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 In Lost Ark, you can complete many quests including one called Let There Be Light. We tell you how to have it and succeed.

Lost Ark since its release allows players to have and complete various quests in order to get rewards like money, runes, emotes, and more.

Among all the quests available within the title, there is one called Let there be light and which will be obtained by speaking to Kaysarr at the Great Castle which is located on the continent of Yorn.

How to get and complete the Let there be light quest in Lost Ark?

If you want to retrieve this quest, you will first have to do another called The Ultimate Report. As soon as you have validated this quest, teleport to the continent of Yorn and more precisely to the Great Castle in order to speak to Kaysaar who will then give you the quest Let There Be Light. If you don't know where to find this NPC, you can consult the map below.

Kaysarr is located at the location of the red dot on the map of the Great Castle

After getting this quest, go find Balthorr and talk to him. A cutscene then starts and at the end of it, talk to Balthorr again. You now need to talk to Engineer Engier, then you just have to go back and talk to Balthorr to end the Let There Be Light quest.

If you want to learn more about the different stages of this quest, you can check out the video above from Zelgraz.