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Guide to all Weird West side quests

 How to complete all additional missions in the game

Most of the additional tasks in Weird West are activated randomly. That is, the characters issuing quests can appear in different locations, at any time.

Storm Leg

This task will be available only to those players who have pre-ordered. To get access to the horse Thunderstorm, first, playing as Jane in the first chapter, look in the mailbox on the ranch. There will be two letters, and one of them is called "Thunderfoot". Leave the location and go to the Albright farm, at the left edge of the map. Take your free horse. The saddlebags will contain some items, including a golden ace of spades.

The kidnapped blacksmith

When you first visit the Birdhouse, next to Sheriff Albright's office, you will find a woman. She complains that the bandits have kidnapped her husband. Agree to help. This task can be completed in parallel with the story mission. Wait for the moment when you find yourself in the Greenwood parking lot according to the plot of the game. Outside there is a cage in which the blacksmith is locked. You can free him, but for this, you need to either break the cage with master keys or open it with a key. One key is in the far left house, and the other can be stolen or taken from the bandit's corpse. It's always a random enemy. After freeing the blacksmith, complete the story part at this location, return to the Birdhouse and get a reward - a new revolver (a green rarity).

Dying bandit

According to the plot of the game, when you get to the Greenwood parking lot, look for a wounded bandit in the basement. He will tell you about the cache, but in exchange, you will have to give him a first aid kit. For curing the bandit, get 5 reputation points and a true friend (he will come to the rescue in one of the following battles). The bandit will also indicate the coordinates of the cache. Go to this place and you will see many graves. Read the description of the target carefully to find out whose grave you are interested in. Examine all the graves and find the right name to dig up the treasure. Among other things, there will be a golden ace of spades. You can stop and explore the rest of the graves, as here and there you can find a fossilized relic or even another ace. You will also earn 10 reputation points.

Guide to all Weird West side quests

Rival distillery

During your visit to Bush Creek Farm, where Mayor Wicks of Galen Bridge will direct you, chat with a character named Yun Saito. This is after you find out that no one here will give documents to the farm. Go to the specified location. Don't kill the leader as you will lose 10 reputation points if you do so. Instead, head to the far building where the equipment is located. And wait. Wait for everyone to disperse, then destroy the equipment as soon as possible. In this case, there will be no cons! Yes, you will have to wait, 5 minutes. As a reward, you will receive $100.

Love Notes for the Illiterate

At the Galen Bridge location, when you return here for the second time (after Mayor Wicks directs you to the Bush Creek Farm for documents), talk to the thug standing near the entrance to the mayor's estate. He will ask you to send a love message. Go to the main gate and talk to Joaquim. Leave the location and go to the Horton that Joaquim mentioned. Two bandits will approach him. Pay them $15 for a drink to avoid a fight. Or you can offer to resolve the dispute with a fistfight. Or use a weapon. In any case, it remains to give Joaquim a letter. If you read the letter for money, get $25. There will be no downside to reputation. You will also receive a charm, and the task will end. You will receive 5-10 reputation points.

Disappeared memories

In Horton's saloon, where you get on the quest above, you can meet the quest giver. It's always a different character. Chat with him, he will ask you to return the old diary from Dawkins. Go to this ghost town that is occupied by bandits and search every house. The old diary is located in an ordinary residential building. As soon as the child enters the desired house, a marker will appear indicating the object. If the marker does not appear, then this item is not here. Take the diary and return back to Horton to complete the task. As a reward, you will receive $100 and 10 reputation points.

Just what the doctor ordered

In one of the city's hospitals, you can meet a doctor who will have a task for you. Chat with him. This happens randomly. He will ask you to transport the medicines to the specified location. These places will always be random. Follow the blue marker on the map, but be prepared to be attacked by bandits. After killing them, deliver medical supplies to get +10 reputation points and $40 as a reward.

Bones, lovely bones

The task can be taken in Skvorechna, on the third or fourth visit. Find the undertaker's house (Undertaker sign) and talk to him. He should have a task for you (blue marker). If there is no marker, then come back here later. You need to find the gift prayer book that he left in the ghost town of Bowman. Follow the marker and go through the entire settlement. Look for a cemetery here with several graves. As always, take a shovel with you. Carefully read the description of the task and look for the appropriate grave. You don't need to dig everything up. In the grave, you will find a prayer book. If someone notices you, you may receive a reputation penalty. Return to the questline to receive the Golden Ace of Spades.

The right tools

In one of the settlements, it will be possible to take a task from a clothing seller in which, like the doctor from the quest above (What the doctor ordered), he will simply ask to deliver the package to the specified address. Go to the marked point (I had Mehovina, but your location may be different) and repel the marauders on the way. When you get to the right point and hand over the tools, you will receive $50. Reputation will increase by 10 points.

Crime and Punishment

This quest can be obtained by inspecting one of the mines in the middle of the region. While exploring the mine, you can find a cursed figurine. It is worth noting that when I replayed the game, I found this figurine in an abandoned city, in a cemetery. So the task is activated randomly. The cursed figurine will ask for help: you need to free the spirit imprisoned inside it.

Now you need to find oneira. Any witch, who are a dime a dozen in the region. You can encounter oneir while traveling around the map when the Pagan Ritual random event is triggered. Or you can go to the far right part of the location, to the region called "Somnolence". There are also oneirs in the Aconite Cave. Some oneirs stand near the temples. For example, above the Birdhouse, at the temple of Oleander. Talk to the oneira and tell them about the cursed figurine. In order for her to do this, she needs vervain leaves. Such a plant can only be found in locations where ghosts live. You can find a place called "Golden Ridge", where there is an estate guarded by ghosts. Ghosts can also be encountered randomly on the map while traveling if the Flicker in the Bushes event is triggered.

Once you've collected the right amount of Vervain Leaves, look for the location "Ritual Place", in the center of the eastern region of the area. Give the oneira both the figurine and the vervain leaves, and then decide what to do. You can free the spirit, but in this case, he will again begin to kill the innocent, but at the same time, he will be a true friend of the protagonist and will periodically come to the rescue. On the other hand, you can destroy the evil spirit. He will not help you, you will not receive any reward, but now people will definitely not die.

Broken Tradition

The task can be taken at the Good Place location, during a conversation with a character named Giver. Follow the marker to the west to find the Cavern of the Broken Heart. Go inside, explore the galleries and kill the animals. Search the remains of animals to find the necessary thing. Return to the Giver to complete the quest and receive the amulet.

Once in a dream

The task can be taken inside the Doubtfulness Temple by talking to the character marked with a blue marker. She wants you to find the missing journal, which is located in the Drowned Bog. Move to the specified point and kill all enemies. However, I was lucky, and the magazine was inside the building at the beginning of the location. It was possible to get into it through a hole. In any case, the marker will only appear if you are close to the target. Bring the item to the girl to receive $100.

Time to pay the bills

at the top of the map, I found the Lark Manor. You may call it something else. The estate is not hostile and is described as an estate with laborers toiling in the fields. Go to his territory and find a woman who will have a task for you. Go to the indicated place where the debtor's farm is located. Talk to the character. He will return only half of the debt. You can pay out of your pocket, but there is another option. You will need a rope. Find a well on the location, move the boards, tie a rope and go down. At the bottom, there will be chests, and one of them contains coins. As a reward, you will receive a "blue" jacket with three stars.

Horror on the way

I took this task from the same woman from the Lark Manor as the quest above. Get to the broken caravan, kill the bandits and search the chest on the wagon. Inside it you will find a package. Take these documents to the quest giver to complete the quest. You will receive $60 as a reward.

stolen item

And one more task that will be given by the same woman as the two quests above. Perhaps you will too. Head to the marked mine to find the documents. Inside the cave, there will be monsters that throw dynamite. You have to be careful. It is not necessary to kill them. You can dodge the dynamite until the enemy picks up two and tries to explode near you. In the large adit, on the right, there is a partially buried chest. Inside it, you will find documents. Take them to the woman to receive a $100 reward.

Lost threads

One of the characters, a resident of the city (from an ordinary house), will ask for your help. You need to get the best Sunday coat. Get to the indicated place. You can carefully bypass all the bandits. The right coat lies in one of the residential buildings in the far part of the city. Take the item and get $100.

Holy pigs!

The task can be taken in the second chapter when you play as a pigman. At the very beginning, visit Cedar Flats (whose name does not change). Go around all the people and chat with Isabelle Klava to take the task. Follow the Hall of Plenty and destroy the witches. When you deal with two enemy waves, as result of which you save the locals. Return to Isabelle in Cedar Flats to complete the mission. The main reward is that now your character will not be driven out of the city.

Nice personality

You will receive this task automatically. The game will tell you that you can recruit (for free) heroes from previous chapters into your squad. You need to look for them in your locations. So, right now you need to visit the Bell farm and talk to Jane. Ask her to join your team.

New bosses

According to the plot of the game, you will find yourself in the Quigley Lantern House. From Gloria, you will learn about the tyrannical master who needs to be killed. Go inside and wait for a couple of women talking to go around. Then follow through the room, into the far left door, and up the stairs. For women. Go to the room with Maximo and stun him. Pick a moment to sneak in there unnoticed. You can't stun the guards! Then throw Maximo's body from the balcony of any room where there are no people. Leave this place without anyone noticing you. You need to completely leave the location, on the world map.

Poet's proposal

Sooner or later, you will receive a message from Joe, another pigman who helped you throughout the second chapter. Leave the location and go to Joe's hut. On the way to it, you will meet a local woman who was attacked by cowboys. You can leave or offer someone help. Travel far into Old Bones to find Joe's ghost. There will be very dangerous enemies throwing dynamite. It is best to bypass them and get inside the mine. In general, I decided to go around all the enemies and kill only the ghost, and then leave the mine. Return to Joe to complete the quest. He will be able to join your team.

Soul trap

Talk to Mast during the fourth chapter. Twice. And then you get his job. You will get to the desired temple of Oleander through the main story quest. Once on the location, go to the first room, where there were enemies from the side of the main entrance. See the big censer? Behind the wall near it, there is a secret room. Get close to the wall and interact with it. Most likely, the point of contact appears only after the release of the prisoner, described above. In the secret room, there will be treasures and a vessel of the soul. Go outside and talk to Mast. Give him the vessel. The quest will end and you will receive a petrified relic as a reward.

lone wolf

Visit the Birdhouse in the fourth chapter and talk to the trapper. Follow him to the hut. Go down to the basement. Kill a trapper or a werewolf. If you do nothing, the trapper will kill the werewolf himself, and the quest will fail. If you kill the trapper, look for the key to the cage on his corpse.


While traveling through the open world, you will meet two children. This is a random event. Agree to help them. Visit Spiritwake, which will appear on the map nearby. The arms dealer has a legendary revolver. Go to the saloon, go inside and climb to the roof on two different stairs. Listen to the girl and take up the task. Chat with a local doctor and ask for patients. Chat with the local sheriff in his office. Interrogate the bartender, as ordinary merchants will refuse to say anything. Like the postal worker. Head to the cemetery in the corner of Spiritwake. Also, on the opposite side, behind the bank, there is a girl in a tent. She hunts ghosts. If you talk to her and complete this quest, the girl will want to join your squad. Absolutely free. There is a closed house on the side of the cemetery. Open the shutters and the window climb inside and take the key. Open the basement door and go downstairs. Examine the urn and read the note. Destroy the ghost and return it to the children for a reward. They will give the golden ace of spades.

Last wish

In Spiritwaite, where children were helped on the "Strangeness" assignment, you can find a cemetery. There will be a ghost. Talk to him and agree to help. Go to Emilio's farm, where the blue marker points. Destroy the boards on the doors and go inside. On the bedside table in the bedroom is the key to the cellar. Take it, go outside and open the cellar. Go downstairs and read the bloodied diary, volume 1. Leave the location and follow to the Festering Pond. Kill enemies. Search the corpses to get a seal stone, and then open the entrance and go downstairs. Immediately turn into the cave on the right. Kill the enemy and search the chest against the wall on the left. Collect the Bloody Hammer and the Bloody Diary Volume 2. Search the rest of the underground sanctuary. You will be able to find relics and aces. There's also the ghost of Joan Butler, who will have a side quest for you called Torment of Ghosts. Leave the location on the map, a new one will appear. Go to the forgotten cache and kill the wolves. Dig a cache under the tree with a red bandage, take things and take them to the farm. As a reward, you will receive a ward of resistance. Return to Spiritwake and show the city's sheriff the evidence to complete the "Last Wish" quest. Talk to the ghost. As a reward, you will receive a golden shotgun.

Ghost torment

Find the ghost of Joan Butler in the cave that you enter on the "Last Wish" quest. Talk to her and agree to help. Leave the location on the map, and a new one will appear. Go to the forgotten cache and kill the wolves. Dig a cache under the tree with a red bandage, take things and take them to the farm. As a reward, you will receive a ward of resistance.