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How to complete the quest of Yura, the hunter of bloodied fingers in Elden Ring

 Detailed questline guide for Yura the Bloody Finger Hunter

Yura the Bloody Finger Hunter is another Elden Ring NPC that has a separate questline. This character preys on Bloodied Fingers and has knowledge of the Cult of the Dragon. For the first time, you can meet Yura under the overpass northeast of the Coastal Ruins in the southern part of the Graveyard. This character will develop in parallel with your hero. You can fight him. If you win, it will drop 1000 runes and a Nagakiba weapon.

Chat with Yura. He will warn the Extinguished One not to go to Lake Agil, as there is a dangerous dragon there. If you disobey and go to the lake, kill the dragon. Yura will congratulate the hero and tell him where to look for the temple of the Dragon Communion. There you can spend dragon hearts on new spells. You don't have to talk to Yura or kill this dragon to advance the character's questline.

How to complete the quest of Yura, the hunter of bloodied fingers in Elden Ring

When approaching the Muddy Cave in the Graveyard, Bloodfinger Neridius will invade the player's world. In a few seconds, the same Yura will appear. After the victory, you will be able to re-discover Yura on another bridge further north from the Dirty Cave, not far from the place of grace "Greasy Shore". He will talk about his mission to hunt down the Bloody Fingers. If you haven't killed the dragon yet, Yura will return to his starting position next to the Coastal Ruins. You can complete both tasks in any order, but you don't have to kill the dragon at Lake Agil.

Yura can be found in Raya Lukaria Academy. On the bridge to the north of the place of grace "Main Gate" you can find a red sign to summon Yura. Go past the magic seal to find this summon sign. Enter the world of Yura and defeat the Bloody Finger. Then talk to Yura again, who will be standing at the railing next to the place where his summon sign was. He will explain that he is hunting Bloody Finger Eleanor. If Yura or the player dies during combat, Yura will not disappear. You will be able to try again. After winning the battle, you will receive a runic arc and another item. Returning to your world, you will receive the ashes of war. After talking with Yura, you will receive a blacksmith's stone [5].

Yura can be found at the second temple of Marika on the Altus Plateau. After talking to him, you will receive the Nagakiba and be able to start the battle against Eleanor's Bloodfinger. Winning this fight will reward you with a Cleansing Crystal Tear, Eleanor's Longblade, and one more item. Yura, whose body was taken by Shabriri, can be found at the place of grace "Ruins of Zamora". Shabriri will try to convince the player to follow the path of Raging Flames. You can attack him if you want. For winning a battle, you will receive a set of ronin.

If you don't complete Yura's quest before Shabriri captures it, you will still be able to get most of the items. Eleanor's Bloody Finger invades your world anyway in the second temple of Marika. For killing her, you will receive the same rewards. Nagakiba can be found in the last location where the player had a conversation with Yura before he became possessed. As such, look for weapons in Yura's camp northeast of the Coastal Ruins grace site, in the underpass below the Muddy Shore grace, or on the edge of the bridge, away from the main gate of Raya Lukaria Academy.