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Promo codes for Idle Heroes for November 2023: free diamonds, scrolls of summoning heroes and other bonuses. How to activate a promo code


Promo codes for Idle Heroes for April 2022: free diamonds, hero summoning scrolls and other bonuses. How to activate a promo code

By activating promotional codes in Idle Heroes, you can get useful in-game items: diamonds, hero summoning scrolls, gems, and much more. In this guide, you will find valid codes for Idle Heroes.

Having a game of Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes is a popular RPG for Android and iOS where you have to assemble a squad of powerful heroes. You can complete story campaign missions or fight other users. At the moment, there are mysterious towers, arenas, and a huge number of dungeons in the game. Fight evil alone or join a guild. Challenge the most difficult co-op bosses and achieve the title of legend.

How to activate promo codes in Idle Heroes

To activate the code, you need to download and install the game on your mobile device. Complete the tutorial and return to the main screen. Then do the following:

  • At the top right of the screen, click Events.
  • Go to the "Events" tab.
  • In the first menu item "Exchange Code", insert the promotional code and click "Exchange".
  • The gift will be sent to the post office in a separate letter.

Valid and active promotional codes in Idle Heroes

Please note that the guide is updated monthly. We check new promo codes before sharing them with readers. If you find an inaccuracy, please report it in the comments.

  • IHVK20K - Use the code for Free Rewards
  • IH777 - Use the code for 40 Heroic Summon Scrolls
  • IH999 - Use the code for 60 Summon Scrolls

Promo codes that supposedly work or are not active at all

  • HIJUNE2022 - 10 Heroic Summon Scrolls, 1000 Diamonds;
  • SUMVIBE2022 - 10 Heroic Summon Scrolls, 1000 Diamonds;
  • XIEXIENI - added June 9, 2022;
  • FELIZJULIO - valid until July 31, 2022;
  • DHXIH2022 - added June 18, 2022;
  • MARZOIH2022
  • HAPPY2022CNY
  • NEWYEAR2022
  • 2022HAPPYCNY
  • IHNOV2021
  • XMAS2021IH
  • ASPEN2021IH
  • IHNOV2021
  • autumn2021
  • ASPEN2021IH
  • Autumn 2021
  • IHOCT2021
  • IHSEPT202
  • IHAUG2021
  • MAY2021IH
  • IH2021APR
  • HE777
  • IHSPRING2021
  • IHLIGHT2021
  • NEWIH2021
  • MerryXmas2020
  • HAPPY2021IH

Why didn't the promo code work?

There are several types of promo codes in Idle heroes. Basically, they have a limited duration or are designed for a certain number of activations. To exchange some codes, you need to reach a certain level in the story campaign. If you entered a promo code and it didn't work, you'll see one of several reasons:

  • "Code has expired": this promo code has expired;
  • "Complete Campaign (XX)": The trade will require you to complete the campaign level shown in brackets.
  • "Limit reached": the limit of promo code activations has been reached.

What can I get for activating promo codes in Idle Heroes

Promo codes allow you to get various rewards. Usually, this is an in-game currency or consumable item:

  • diamonds;
  • Heroic Summon Scrolls;
  • Gems;
  • Random rewards.