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Hay Day: How many cherries are there per tree?


Hay Day: How many cherries are there per tree?

In the mobile game Hay Day you can place trees for cherries on your plots. But how profitable are they?

How many cherries are there per tree? You get a total of 13 cherries from a cherry tree. The trees have 4 phases:

  • In the first phase there are 2 cherries
  • in the second phase 3 cherries
  • in the third phase 4 cherries
  • in the fourth phase 4 cherries

What do cherry trees bring? You can plant the cherry trees to harvest cherries. You can then use the cherries to make cherry juice or cherry jam. Cherry juice along with syrup brings you cherry popsicles.

What you need to know about cherry trees in Hay Day

Where can you buy them? In the shop where you also buy the other trees. They cost 410 gold coins there.

When are they activated? Once you reach level 22, you will unlock cherry trees.

What to do when they are broken? After the third harvest, the cherry trees dry up. You can then ask other players for help to revive the tree. This will flower for the fourth and final harvest. Alternatively, you can remove the tree with a saw after the third harvest. Players can revive dried-up cherry trees for 13 XP.

How long does it take for cherries to grow? A cherry tree takes one day and three hours to produce cherries.

Tips: Only harvest the cherries when you need them for orders or want to process them for other products. This saves you space in the silo.

If you want other players to revive the trees, first place the Help Wanted signs on the trees and then display items at your street vendor. In this way, other players will become aware of your farm and come over to help.

Which trees are there? In Hay Day you can buy all sorts of different trees and plant them on your property. There are apple trees, cocoa trees, cherry trees, olive trees, orange trees, peach trees, plum trees and even lemon trees.