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Lost Ark: Quest "The Wide World of Beers" solved

 You want to complete the quest "The Wide World of Beers" in Lost Ark? Our guide reveals how to solve the barrel problem.

Lost Ark: Quest "The Wide World of Beers" solved

In this quest guide to The Wide World of Beers in Lost Ark you will learn:

  • Where you get the quest "The Wide World of Beers".
  • How to complete the quest
  • How to solve the invisible barrel problem

The Quest “The Wide World of Beers”

You get the task on the island of Gesbroy, which is north of Yorn. Gesbroy is all about the beers the dwarves brew there. For "The wide world of beers" go down one of the two stairs in the area into the basement of the large tavern and speak to pub owner Lambicturr.

For Lambicturr, you'll run a variety of errands, find beers, and more. These are all simple “walk from A to B” quests. At one point in the quest, however, you will be asked to brew your own beer. This step can cause problems.

The quest is unfortunately somewhat buggy. The barrel you are supposed to interact with for the quest can be invisible. Then you won't be able to complete the quest as you can't click it and bring it to the designated place.

How do I solve the barrel issue?

The solution to the keg problem: you have to change the channel your character is on. To do this, click on the dropdown menu above the minimap and select a different channel.

Once everything reloads , the barrel should appear and you can continue with the quest. When you have completed all the tasks, you will receive the reward and the title of Brewmaster. You can then accept the follow-up quest “Good Old Times”.