above the door to open it and let Luca and Leia through.
  • Good luck. Find an alternative way to cross the chasm and escape the stormtroopers. Once you have Luke and Leia under your control, switch to any Bounty Hunter class character to open the golden doors at the back of the room. The astromech needs to open the next door.
  • Special assignment. Find the secret room on the Death Star. The hidden room should be found after you run into the first Imperial officer who will escape with the pass card. Use a Bounty Hunter class character to open the door.

Aim Better

  • Skillful maneuvering. Perform a loop three times to knock off Darth Vader's aim. You have done this task before. Wait for homing missiles to fly at you. Then a hint will appear on the screen, and you will need to press CTRL and ALT at the same time on the left side of the keyboard.
  • Do you have insurance? Destroy ten turrets while flying down the chute. Climb a little higher to be in the best position for firing at the turrets. Destroy ten turrets to complete the challenge.
  • You can't straighten something like that... Deal serious damage to Darth Vader's ship. Locate Vader's starship in outer space and fire at it until a challenge completion message appears.

Episode 5

Even to the end of the world

  • Don't get caught by the droid! Shoot down five flying recon droids without being seen by them. Shoot all the scout droids and don't let them get away. At the same time, keep a safe distance so that they cannot detect you. In principle, their detection area is quite small. You can see it by the red sector pointing in the direction they are facing.
  • Disperse the scouts. Shoot down one flying recon droid without letting it see you. Basically, you will complete this task along with the test described above. If there are five scout droids to kill, then in this case, just one. So there is nothing complicated here.
  • Stylish descent. Find all five ziplines and use them. Three ziplines will appear the moment you activate each of the three towers. Another zipline is located where you will find a cannon to shoot ice blocks. Slide down it and look for the fifth zipline leading to the very bottom. Use all ziplines before leaving the location and entering the cave (after activating the three towers).

Echo base attack

  • Undercut AT-AT. Fly between the legs of AT-AT. Wait until the AT-AT four-legged walker is in one place. At this point, follow between his front and hind legs. Nothing complicated!
  • Dude! Drop the AT-AT to the ground without breaking the cable. You just need to tie one AT-AT so that the cable does not break and the walker falls to the ground. It's pretty simple. Fly around the AT-AT and don't crash into it. Also, don't fly too far.
  • Outcasts, battle formation! Complete a level without being defeated. The task is very clear. And if you die, you have to reload the level and try again.

Don't talk about chances

  • Avoiding asteroids. Don't hit the asteroids while chasing in the asteroid field. As you fly the Millennium Falcon, make sure you avoid any asteroids and space objects. If you suddenly crash, try again by restarting the level.
  • The strength of protons. Destroy five TIE fighters with proton torpedoes. When you fight near large enemy spaceships, use torpedoes (which you launch into cannons) on regular enemy fighters. You need to capture the target in the crosshairs and, when a hint appears, press the appropriate key. Don't destroy all the antennas and cannons before you complete the challenge!
  • Evasion Maneuver! Complete the Star Destroyer Encounter without dying. Don't die during this mission. If you fail, try again by restarting the level.

hibernation station

  • Do you want to do this move? Build something to distract the stormtroopers. Destroy two blocks with the Empire logo. Build a Dejarik board to distract the stormtroopers.
  • What do we have here? Find and loot the Imperial weapons cache as a disguised rebel. Use a quick shot of any Scoundrel class character (Chewbacca, any Wookiee, Han Solo) to destroy the shield generators. Kill enemy stormtroopers and collect their equipment by switching to any Rebel character. Open the Empire weapon box.
  • Surprise! Activate the hidden landing pad defense systems. At the end of the mission, you need to defend the Millennium Falcon. Find a brown droid on the side that you can jump on. Do so and stand in a slot that is suitable in shape and size to activate the turret. She will shoot all stormtroopers that are moving in your direction.


  • Tactile feedback. Use the Force to throw three different objects at Darth Vader. When you fight Darth Vader, use the power of the Jedi to throw various objects at him from the sides. You need to throw three such objects for the test to count.
  • Very impressive. Complete the level in less than ten minutes. Don't waste time looting or looking for collectibles. Follow the main story markers to complete the level as soon as possible.
  • Oppressor. Find all the Ugnaughts hiding on the level. Once Darth Vader is gone, smash the junk near the round tunnels and use R2-D2 on the control panel. Go into the tunnel on the left to find three creatures at the very bottom. Keep going through the level. When you're outside and see a wall that Luke can run over, use R2-D2 to lower the bridge pieces instead. On one of them there will be two creatures. Hit them to make them run away. In the dark corridor where you need to find Darth Vader, do not open the far right door. Before that, be sure to search the room in the far left corner (opposite) to see those very creatures playing Dejarik.

Episode 6

Plan to save Khan

  • Don't ruin the operation. Pass the lot behind Leia and Chewbacca without drawing attention. You need to go through the first part of the task so that no one suspects either Leia or Chewbacca. So do not attack anyone and do not destroy anything unnecessarily.
  • The fate of the droids Find out about the fate of R2-D2 and C-3PO at Dabba's Palace. Find a corridor with enemy guards with a dumpster. There should be a blocked window in the next room on the left side. Look into it to complete the task.
  • Rancor under the door. Pick up and throw five items at the rancor using the Force. When you fight the rancor, first run away from him, grab various objects with the power of the Jedi and throw them at the boss. You need to throw five items, and then the test will be passed.


  • Boba Fett without missiles! Destroy one of Boba Fett's missiles while it's in the air. When Boba Fett is flying outside the ship, use the turret. Wait for him to launch a rocket at you and shoot it while it flies in your direction.
  • Liked? Hit Boba Fett by parrying his own shot. The test failed. We'll update the content later. If you know something, write it in the comments.
  • Cool hit. Throw your lightsaber and hit Boba Fett while he's in the air. When Boba Fett flies from place to place, throw your lightsaber at him, as you learned to do earlier (through aiming RMB). Do it before you defeat him.

Endor's Limit

  • Get it right! Fly between the legs of AT-AT. When you move on a motorcycle through the forest, you will meet 2-3 AT-AT. Fly between the front and back legs of this walker to complete the challenge.
  • cabal. Make the scouts fight each other with the help of Jedi tricks. Choose any Jedi. Use the Jedi Force and select Panic to attack the Imperial Scout. Make sure the scout will attack troops of the same type.
  • Unsafe place. Deal damage to scout troopers by overloading the generator. Follow the scouts and wait for them to approach the generator. Attack the generator to make it explode. It is important to make sure that at least one enemy is affected by the explosion.

Chewbacca Defense

  • Ewok'n'roll. Fire your AT-ST at unstable rocks to defeat the stormtroopers. Get into the AT-ST located on the way to the target. Wait for rocks to fall to the right behind the enemy AT-ST and shoot them.
  • Helmet installation. During the first sniping section, headshot three Stormtroopers. Simply land three headshots to knock the helmets off your opponents' heads as usual.
  • Undercut. Use the log trap against the AT-ST. Build an Ewok Horn to advance. Kill enemy stormtroopers and build a turret. Use the turret to shoot the logs (instead of the AT-ST).

Fulfill the destined

  • I won't fight you. Get past Vader without being discovered. Just go to the center of the throne room without getting into Vader's line of sight.
  • Let the hate flow. Deal damage to Palpatine's guard by exposing him to one of the attacks. Palpatine's bodyguards will appear in the room. They can perform spin attacks or make long dashes forward. You need one of the guards to hit the other using one of their attacks. Or substitute the guard under Palpatine's attack.
  • There is no fight. Find the Imperial Weapons Crate and use its contents. The container you need is on the left side of the elevator from which Palpatine's guards emerge.

Episode 7

First of all, the Order

  • Dangerous environment. Defeat enemies using dangerous objects in the hangar. Defeat enemies using dangerous objects in the hangar. At the very end of the level, when you are fighting enemies, shoot at one of the two white targets. One target will cause the walker to fall into a pit, while the other will open a pit into which stormtroopers will fall. You just need to open one of these pits.
  • It's time to have fun! Start disco! Destroy the right pile of junk in the corner of the room where you are asked to distract the Imperials or disguise yourself. Assemble a panel from the parts to be hacked. Use Poe Dameron to hack, thanks to which you will open a disco ball that will distract the attention of the soldiers.
  • Secret passage. Find a secret path below deck to the hangar. Find the broken door that the stormtrooper is trying to fix. Blow up the scaffolding with the stormtrooper using the grenade and enter the room. Place three colored blocks on the panel. Go to the door, which you will open with the help of the panel. Fall down and move through the pipes. Climb up the stairs to complete the secret path.

low-flying trough

  • And I'm good at it. Defeat 3 TIE Fighters within 5 seconds. Everything is quite simple: when you fly, try to quickly shoot three fighters.
  • Can you go even lower? Win or lose by flying through the wreckage in the ship graveyard. Make sure you're being followed by any TIE fighter and try to escape by flying through some junk (large cylindrical blocks will do) in the ship graveyard.
  • Difficult without a co-pilot! Dodge an enemy shot or missile. Use CTRL and ALT to dodge enemy shots. Do this before destroying the outer skin of the Star Destroyer.

Duet is good, solo is better

  • Advantage. Find a way to the observation post. Use the droid R2-D2 to open the door, which turned out to be locked after the monster raftar dragged a couple of mercenaries inside. Follow this route, guided by the yellow plot markers. So you get to the observation post and find yourself in the upper part of the room.
  • A trick against the raftar. Defeat the second rafter standing in the way instead of bypassing it. Use the Blaster Crusher as Rey. Use it to shoot at the cracked panel located above the raftar stuck in the floor.
  • Turret capture. Grab the turret from below. As for this challenge, when you find yourself in a hangar with a turret where you need to destroy the shield generator, take your time. Instead of grabbing the turret from here, switch to Rey and Finn and move down. Find the animal room. Destroy them, then destroy the container and build a control panel out of it. Use it to take control of the turret above.

Super Starkiller

  • Ray escape. Follow Rey's escape from Starkiller Base. Once you're inside the base, where you'll need to take out 30 stormtroopers to draw out Captain Phasma, walk in a straight line to the huge window at the end of the corridor to see Rey on the other side.
  • collapse. Find a way to blow up the bridge with snipers. Everything is in the same place, as soon as the level starts, look up and you will see a bridge with enemies. Under the bridge is a purple dot that you need to aim at as Chewbacca. So you will blow up the bridge, and the sniper will fall down.
  • In snow captivity. Block the stormtroopers from entering the base. All in the same corridor where there was a bridge and there is a window through which you saw Rey, look for a door on the right with a ring on top. Pull this ring to block the door and prevent a group of stormtroopers from breaking into the base.

Destruction of Starkiller

  • Here is the pilot! Get out of sight of three enemies. Use CTRL and ALT when the appropriate prompts appear on the screen to dodge enemy projectiles.
  • Snow fun. Make a snowman out of Kylo. During the second fight against Kylo Ren, look on the left for parts that can be used to build a snowman. Throw this snowman at Kylo Ren to complete the challenge.
  • Cool your heads. Knock off the helmets of five snowtroopers. Use Finn or Rey to shoot the helmets on the snowtroopers' heads. There will be plenty of them at the level so that you can safely complete the test. Stormtroopers appear between the first and second, as well as the second and third stages.

Episode 8

Dameron's defiance

  • Ac. Complete a level without being defeated. Here everything is clear without words. You must not allow a single explosion of your ship.
  • How do you like my shooting? Destroy 3 TIE Fighters within 5 seconds. When the battle begins, pick up the moment, find a cluster of fighters and shoot them.
  • Return to sender. Defeat three Baron TIEs with Proton Torpedoes. These fighters will appear in the second half of the fight when you are asked to protect the bomber. They differ from the usual ones in the purple stripe that they leave behind. In them, and launch proton torpedoes (key Q when the red circular scale is filled).

Master Cracker Escape

  • What irony! Lock the guard in the cell. Open the chamber that contained the brown creature. You put it on one of the two red buttons. Inside the chamber, you need to destroy all the objects, and then build models of Rose and Finn from them. Then wait for two guards to enter the chamber and lower the lever located to the right of it (you used it to open it).
  • Jail break. Infiltrate the guardroom without being detected. Right after you ban the two guards in the cell, enter the main control room where the rest of the jailers are. The alarm will not be raised immediately (if at all), and the passage of the test will be counted.
  • Who guards the guards? Defeat eight guards during the prison break. As soon as you destroy the central element of the prisoner's room and take your equipment, an alarm will be raised. On your way to the exit, make sure to defeat at least 8 jailers. The test must count.

Snowflake News

  • You amaze me! Let Kylo catch Rey three times. To do this, at the beginning of the mission, switch to Rey and start attacking any attack aircraft. Kylo will stop you using the Force. Repeat steps three times.
  • Supreme loser. Deal with all Praetorian Guards in five minutes. We are talking about the battle in which you will participate at the end of the task.
  • Complete destruction. Push the Praetorian Guard into the mine. Again, this is the final battle of this level. The mines are on the left and right. These are round holes with antennas. Something sparkles below. Position yourself in such a way as to squeeze the enemy between you and the threshold of the mine. Attack until your character eventually pushes the enemy down.

Chrome head from the shoulders!

  • Catch, shiny head! Find a way to drop the TIE Interceptor on Captain Phasma's head. Don't confuse it with the regular TIE fighters that you drop without fail during the first phase of the battle! During the first stage of the battle, keep an eye on which aircraft move along the conveyor under the ceiling. In addition to the regular LEDs, there should be an extended TIE interceptor. It must be dropped on Phasma's head.
  • Phasmatic! Damage Captain Phasma in nine different ways. It's tricky because you need to find all nine ways to damage Captain Phasma. First you need to drop a TIE fighter on Phasma's head. Then build a turret in the center of the arena and shoot it with an electrical net. After that, ride the huge black bomb and place it in the hole under Captain Phasma. Activate the puzzle terminal to use the TIE Fighter and set off an explosion. Use the turret to shoot the platform generator, causing Phasma to fall down. Use the same turret to fire straight at Phasma. Head up the stairs to the right and pull the switch to turn on the engine. Immediately after that, place the power block on the panel, all on the same right side. Then shoot at the target to make the AT-ST fall on Phasma's head. Open the imperial box next to the panel used in the previous method. As Finn, select your weapon and shoot Phasma.
  • Trouble underfoot. Trample ten stormtroopers with the AT-ST. Everything here is extremely simple: when, at the end of the mission, you control the walker, do not shoot at the attack aircraft, but instead try to crush them.

What is all the salt

  • I'll get to the bottom of the truth! Make your way through the crystal caves. Go to the room in the first screenshot and destroy the two black and yellow boxes. Use the parts left after breaking them to build a box drill. Install it on the car. Click on the button on the right to get a brown droid and start the drilling machine. Ride it through the tunnels, destroying everything in your path.
  • Knock Knock! Find the MSE Clockwork Droid to destroy the emergency passage. Use the panel on the first screenshot. Then jump down and build a giant version of the MSE droid. Use it to break through the gate and go further.
  • Loophole. Find a shortcut using the protocol terminal. Use the panel in the first screenshot by activating it with the protocol droid. Use the new droid to activate another console and get the password. Remember it, go to the emergency door panel and enter the password (you must select it from the list of suggestions).

Episode 9

In two counts!

  • Kill aim. Don't let yourself be targeted three times in a row. When prompts with CTRL and ALT keys appear on the screen, click on them. You will also understand that they are aiming at you by an emergency sound signal.
  • Here comes the BOOM! Destroy three enemies with proton torpedoes or missiles. Aim at the target and press Q to launch the torpedo.
  • Ethical age. Activate hyperdrive for all jumps in time. At the very end of the level, press the "Space" when the appropriate prompt appears on the screen. You need to make 4-5 hyperjumps.

They are flying now!

  • Flight of caterpillar speeders. Destroy the caterpillar speeder in the air. At the very end of the chase, when you control Rey and Chewbacca's speeder. An enemy speeder will fly up from the hill and you must hit it.
  • Don't underestimate droids. As BB-8, hit a Rocketpack Stormtrooper with a Powder Keg. As soon as the chase starts, switch to BB-8 and throw powder kegs. Until you hit a stormtrooper with a jetpack.
  • Teamwork! Use a powder keg to disorientate the driver, and then knock out the speeder. Throw barrels with the BB-8 and then knock out the enemy vehicles it hits. While the driver is disoriented.

S-ZR-Oh no!

  • Please be quiet. Complete a level without being detected. Everything is extremely simple here. The hardest part is the New Orders challenge, described below.
  • New orders. Get rid of the stormtroopers in the main courtyard without raising the alarm. Once in the main courtyard, in front of the workshop, go right. Eliminate the enemy behind the red control panel and hack it using an attack aircraft. So you turn off the alarm and complete the test.
  • Right in the eye. Use your blaster to disable the UA-TT spotlight. At the very beginning of the level, when you find yourself in the city and you need to follow Po, you will see the light from the UA-TT spotlight. Fire the blaster at the searchlight on the walker to complete the challenge. Don't worry, it won't give you away and you'll be able to pass both tests above.

Strength should be enough

  • Shock is our way! Activate dangerous electrical devices to damage Kylo Ren. When you fight Kylo Ren for the third, fourth and fifth time, notice that there are rings on the side of the bridge. By pulling the BB-8 on them, you activate the power supply to the cable, immersed in puddles. Lure Kylo Ren into these puddles to complete the challenge.
  • Dark Lord of the Surfers. Lure Kylo into a crushing wave. In the third, fourth and fifth fight against Kylo Ren, you will find yourself on the bridge. Periodically, this bridge is washed by crushing waves. Red spots appear on the floor. These are the areas where the war will hit. Be patient and lure Kylo Ren to these areas.
  • Great opportunity. Pass through the Death Star without opening the doors. When you get over the poison mist pit, there will be a door ahead. Don't rush to open it. Instead, switch to a character with a blaster and shoot the golden pipes above the door.

stay with me

  • Sith disaster. Use the surrounding objects to defeat the Sith stormtroopers. Use a quick shot of the Scoundrel to blow up nearby blocks and kill enemy troops.
  • Look out. Take no damage from Sith Fighters while riding Orbachs. You will see a red TIE fighter fire zone. Make sure to jump to the side of her. If you take damage, you'll have to reload.
  • Perplexity. As Ben Solo, defeat the Knights of Ren without dying. Don't let the Knights of Ren kill you: dodge their attacks, act as carefully as possible, no need to rush. Please note that we are talking about two battles for Ben Solo.