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Stellaris: The best mods for the 4X game

 Do you know Stellaris inside and out? Then try out the ingenious mods for the strategy game! You can find out here which mods are available and how to install them.

Stellaris: The best mods for the 4X game

In this guide to mods in Stellaris you will learn:

  • Where to find mods for Stellaris
  • How you install them
  • What mods are there

Where can I get the mods for Stellaris and how do I install them?

If you own Stellaris on Steam, you can easily add mods to your game via the Steam Workshop: find the right mod there, go to its page and click "Subscribe". It will now be downloaded automatically. If you then start the game, you will see the mods in the Paradox launcher. Then just select it and start the game as usual.

If you don't use Steam, you can also download mods from the modding site or the official Paradox website. To do this, simply go to the website, download the files, and then unzip them into your Stellaris directory under Paradox Interactive > Stellaris > Mods. When you start the game, you can now select and activate your mods in the Paradox launcher.

With all mods, you have to make sure that your game version is compatible with the version of the mod. After a new update for Stellaris, it always takes a moment for the modders to adjust their extensions accordingly.

visual mods

Amazing Space Battles

Anyone who expects space battles like Star Wars in Stellaris will definitely be disappointed. The fights look okay but could be staged in a much more exciting way. The mod "Amazing Space Battles" takes on this problem and ignites a thunderstorm effect on your screen when two forces collide.

UI overhaul

A simple but very useful mod: "UI Overhaul" adapts the standard UI to higher resolutions and thus helps you to keep track of your astrological empire. The mod is available in 1080p Plus and Dynamic versions.

Beautiful Universe 2.0

The star systems of Stellaris already look good in their own right. But this mod takes immersion to new heights: “Beautiful Universe 2.0” transfers reference images from real star systems and from other games to Stellaris and polishes the graphics up again.

total conversions

Star Wars Fallen Republic

This mod is what every Star Wars fan has always dreamed of! As a so-called total conversion, it is a complete change of the basic game and lets you explore and conquer the galaxy far, far away. You get matching factions, such as the rebels, star systems, and even spaceships. So if you finally wanted to unleash a fleet of Star Destroyers on Tatooine: With “Fallen Republic” you have the opportunity to do so!

Star Trek: New Horizons

What is true for Star Wars is also true for Star Trek: This mod is also a total conversion and changes the base game so that you can join Starfleet, the Romulan Empire or the Klingons. You get suitable ships, cards, events, and traditions as well as megastructures and buildings.

Mass Effect: Beyond the Relays

If you loved the Mass Effect games and can't get enough of the universe of asari, krogan and turians, you should install this mod. With Beyond the Relays, you'll get a map modeled after the games' universe and realms to match. The mod is still in the beta phase and should get significantly more content in the course of development.

Base game expansions

Alpha mod 3.1

With "Alphamod" you don't get a total conversion, but a huge expansion for the existing Stellaris universe. The mod adds tons of new mechanics, buildings, ships, resources, and much more. If you've sunk hundreds of hours into Stellaris and are looking for more of everything that is Stellaris, you'll find it here.

More events

With this mod, the name says  it all: Countless new events and stories are added . This creates an even stronger immersion and a more lively universe.