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Stellaris: The best cheats

 Anyone who wants to dominate in Stellaris can use any help. Here you will find the best cheats for the galactic 4X game!

Stellaris: The best cheats

Your great role models are Palpatine and his empire, but you have a few difficulties getting a foothold as a space dictator? Then here are the best cheats in Stellaris, with which you will become the sole ruler of your galaxy! In this guide you will learn:

  • How to use cheats in Stellaris
  • What are the best cheats for the strategy game

What do the Stellaris cheats bring me?

With the cheats, you can make one or the other change in your game round in Stellaris, which you could not achieve so quickly with normal means. For example, you simply integrate another star kingdom into your kingdom with a cheat, you adjust the size of a planet at the push of a button, or research all technologies at once.

Important to know: Cheats only work in the PC version of Stellaris - and of course only in single-player mode.

How do I use cheats in Stellaris?

The codes are easy to enter in Paradox Interactive's 4X game. All you have to do is press ^ (that's the key next to the number 1 and above Tab on the keyboard) and the so-called console will open. There you can then type in the cheats and then admire full resource stores and enemies destroyed in no time at all.

It is important for many of the codes that you enter a fixed value at the end. So if you use "cash", enter "cash 1000" and you will get 1000 energy credits credited to your account.

What cheats are there?

There are a lot of console commands in Stellaris covering all possible functions. We have listed the best ones for you to use to dominate your galaxy:

Note: In the console, omit the square brackets and just enter a number.

cash [number] (example: cash 1000)

Energy credits will be added

minerals [number]

Minerals are added

food [number]

food is added


All resource stores will be completely filled

influence [number]

Influence will be added

unity [number]

Unity is added

physics [number]

Physics research is added

engineering [number]

Engineering research will be added

society [number]

Social research is added

minor_artifacts [number]

Small artifacts are added

finish research

Your current research will be completed

research_technologies [ID]

Complete research with ID [Research ID]


Researches all technologies that cannot be researched repeatedly


Complete all special projects


Complete all building projects (including those of your opponents!)


All your ships and units become indestructible


Explore all systems (requires a research vessel)


Begins to colonize the selected planet

grow_pops [number]

Adds the amount [number] of population to the selected planet


Enlarges the planet to a maximum size of 78

planet_happiness [number]

Adds [number] Happiness to the selected planet


You are free to choose your form of government


Complete the terraforming process for all planets.

force_integrate [target]

Integrate the [Target] Star Empire into your empire


Explore the entire galaxy map


Activates all traditions for your realm.


Activates all communications with all races


Begins electing a new Federation leader

tech update

Rerolls the research opportunities

create_navy [number]

Creates a fleet with the current blueprints and fleet capacity in % (e.g. 1 is 1% fleet capacity)

damage [number]

All ships in the selected fleet take [number] damage points.


Turns the AI ​​on and off