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Promo codes for Call of Antia for November 2023: free gold, experience, diamonds and energy. How to activate a promo code


Promo codes for Call of Antia for April 2022: free gold, experience, diamonds and energy. How to activate a promo code

Call of Antia, a mobile role-playing game, offers exciting journeys and interesting strategic battles. In this guide, we have collected all valid and active promo codes in Call of Antia for free gold, experience, diamonds, energy, honor tokens, and much more.

About the game Call of Antia

Call of Antia combines many different game mechanics and genres. The simple genre of "three in a row" is diluted with exciting battles and RPG elements. The match-3 puzzle is also needed to strengthen your heroes. All enemies in the level are located at the top of the screen. Depending on the strategy and speed in clearing the ranks, you will open up new opportunities and different options for carrying out strong attacks.

About the game Call of Antia

If you are new to the game, you will soon realize that each color on the board corresponds to a different hero. The more identical flowers you collect, the stronger the attack of this character will be. It is worth noting that in order to defeat some strong enemies, you first need to level up your squad members.

How to activate promo codes in Call of Antia

If you are an avid gamer, then you will not have any problems using active promotional codes for Call of Antia. First, you need to download the application to your smartphone or other device and install it. After a long study, you can return to the "Home" tab. From this moment you can start activating working codes.

  • Open the game, and click on the avatar icon, which is located at the top left of the screen.
  • Go to the settings and press the "Enter" button opposite the "Activation Code" item.
  • Enter the working promo code and click "Confirm".

Valid and active promo codes for Call of Antia

Please note that we regularly update this material and check for new promo codes. If you find an inaccuracy, please report it in the comments.

  • Halloween2023 (Expires November 3)
  • COA777

Promo codes that supposedly work or are not active at all

  • children's day
  • puzzle love
  • ThanksMom
  • Semu Technology
  • FiveSages
  • BraveCommander
  • 50KFollowers
  • Spring Festival
  • puzzle777
  • COA777
  • Happy New Year 2022
  • AprilsFoolCoA
  • March8
  • BattleCode
  • IriliaDungeon22
  • AntiaResolutions
  • frost festival
  • DecemberSecrets
  • TreasureHunters
  • BlackFriday2021

  • Why didn't the promo code work?

    There are several types of promo codes. Some come with a limited expiration date, while others come with a limited number of activations. If you entered a promo code and it didn't work, you'll see one of several reasons:

    • "Activation Code Parameter Error": This means that the activation code does not exist in the game's database and most likely never existed.
    • "Invalid Activation Code": Some codes must be case-sensitive to activate. If the promotional code consists of uppercase and lowercase letters, follow them. Also, pay attention to the spaces that can be at the beginning and at the end of the promotional code. They also need to be removed.
    • "Code Expired": You are trying to enter an expired promo code.
    • “Limit Reached”: The promo code activation limit has been reached.

    What can I get for activating promotional codes in Call of Antia

    Usually, developers add standard rewards in promotional codes. They may depend on the event or holiday for which this code is timed.

    • Gold: used to upgrade heroes and
    • Diamond: with the help of this resource, you can summon new heroes;
    • Energy points: without such points, you will not be able to start a new battle or challenge;
    • Other resources.