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LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Walkthrough Episode 2 Attack of the Clones (All Challenges)

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Walkthrough Episode 2 Attack of the Clones (All Challenges)

 Passage of all story missions of the second episode, how to complete each test

At the beginning of the second episode, you will control Padmé (pilot) and Captain Typho, who have arrived at the Senate for negotiations. Use any of the suggested taxis and go to the Coruscant Senate building. Enter the building and speak with Palpatine. Start a new task.

Fun with Wessel

Now you will control Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Follow Padmé until you can enter her quarters. Talk to Padmé in her quarters. Chase a hired killer in a flying vehicle. Shoot him at close range. To shorten the distance, use the acceleration on "Space". Also, if you see a red lightning icon above an enemy vehicle, then be ready to dodge (CTRL and/or ALT) incoming missiles. The chase will end at the moment when the enemy vehicle's health margin does not drop to zero.


  • The Jedi need insurance. Shoot at everything you see on your way. Try to destroy asteroids and other objects, spend as much time shooting at them as you did at Wessel. It may seem wild, but as you fly through the civilian tunnel, shoot at anything that moves. For this challenge, you need to deal damage in the form of 70,000 studs.
  • The best pilot in the galaxy. You need to be careful while chasing Zam Wessel. Shoot only at the enemy vehicle. Do not crash or hit buildings.
  • This is the shortest way. To complete this challenge, you must deal with Zem Vessel and complete the chase in 4 minutes (no more).

Missing parts

You control Obi-Wan Kenobi and R4-P17. Run along with the marker, go inside the diner and start the task. Talk to Dex. You need to serve all the visitors of the cafe. We will move from right to left. The woman will ask for a photon fizz. Look for her in the middle of the bartender. It's a glass of green liquid. Put it on the table of a woman and a man. The character to the left of them asks for Nuna's leg. It looks like a chicken leg and stands on the bar a little to the right of the photon fizz (it lies in a plate). The next couple, or rather, the girl from the couple, asks for a six-layer cake. And again, it is located to the right of the previous dish, on the bar counter. The dark-haired man will ask for javom juice. It is in a brown circle at the very beginning of the bar. Finally, the last customer wants a shavda club sandwich. This sandwich is at the front of the bar. Chat with Dex

Head to the nearest taxi and move to the Jedi Temple. Go to the back room and use R4 to download the data from the terminal. Solve a simple task and stand in the blue area. Now fly to the northern landing site (by taxi) and board the ship. Or you can press TAB to immediately open the Galaxy Map. Travel to the Kamino space. Follow to the city of Tipoca, marked with a yellow marker. Chat with Lama Su and follow him until he stops at Jango Fett's room. Go inside and watch the video.

Bounty hunter blues

Run after the assassin and fight Jango Fett. Use different keys to perform lightsaber combos. Also, dodge the red areas of the arena as Boba Fett will fire at them. When Jango's health is at a minimum, a cutscene will play. Django and Boba will fly away. Run back to the ship or use the TAB key to open the Galaxy Map. Take off into Kamino space.

Looking for Django

Follow the beacon (yellow marker) and confirm the start of the mission. Fly over the marker to the yellow spot. Notice Jango Fett's ship on the right. It is given out by a red flashing light. Attack first. Keep chasing and shooting Jango's ship. Use CTRL and/or ALT to dodge missiles. You can also shoot down projectiles flying in your direction.

Find Jango Fett a second time and attack his ship. You will fly through a narrow tunnel into a huge asteroid. Find Django a third time. He will hide inside the asteroid. Destroy the ship. After the cutscene, you will see Count Dooku.

  • Aileron butterfly. When Django fires homing missiles at you, use the keyboard shortcut CTRL and ALT to perform the "barrel" trick. Repeat the action three times and the test will be completed.
  • Charge. Jango Fett will constantly drop charges. Whenever a hint appears on the screen, press CTRL and/or ALT to dodge projectiles. It is necessary to complete the battle without ever falling into the zone of destruction of a seismic charge. That is, you must attack Django first.
  • Flying is for droids. In the second stage, when you find Django's ship for the second time, you will have to fly through a tunnel in the largest asteroid. Don't crash and complete the challenge.

Trouble at the Droid Factory

You will control Anakin, Padme, and R2-D2. Open the Galaxy Map and travel to Mos Espa. Run along with the marker and chat with Watto. Now open the map and go to the Jundland Wasteland. Stand in the blue zone to meet Threepio. You will learn that Shmi did not have time to return home. Get to the settlement in the gorge and watch the video. Travel to Geonosis space and follow to Stalgasin's Hive. Break the two bolts from the indicated hatch, lift it up, and climb inside. Confirm the start of the task.

Once the cutscene ends, use RMB and LMB to throw the lightsaber at the opponents. You need to destroy several targets, after which a cut-scene will begin. Now you control two droids. Use the Q key to break the crates nearby with the droids and use the pieces to create a bridge. Cross it to the other side, break the parts and build the device again with the help of Threepio. Use R2-D2 to hack the terminal.

Switch to Anakin and snatch the second energy cell from the column. Move it to the first one launched by the droids to recharge. Return to the place. Go through the opened gate. Move to the left on the conveyor belt, avoiding the falling blocks. Kill the enemies and go deep into the screen until Anakin asks R2 for help. Switch to droids and move back. Go through the gate and follow the conveyor belt. Stand at the right edge and wait for a cauldron full of garbage to appear. Jump on it and jump over to the other side. Kill the enemies and jump back using the garbage cauldron. Break the orange fasteners to lower the board and get to the right place. Break the container and build a remote control out of it. Interact with him. Switch to the turret and shoot the mounts ahead. A cart will come out of the fence. Using R2, hack the blue panel. So you apply energy to the gate.

Switch to Anakin with Padmé. Climb up the left wall that goes up and down, where there are hooks. Upstairs, Anakin, stick the lightsaber into the wall on the left and cut a rectangle into it. Destroy the mechanism and build a remote from the parts. Interact with him as Padme. Defeat all the droids and go down the zip line. Build two levers from the parts and hang them on them to open the gate. Follow the path forward using R2-D2. Climb over the abyss by grabbing the crossbar and hack the blue terminal.


  • Don't slow down. You need to save Padme in 30 seconds. Toward the end of the level, the girl will be in the cauldron. Switch to R2-D2 and move to the end of the bridge without slowing down. Jump over to the other side using the crossbar and hack the blue terminal on the right side.
  • Drone manipulator. Use the Jedi's Mind Cloud to force the Genosians to fight each other. Everything is quite simple, you can do it at any time.
  • Skip past the danger. You need to find the shortest path over the conveyor belt. To complete this challenge, when you jump onto a conveyor belt with huge presses, hop on the last one so that it will lift you up. There you will find a ladder and you can use the cut.

Panic at Petranaki

You control several Jedi - Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, and Ki-Adi-Mundi. Open the Galaxy Map on TAB and fly to Geonosis, Stalgasine Hive. Go to the marker, kill the enemies and confirm the start of the task. You need to defeat Rick, Nexla and Aklay. You can deal with them in any order. At the beginning of the fight, you need to jump to the side to break your chains. Fight Jango Fett. You can even ignore ordinary enemies (droids).


  • Everything is in their heads! Use the power of the Jedi to take over the mind of one of the three monsters and make it attack the rest.
  • Fight in the arena. When Mace Windu is available after killing the three monsters, you will be able to ride Rick. Jump on it and trample at least 20 droids.
  • Return of the gift. When fighting against Jango Fett, use the power of the Jedi to pull the rocket incoming at you, and then throw it at the nearest enemy.

Jedi battle

Step into the blue area to follow Dooku's tracks. Break the wreckage of the ship and build a springboard out of them. Jump up. Look around and go to the device with the battery slot. Break the brown box to the left of it to find the battery and place it in the cell. Move across the bridge, killing enemies. Go through the dark cave. At the very top there will be a dead end. Destroy large containers and build a light trap or sonic gun out of parts. Either way, you can move on. Soon the battle against Count Dooku will begin. He fights just like the rest of the enemy with lightsabers. Dodge attacks and use different keys for combos.

Defeat the normal enemies, then tear the pipes off the wall and stick the lightsaber into it to use it to climb up. Having done this, continue to fight Dooku until he disappears again. And again defeat the usual opponents, then tear out two pipes and destroy the column in the center. Keep fighting until Master Yoda appears. When Dooku escapes, kill the normal enemies and rip the pipes off the wall. Climb up and defeat Count Dooku for the last time.


  • Dark side. Tests are best done in two separate runs. At the beginning of the level, look on the left side of the passage for several containers. Put them on top of each other and go upstairs, and then pull the lever on top to open the door. As you move through the dark tunnel, don't fight anyone. Just get past the enemies. You need to get through the entire level in 5 minutes (reach Count Dooku).
  • Electrofly swatter. When you have to choose between building a light trap and a sonic gun, choose the first option. The Jedi will create an electric fly swatter.
  • Coercion by the Force. On the second playthrough, instead of going through the dark tunnel, break the grate in the giant metal cylinder that is next to the entrance to this tunnel. You can climb up using the lightsaber. Climb up and jump off the lever onto the railing. This will start the droid assembly machine. You can throw an item at one of the droids. If you throw an object at one of the Geonosians, complete the Forced Challenge. If not, get to Dooku, and when he hides and calls for the Geonosians, throw an object at one of them using force.