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How to connect a gamepad to a smartphone. How to use the controller on iPhone and Android


How to connect a gamepad to a smartphone. How to use the controller on iPhone and Android

Mobile gaming has been actively developing for many years. Every month, well-developed modern games with high-quality graphics and pleasant gameplay appear on smartphones. In many projects, it is more convenient to use a controller instead of a touch display. To connect modern gamepads, in the vast majority of cases, USB cables or wireless data transfer technologies are used. In this guide, we will explain in detail how to connect the controller to a smartphone.

How to connect a controller through an adapter on Android. How to assign keys on a gamepad

To successfully connect the gamepad to the device, the smartphone user needs to purchase an additional USB-OTG cable. This adapter is inserted into the socket used for charging, and the other end is connected to the controller. It should be borne in mind that not all smartphones can support this adapter, so be sure to check the performance of the cable (adapter) with the seller.

You can find out about the support of USB OTG technology on your own using the USB OTG Checker application:

  1. Go to Google Play via the link and download the app.
  2. Run the program after installation.
  3. If the device supports USB OTG technology, a green checkmark will appear on the screen with the words "Android Compatible USB OTG" or "Compatible USB OTG".
If it is not supported, a cross with the text "Not Compatible USB OTG" will be displayed. In this case, to connect the device using a cable, you will have to install custom firmware, as well as look for answers on the forums of a specific smartphone model. We do not recommend changing the official firmware, so perform any third-party actions with the software component of the device at your own peril and risk.

If you have USB OTG support, connect the adapter to the device. Connect your gamepad and start the game. If for some reason the buttons do not work or are not assigned, then you will have to install an additional application. Previously, users often used Tincore Keymapper, but now this application is not available on Google Play - you can find it yourself on popular forums.

As an analogue, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with Octopus. If you have any problems with the controller in games, go to the link and download the application. The program does not require any special rights to work, besides, after installing Octopus, the player will be able not only to select ready-made sets of control parameters for well-known games but also to set the assignment of keys, triggers and sticks with his own hands.

How to Connect a Controller via Bluetooth on Android

Almost all modern devices do not require serious knowledge and skills from the user to set up a smartphone. Previously, connecting the controller required root rights and changing the MAC address. Gamepads from PlayStation (Dulasock and DualSense), Xbox, and Nintendo Switch (Pro Controller) are currently fully supported on mobile platforms. Below is an instruction for connecting a controller using these models as an example:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone. To do this, go to the device settings or open the corresponding menu in the blind.
  2. Press the pairing button on your smartphone. "PS" in the center on the Dualshock or small round keys on the end of the Xbox and Pro Controller controllers. The backlight will flash on all devices. Some controllers need to be enabled first.
  3. Go to the Bluetooth settings, if necessary, start a search for devices and select the gamepad you are using in the list that appears.
  4. Wait for pairing and start the game. Do not forget to study the control buttons in the settings or remap the keys for yourself.

Please note that this instruction is suitable for other devices. Switch the controller to pairing mode and connect it to your smartphone through the settings. If you encounter any difficulties when connecting, use the manufacturer's manual. You can also install Octopus, which we wrote about in the previous section.

It is worth considering that after connecting the controllers from the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, the player will have to sync the devices again with the consoles using a cable.

How to Connect a Controller to iPhone and iPad

On modern firmware devices from Apple, there is also support for game controllers. There is a caveat - all devices can only be connected via Bluetooth. Currently supported are PlayStation wireless controllers (DualShock and DualSense), Xbox controllers, and third-party gamepads that are "MFi" certified. Please note that these devices must be labeled "Made for iPhone", "Made for iPad", or "Made for iPod touch".

Below is the instruction for connecting the controller to Apple devices:

  1. Open the settings, go to the "Bluetooth" section, and turn it on.
  2. Put the controller into pairing mode (detailed instructions are given in the section above).
  3. After the name of the gamepad appears in the "Other devices" section, click on it.
  4. Wait for the device to pair and launch the game.

Useful tips. How to use the controller with a smartphone. How to Connect Your Device to Android TV

First of all, we recommend updating the controller firmware. When using the controller, do not move more than 10 meters from the smartphone. In this case, interference may occur in the operation of the device. The following are the main problems that arise in the operation of devices:

  1. Doesn't connect via Bluetooth. This error can occur when the list of used devices is full. It is necessary to delete unnecessary devices, and also try to restart Bluetooth or smartphone and try to join again.
  2. The USB OTG adapter does not work. Use the USB OTG Checker app to check the compatibility of your smartphone.
  3. Buttons don't work. Install Octopus or another button mapping application.
  4. Connecting to Android TV. The process of connecting the controller to the set-top box is completely the same as synchronizing the device on a smartphone. Go to the sections above for instructions.
  5. The controller does not work in only one game. This problem arose due to the lack of support for gamepads in the project. Most likely, the developers did not have time to implement this function in the game or specifically closed access to the use of controllers.
  6. Restoring the gamepad to its original state. To connect the controller to the game console, you need to reconnect the device to the console using a cable.