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LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Walkthrough Episode 4 A New Hope (All Challenges)

 Passage of all story missions of the fourth episode, how to complete each test

Action-adventure LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga consists of all nine episodes of the saga. In this guide, we talk about the fourth episode of A New Hope.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Walkthrough Episode 4 A New Hope (All Challenges)

Boarding team

After the introductory video, you will control Leia and Captain Antilles. To switch between characters, use the ALT key. Move along the marker until the first enemies appear. Hold RMB to aim and LMB to shoot. Try to aim for the heads to knock off the helmets and deal a lot of damage. When Darth Vader appears and the cut-scene ends, assemble the control panel from the parts and pull it out, and then shoot the core to open the door.

When you fall down to the floor below, inspect the device on the wall to the left. Pull it out and grab it to turn off the electric floor. Switch to Antilles and jump down. Go to the other side and lower the lever on the left to disable the electric floor permanently. You can control Leia again. Move on until you see two unfortunate warriors playing with explosives and it explodes in front of the doors. Destroy the device to the right of the fire and use the parts obtained to build a water cannon. Put out the fire, go to the very end and interact with the device. Click on the indicated arrow keys to open the gateway. All enemies will fly out. Press Q to avoid following them.

Get to the room with the enemies. Lower the two devices under the ceiling and shoot at the targets. Kill all opponents and assemble a holoprojector from the parts in the center, on which Akbar will appear. Move it to the two ledges on the left and right and lower one lever at a time to open the main door. Along the way, kill enemies. Interact with the R2-D2 drone to send blueprints.

You are now in control of R2-D2 and C-ZRO. Go through the corridor, bypassing the electrical wires and pipes with fire. At the end of the path, you can choose either R2-D2 and open the panel on the right (connect two small red parts), or switch to C-ZRO, hack the computer on the left, select the turret and shoot the opponents. The choice is yours. We went down the corridor on the right. There you need to pull the cube to get over the ravine. In any case, you will end up in the same corridor. At the end of it, break the white container and assemble the control panel from it using C-3RO. Interact R2-D2, and combine several parts by switching between rings. This is how you open the door. Watch the video. The first task has been completed.


  • Sometimes I surprise myself. You need to throw an explosive canister at the enemy or blow it up when he is nearby.
  • I propose a new strategy. Use the stormtrooper weapon to defeat him. To do this, when you hack the terminal and there is a choice, point to the turret and shoot the opponents inside the room.
  • Full vacuum. We need to throw a stormtrooper into space. When you get to the point where you will be asked to build a water cannon or a turret, select a water cannon and put out the fire. Enter the right corridor and activate the terminal. So you open the gateway, and all attack aircraft will fly into outer space.

Urgent message

At the beginning of the level, you can go around the capsule and hack it using R2-D2 (stand on the blue spot). So you launch a rocket that will explode. Pick up the blue item to complete the Pod Load challenge. Move through the canyon. When C-3RO speaks, confirm the storyline and watch the cutscene.

When he controls Luke, inspect the room. There is a drone here looking for a friend for an oil bath. Find a niche in the same room, jump into it and get the battery. Climb down and place the battery at the locked gate to open it. The Gonko robot will come out of the room, which will not be able to jump into the bath. You can find out about this if you talk to him using the system robot. Destroy the parts opposite and create a ramp out of them. At the end of the level, you will receive a minikit. Climb outside where the marker is pointing and talk to R2-D2 to continue the story.

Follow the drone and deal with the deserters to find Ben Kenobi. After that, go after Ben Kenobi and enter his hut. Run to the vehicle and go to Mos Eisley.

Old trough

Go to the gate and switch to Obi-Wan Kenobi. Use suggestions on the stormtrooper to control it and interact with the panel on the right. Repeat pressing the keys displayed on the screen. Get to the cantina and go inside. Chat with three characters that have "exclamation marks" icons above their heads. Chewbacca will then appear and Ben will automatically speak to him. Defeat a couple of bullies and talk to Han Solo. Follow the marker at the end of the location to get to the desired docking bay.

Look around. Move the large platform to the indicated purple spot so Chewie can climb the Millennium Falcon. Then move into the niche and use Obi-Wan Kenobi to use his power to open the gate. Having done this, remove the part by activating the control panel on the side. Defeat the stormtroopers that appear, then interact with the container using Ben Kenobi. Cut a hole on its end side with a lightsaber and take the second part. When the stormtroopers go down the elevator, kill everyone and set the part in place (again, you need to use the power of the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi). Take the elevator up and run to the right. Optionally, you can call R2-D2 to hack the control panel and close the shutters. In this case, there will be fewer enemies. Use the crane and turn the lever clockwise using the WASD keys.


  • An absolute bastard. Take advantage of the environment to defeat the stormtroopers. You can complete this challenge by using Han Solo's special skill during the first battle with the stormtroopers. Break the objects holding the platforms above.
  • Don't ask! Defeat three stormtroopers using the hidden turrets.
  • Chewie, let's go! Find several ways to prevent the arrival of stormtrooper reinforcements. Activate the three blue terminals with R2-D2 to block enemy reinforcements. There will be two of them on the lower level and another terminal on the upper one.

It's not the moon

Talk to Ben Kenobi and enter the corridor. Follow the corridor to the left until you find a stormtrooper near the ajar door. He will complain about the lack of a repair drone. Enter the room a little further. Throw a grenade at the parts on the right with Han Solo, and use R2-D2 to hack the control panel. The energy will pass through the cable to the large panel on the left. Click on the red square button on its right side and on the same button on the left side. Do this as quickly as possible to apply energy and open the door from the outside. Move to the end of the corridor and go to the Organic level.


Run left along the corridor. Nobody needs to be destroyed. At the end, there will be a red energy barrier. Use Chewie, aim at the panel behind the barrier and he will figure out what to do next (there is a cable from the panel to the shield located on your side, and you need to destroy it). Move on, run in a circle and enter the control room. Once everyone is gone, destroy everything you see inside until you have the parts to create the stand with the Darth Vader costume. Move this platform towards the camera to fool the stormtroopers. Enter the elevator and go down.

In the control room, destroy all enemies and turn off the alarm. Explode the lock on the control panel. Click on the red button to the right of the barrier to switch between surveillance cameras. Princess Leah is in Detention Cell 1. Switch to her and you will see a code of figures on the wall. Set up these figures using the buttons on the left side of the barrier and run forward along the corridor until the cutscene starts. You need to defeat Dianoga. Shoot the sprout with the yellow eye until your character is grabbed by the tentacle. Switch to another hero and attack the tentacle. Keep shooting at the appendage with the eye until you reduce the health bar. At the very end, Dianoga will hide under the helmet. Throw a grenade at him (Luke or Han Solo) and press Q to get free. At the end of the level, you need to build a crossbar from the parts, to try to hold back the walls. Watch the video.


  • Okay, I'm already tired of it. Break the control console to disconnect the Captain of the Empire from the network. Destroy the console on the sixth floor, in the middle of the room. To do this, you need a scoundrel character (robber).
  • Minor weapon problems. Kill the guards of the detention block like a real villain.
  • You won't need a weapon here. Pass the first floor without being detected. Control a villain or a Sith, do not shoot anyone and do not break anything unnecessarily.

Turning off the tractor beam

Follow the marker through the corridor, go upstairs and break the parts. Interact with the controller using the R2-D2 drone. Use suggestion on two opponents on the bridge. Use the power of the Jedi to lower the lever behind the barrier on the right, jump onto the platform (you have a double jump) and confirm the start of a new level.

Oh, and lifeguards.

Defeat all the enemies near the door, then use Chewie by aiming at the control panel on the right. It will again automatically track where the cable goes and blow up the panel. Destroy another enemy group. The enemy with the access card fled a little further. Follow him and immediately shoot the turret on the ceiling. Finish off all the enemies, take the access card, go back and open the door. To help Luke and Leia, shoot the round red button above the gate they can't get through. Kill all the enemies in the corridor and chase the officer who escaped with the access card. After reaching the room where the officer hid, you will have to change into a stormtrooper. If there are not enough costume parts, run to the very beginning and kill a few more enemies. disguised as a stormtrooper, interact with the red terminal to the left of the red barrier behind which the enemy is hiding. Repeat pressing the buttons, take the access card and run back to open the door. Kill enemies on different hills until the bottom of the block explodes. Climb to the other side by grabbing the hook.


  • The bull's eye. Find a more uncivilized way to help Luke and Leia. Instead of building a block and standing on a button to open a door for friends, shoot the red button above that door to instantly open it. Luke and Leia will be able to run further.
  • Good luck. Find alternative ways to cross the chasm and escape the stormtroopers. Once you have Luke and Leia under your control, use the bounty hunter to open the golden doors at the back of the room. Go up the stairs and use the astromech droid on the console to open the door leading to the bridge. Cross this bridge to complete the challenge.
  • Special assignment. You need to find a secret room on the Death Star. After you take the pass card from the imperial officer, who will tell you about the Wookiee allergy, behind him you will see a door with gold bars. Use the bounty hunter to open this door and complete the challenge.

Delivery of drawings

After this task, you will be briefly told about how to control the Falcon. Land on the planet Yavin 4, where the Great Temple is located. Climb up the stairs to the blue marker that allows you to start the task.

Aim Better

Fly forward through the channel and destroy any defense systems until you accumulate the required amount. Keep destroying enemy fighters. Collect missiles at the indicated points (exclamation points), then aim the crosshairs at the launch silos and wait. Once the dial has loaded, you can press Q to launch the rocket. Launch a torpedo into the mine to destroy the Death Star. So you complete the passage of the fourth episode.


  • Skillful maneuvering. When the prompt pops up on the screen with the left ALT and CTRL keys, press them simultaneously to perform a "death loop" and dodge incoming missiles. Do the action three times and complete the challenge.
  • Do you have insurance? At the very beginning, you must destroy 10 turrets. Before you get to another location. While flying a fighter.
  • You can't straighten something like that... Apparently, you need to shoot at the fighters that are hunting Luke's ship while it blows up four torpedo rooms. Sooner or later, the test will be counted.