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Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Walkthrough - Episode V The Empire Strikes Back Guide (All Challenges)

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Walkthrough - Episode V The Empire Strikes Back Guide (All Challenges)

 How to complete all the story missions of the fifth episode and complete each challenge

Walkthrough of the fifth episode of the game Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga with all available challenges.

Even to the end of the world

Move along the corridors of the shelter until you find the place where the task began. Chat with Han Solo. You will control Han Sol and General Raiken. Move to the nearest tower. To the right of it there is a raised bridge. Follow there, destroy the drone and hack the vehicle. Get in it and shoot at the pillars holding the nearest half of the bridge. When it goes down, go to the edge and use Khan. Aim at the device from below to have Khan track (automatically) the chain and destroy the panel. When the bridge goes down, cross to the other side and destroy the flying drones. To climb the tower, use the stand located nearby. To do this, you need to break the boxes in the district and move the stand to the tower. Jump up the metal pipes. When you get to the very top, interact with the control panel.

Slide down the rope and go to the next tower. Lower the lever to the left of the gate after killing the bot. Climb up the stairs and stop at the place where the open gate is. With the other character, go down to the lever and lower it to close the gate. With the previous character, run through the gate to the other side and you will see the second tower. The flying drone will steal the battery. Climb down and build a turret or magnet. We chose a magnet and were able to automatically catch the drone. Install the battery in the base of the tower and start climbing up by jumping over the rungs. Once every couple of seconds, the crossbars will change location. This is important because you need to choose the right angle for jumping. Climb to the top and aim the signal beam so that it turns green and the signal is continuous.

Get to the third tower and destroy the flying drone. Go to the mountain on the right, climb inside the cannon and shoot the blocks of ice blocking the path to the tower. Climb down the cable, go to the tower and climb up, jumping on the rungs. Again, point the satellite dish so that the beam turns green and the signal is continuous. Follow the marker and watch the video.


  • Don't get caught by the droid! You need to destroy the flying drone before it can detect you. To do this is quite simple: shoot the drone from a distance before it detects you (the red area indicates the point where you can be detected).
  • Disperse the scouts. The same as the challenge above, only you need to build on the success and destroy four more drones in the same way. In total, you need to destroy five recon drones before they notice you. There are more than five of them in this snowy location.
  • Stylish descent. You need to find and use five cables to slide down them. There are three towers, and after activating each one, one cable will appear. That is, you can easily move out about three of them. You will find another cable next to the cannon, from which you shoot at the ice bridge leading to one of the towers. When you get down on it, look for a cable on the left to go even lower. This is the fifth.

Echo base attack

Drive to Luke's snow speeder. Switch to R2-D2 and interact with the terminal behind the vehicle. Then destroy the structures on the side of the speeder and build a cannon wing out of them. Move it to the speeder and start the task by interacting with the blue dot. First, fly forward and destroy the AT-ST. Once you've dealt with a few walkers, AT-ATs will appear. It will be more difficult for them. You need to fly as close as possible, aim and press Q when the dial is loaded. Then fly around these walkers to wind the cable around them. It is not necessary to fly through the rings. Simply flying around the walker is enough. When you destroy four of these walkers, the task will be completed.


  • Undercut AT-AT. Wait for the four-legged AT-AT walkers to stop and fly between their paws. It is possible between the front and rear, that is, across.
  • Dude! You need to destroy all the AT-ATs using the rope and never break the cable.
  • Outcasts, battle formation! According to this test, you need to complete the mission without dying (your ship must not be blown up).

Don't talk about chances

Run forward along the corridor, killing enemies until you find the starting point for a new task. Shoot back from enemy fighters until the target is updated. Destroy the antennas with torpedoes and shoot the turrets at will. A cut-scene will start. Continue flying through the asteroid field. Shoot enemies and destructible structures to get parts. Fly through the gorge, and soon the task will be completed.


  • Avoiding asteroids. When the phase begins in which you fly through the asteroid field, make sure that your ship never collides with them. Pretty simple.
  • The strength of protons. When you fight near large enemy spaceships, use torpedoes (which you launch into cannons) on regular enemy fighters. You need to capture the target in the crosshairs and, when a hint appears, press the appropriate key. Don't destroy all the antennas and cannons before you complete the challenge!
  • Evasion Maneuver! Complete the mission without crashing your ship once.

Master Yoda

Open the holoprojector and navigate to the Dagoba space Obi-Wan Kenobi talked about. When you are near the planet, look for the yellow marker and fly towards it to confirm the start of a new mission. Pull a couple of crates and build objects for the camp out of them. After that, you can start the task.

Yoda will appear. Run towards the swamp and jump on the small platforms to the other side. After that, use the power of the Jedi to move the block to the specified location. Jump up and climb the trees. Jump further along with the vines until a cut-scene starts. Enter the cave, go a little further and fight Darth Vader. Use the indicated keys and buttons.

hibernation station

The next task of the fifth episode of "Star Wars" from LEGO. First, interact with the landing point in space. Confirm the start of the mission. Follow Lando Carlissian and confirm the start of the mission. Run through the corridors and destroy enemies. The officer will escape with the clearance card. Chase him, kill him and pick up a card. Go back and open the door. Approach the Falcon. While Chui is repairing it, shoot back from the stormtroopers. Also, a large aircraft will periodically appear. Attack him until he hides. When Chewie is done, approach the entrance to the Falcon.


  • Do you want to do this move? As you run down the corridor of Chewbacca Station, turn left 15 meters before your destination and destroy the structures to build a board game board out of them (on the left). This will distract the stormtroopers and complete the challenge.
  • What do we have here? You need to unlock the stormtrooper and move through the station until you see an officer come out through the door and take the access card. Jump over the stormtrooper vision area and run after the officer. Use Chewbacca to destroy the barriers. Right behind the barrier, near the window on the left, there is a red container with a weapon hidden inside. Choose any. So you will empty the cache of the Empire and complete the test.
  • Surprise! When you take the access card from the officer, go back and open the door, quickly jump onto the brown rectangular bot and install it in the slot to the right of the bridge, along which attack aircraft will run in your direction. You will activate a secret defensive weapon and complete another challenge.


Use the force to lift the fighter out of the swamp. Confirm your desire to leave Dagoba and go in search of friends. Fight Darth Vader until you win. Controlling R2, turn off the device by solving a simple puzzle. Cut the wall on the right (square slightly left of center) and press the button to open the passage to the tunnel. Let Luke stand on the red button, and R2 hook on the crossbar. Defeat Darth Vader one more time until you fly outside. Move along the balcony, run along the wall with Luke, and press the button to lower the platforms for R2. Fight Darth Vader for the third time and watch the final video that completes the passage of the fifth episode.


  • Tactile feedback. When you fight Darth Vader, use the power of the Jedi to throw various objects at him from the sides. You need to throw three such objects for the test to count.
  • Very impressive. You need to find the hiding creatures on the level. Once Darth Vader is gone, smash the junk near the round tunnels and use R2-D2 on the control panel. Go into the tunnel on the left to find three creatures at the very bottom. Keep going through the level. When you're outside and see a wall that Luke can run over, use R2-D2 to lower the bridge pieces instead. On one of them, there will be two creatures. Hit them to make them run away. In the dark corridor where you need to find Darth Vader, do not open the far right door. Before that, be sure to search the room in the far left corner (opposite) to see those same creatures playing the board game.
  • Oppressor. You need to complete the level in 10 minutes. That says it all.