The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe walkthrough - game guide

 How to get all the old and new game endings

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe is an expanded edition of the original game that retains all the concepts, improved graphics, and new gameplay options. This guide covers all the endings available in the game.

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Set the time the first time you start the game. You can restart the game from the desktop a few more times, play with time and view funny correspondence. In the end, the stranger will stop texting you, and when you start the game, you will immediately be taken to the main menu.

In addition, you will be asked if you have played The Stanley Parable. This answer determines how many normal endings you need to open in order for the New Content door to appear. If you select "Yes", then it seems like it will be enough to get one ending of the left and right doors. If you choose "No", you will have to get at least 7 endings in total (maybe three behind each door, maybe four). Anyway, to begin with, we will look at all the standard endings of The Stanley Parable, some of which have been changed.

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe walkthrough - game guide

Regular endings for The Stanley Parable

Ending "Freedom"

This is the standard ending of the game. Probably most players will get it first. Follow the voice of the Narrator. Move through two office rooms with computer tables, and at the fork go through the left door. There is an option to pass through the right door. In this case, you will study the restroom, and in the corridor behind it you will have to enter the first door on the left and go past the freight elevator. This path will also take you to the meeting room.

The meeting room will be empty, so go further along the corridor and go upstairs on the landing (the path down leads to another ending). After rising to the top floor, go through the corridor to the right, past the secretary's desk, and enter the boss's office. There will be no one, and the Narrator will tell you about the far wall panel and give the code - 2845. As soon as you hear him, enter the panel to open a secret passage. You will return to this place more than once. So, if you enter the boss's office and immediately enter the code without hearing it from the Narrator (the code does not change, always 2845), then the Narrator will say that Stanley was in too much of a hurry and did not listen to him, and turn on calm music. A small but interesting secret.

Ending "Freedom"

Go to the secret room and use the elevator on the left. By the way, there are two more endings associated with this elevator, but they were not in the standard game, so they will be described in a separate section. After taking the elevator down, move forward along the corridor and enter the mind control room. In front of her on the left, there will be a passage with the inscription ESCAPE, but this is a different ending. In the mind control room, press the white button to turn on the monitors. Walk along the bridge that appears and click on the Next button. Do the same and click on the third one. Take the elevator that appears and enter the control room. Go through it and enter the back room, where there is a control panel with two buttons - OFF and ON. Press the OFF button to turn off the mind control machine.

Summary: Listen to the Narrator as the large shutters open, and then head outside into the open air. The narrator will say that Stanley is finally free. But after a few seconds, the game will restart and Stanley will return to his office.

Ending "Explosion"

To get this ending, you need to follow the same path as described in the "Freedom" ending. When you go down this path and get to the control panel of the mind machine, instead of OFF, press the ON button.

Ending "Explosion"

Bottom line: Stanley decided to start the mind control machine and control it, but without proper authorization, the self-destruct system was activated instead. The narrator will start to bully Stanley, start a countdown, and add some time, but in the end, there will be an explosion. After the reboot, Stanley will return to his workplace.

Ending "Coward"

The easiest ending ever. Instead of leaving your office, close the door and wait.

Outcome: The narrator will say that Stanley got scared and decided to stay in the office, waiting for instructions on how to work. But he did not wait for them and died of boredom. There will be a reboot.

Ending "Madness"

Move where the Narrator points. Once you pass through the meeting room and reach the landing, instead of going up, take the path down. After going down, go to the basement. Move-in a circle. You will understand that you are in an inextricable loop, the premises are repeated over and over again. When you get bored, you can just stop. It's pointless to go any further. Listen to what the narrator has to say.

Outcome. First, you learn that Stanley has no legs. Lower the camera - really. Then Stanley will begin to float in the air. You can fly a little. Eventually, after Stanley tries to wake up, he will come to the conclusion that this is all real. Crazy and die. The game will restart.

Ending "Museum"

And again, you need to listen to the voice and advice of the Storyteller. Follow the same path as the "Freedom" ending. After taking the elevator down from the secret room at the boss's office, don't rush to enter the mind control room. Instead, find the passage on the left, which is indicated by the inscription ESCAPE. Go along the narrow corridor and at the very end jump into the ventilation shaft. Having fallen on some platform, you will start moving towards a giant press, but a second before death it will be stopped. You will hear a female voice. This is an alternate version of the Narrator. And then move on to the museum. This museum contains various exhibits that are dedicated to cut content, early builds, and so on. You can study everything you see. When you get bored, go up to the upper floors and look in the right-wing for a long dark corridor marked EXIT.

Outcome: The Narrator will return Stanley to the very platform that will have to move, and soon Stanley will die. The game will restart.

Tangled ending

Disobey the Narrator, and already at the first fork, use the right door. Go through the restroom and after it, as the Narrator tells, turn into the room on the left. Behind this room, there is a meeting room, and you can return to the main route. However, instead, find a freight elevator on the left side of this room. Ride it down. Walk along the corridor until you find yourself on the upper bridge of the mind control room, with many monitors. After the monologue, the Narrator will restart the game.

Move into the room where there are two doors, but instead of them, you will see several doors. There will be a monologue again, and again a restart. Go to this room again, but now there will be no doors at all. And again, after the monologue, there will be a restart. A yellow "Adventure Line" will appear on the floor. Move along this line without leaving the path (although you won't be able to do this) until you are on the upper bridge of the mind control room (like the first time).

After restarting the game, try to go through the first office, but the Narrator will close the door and offer you to go through another one. Take the only route until you reach a room with a large board with instructions for getting the Tangled Ending.

Outcome. The narrator will start to object that he will not obey some algorithm, and will refuse to restart the game again. But the game itself will do it for him.

Ending "Telephone"

Disobey the Narrator and go through the door on the right. Move through the break room and go past the left door, which allows you to return to the meeting room, to the main route. In the room ahead is a huge warehouse with a yellow platform. Step on this platform and it will move. Wait for the platform to take you to the other side, get off it and go through the far door.

You will find yourself in a room with a telephone. Pick up the handset to move to residential apartments. You will hear the voice of Stanley's wife, but then it turns out that this is a mannequin. You can try to go left, but the Storyteller will place a brick wall. Enter the apartment and wait. Press the keys that appear on the screen. Repeat pressing until you return to the office.

Outcome. The apartment will turn into a regular office and you can continue the game. Go for any other ending.

Ending "Without Stanley"

Follow the same steps as in the "Telephone" ending. But instead of picking up the phone, go around the phone and unplug it. The narrator will say that this was not part of his plans. Watch the selection video and then head back along the same route using the yellow platform. Get to the room with two doors. Again, listen to the Narrator. Go through the door on the right. There will be a dead-end here, and the Storyteller will tell you to hurry up and go where he says. Go back and go through the left door. Get to the meeting room, where there will be complete devastation

Ending "Without Stanley"

When the Narrator resets the game and takes you back to the two doors, listen to him and immediately go through the left door. Get to the stairs, go upstairs and enter the chief's office. It will look completely different. In the distance, there is a door with a voice panel. The narrator will several times demand that Stanley give the password, but, as you know, our hero is always silent.

Outcome. The Narrator gets angry and teleports Stanley. But instead of a room with two doors, we will be above it. Stanley will stand at the bottom, the Narrator will beg him to do something, and we will be able to watch the credits. Soon the scene will end, and the game will restart. This is the only ending in which the credits appear.

Ending "Power"

Disobey the Narrator and go through the right door. Move through the restroom and go forward, past the left door. In the warehouse, you need to jump down, from the platform or the edge.

Outcome. Stanley will crash, and the Narrator will once again make fun of the fact that he supposedly can control the plot. The game will restart.

Ending "Cowardice"

Do the same as in the Might ending, but don't jump down. Instead, stand on the yellow platform and quickly back out. The platform must leave, and Stanley will be at a dead end. Here, the Narrator himself recommends Stanley jump down. Listen to him.

Outcome. Stanley will crash, and the game will restart.

Game ending

You need to ignore the Narrator from beginning to end. First, go through the right door, and follow the restroom forward to the warehouse. Get on the yellow platform and wait. When it rises up and passes a little forward, look down and jump onto the metal bridge. The narrator will be furious.

Game ending

Go through the door and go down until you find two doors - red and blue. Don't listen to the Narrator, go through the blue door. The second time, go through the blue door. And for the third time, turn around and go through the blue door. You will enter a huge room. The narrator will say that he did not finish this part of the game. Soon he will return you to the room with the left and right doors. To the right of them, another, third door with an orange corridor will appear.

Enter it and leave the desired review by clicking on one of the five buttons. You will again move to a room with two doors. On the left, there will be a comic leaderboard in which you are in last place. Go through the orange door again and give feedback on the table. The Storyteller will then add a red button. You need to click on it, throwing the child, who crawls into the fire. The narrator will inform you that in order to fully immerse yourself and study the game, you need to do this for four hours. This is the craziest ending of the game, but for now, I suggest you stop pressing the red button.

Depending on whether you are playing the original or the Deluxe Edition, you will then move on to other games. The 2013 Standard Edition will include Minecraft and Portal, while the Deluxe Edition will include Firewatch and Rocket League. In the second case, go down from the observation tower and try to move away from it. A huge wall will appear, after a while, the Narrator will move you to the Rocket League. Go to the center of the site. The ball will appear. Kick him in the gate. Then new balls will appear. Play with them, and when they disappear and the Narrator stops talking, drop down into the hole behind any gate. Fall even lower until you return to your room. The game will restart.

"Essence of Divine Art" ending

The most difficult ending in the sense that it will take four hours to get it. Read the description of the game-ending above. As soon as the red button appears, start pressing it. And so two hours. After that, another button will appear, and you will have to press alternately on both. And so another two hours. And if the developer's cheat console worked in the original game (it could be turned on), then there is no console in the Deluxe Edition. Using it in the original, you can run the auto click command and just wait. After these four hours, if the conditions are met, the Storyteller will teleport the player to a bright room where the Essence of Divine Art is located.

"Essence of Divine Art" ending


Now repeat the same steps as with the game-ending. Go through the right door, use the yellow platform and jump down to the bridge. Follow the only route to two doors, red and blue. And here already listen to the Narrator and go through the red door. Take the only route to the room with the stars. The narrator will report that he is happy. Leave the room and move the only way back. You will enter a room with a large staircase. Climb the stairs to the very top and, without listening to the Narrator, jump down. You won't die the first time. You have to jump a total of four times.

Outcome: Stanley will die, and the game will restart.

Ending "Escape Pod"

Listen to the Narrator and get to the chief's office. Don't rush into the office. Instead, you need to enter it and exit quickly so that the door slams shut behind you. In this case, the Narrator will remain in the study, and you can return back the same way you came here. So do it. To the right of Stanley's office, a door opened. Go through it and get to the landing. You are on the 754th floor, but based on the graffiti, you need to move to 760. So do it. Climb up until you get to the 760th floor. Go to the end of the corridor to see the escape pod.

Bottom line: as soon as you get close to the capsule, the game will restart.

Ending "Falling out the window"

At the very beginning of the game, you are in the first office with computer tables, go to table 434. Find a point on the side so that you can climb a chair, from it go to the table and along the wall to the open window. Crouch and move through the window. Scroll down and select "Yes" or "No". In the first case, the Storyteller will begin to sing, and in the second, to reason.

Bottom line: in both cases, you need to restart the game. Can be perceived as two different endings (due to the choice of "Yes" or "No").

Ending "Paradise"

Difficult ending to get. In the original game, you can get it at any time, but in the Deluxe Edition, it is important to open the New Content first and get a bucket. Read about it below. As soon as you do this, you will have to activate several computers in turn, on the monitors of which the Awaiting Input message appears. You need to interact with such a monitor, and then a purple scale will appear on it, consisting of several divisions. Each time the number of divisions (scale fullness) will increase. After each interaction, you need to start the game again (through the main menu or simply select the "Start the game again" item in the pause menu). Only after that, the new computer is activated!

Ending "Paradise"

So here is the correct sequence:

  1. Table 419.
  2. Table 423.
  3. Secretary's desk, in front of the chief's office.
  4. Table 434.
  5. Stanley table.

All tables are located either in the first two office rooms or in front of the boss's office.

Cheater ending

This option is only available in the original game. In the Deluxe Edition, you cannot activate the developer console. So, if you are playing the original game, I recommend that you do the following:

  • Option 1: Open Steam, right-click on the name of the game in your library, and select "Properties". In the first section, there is an item "Launch Options". Add there (without quotes) "-console".
  • Option 2: Right-click on the desktop shortcut for the game. Select "Properties". In the "Object" field, add "Space" to the very end and without quotes "-console".

Now launch the game and press the ~ key. The developer console should open. Enter the command sv_cheats 1. You will be moved to another room. Retype the sv_cheats 1 command twice more and the Narrator will leave.

Bottom line: you will have to restart the game yourself.

Secret "White Board"

At some point during your playthrough (in the Deluxe Edition, most likely after unlocking new content), you will end up in a blue office with several doors. Enter Room 426 and you will see a whiteboard ending in front of you. In the original game, you need to activate the developer console and enter the specified command - bark. After that, each click of the LMB will be accompanied by a dog barking. In the Deluxe Edition, you need to examine the lower right corner of the whiteboard instead. There is an image of a dog and a checkbox. Put a “tick” in it, and all your LMB clicks will be accompanied by a dog barking.

Secret "Storage room"

If you go through the left door, then in the corridor behind the meeting room you can find a utility room. Get inside and wait. The narrator will beg you to return to the corridor. Wait until he says the player is "dead" and the second player must take control. Only then go out into the corridor. The narrator will be happy. But you again return to the back room and wait. The narrator will disappear, saying that he will be waiting for you to return to the main plot. Complete the game the way you want. On the next run, look again into the back room. The narrator will be shocked. But laconic. The next time you go past the utility room, you will see boards on it. The narrator boarded up the door to prevent you from getting in.

How to unlock new content in the Deluxe Edition

As mentioned above, when you first start the game, you will be asked if you have played The Stanley Parable before. If you answer "Yes", then you will have to complete 2-3 endings (two different doors), and in the corridor in front of the room with two doors, instead of room 416, a door with the inscription New Content will appear. If you answered "No", you will have to get about 6-8 regular endings. Choose from any of the above!

How to unlock new content in the Deluxe Edition

Ending "Zone of Memories"

To get started, open the new door in the office, which is right down the hallway in front of the two-door room. How to unlock it is described above. After passing through this door, you will be taken to a moving platform. Here the developers will talk about the game and what it is. Follow the steps until you reach a room with nothing but a counter, a circle on the floor, and the word "The Jump Circle" on the wall. In this circle, you can jump.

The counter shows the number of times you can jump in the whole game, but only inside such a circle! Once the counter reaches "0", you will no longer be able to jump for the rest of the game. Continue until you reach a room where you can climb the stairs on the left. Climb up one flight and move through the ventilation the Narrator points to. In the end, you will find a stone gate and get to the building "Zone of memories" (or memory). Hence the name of the ending.

Ending "Zone of Memories"

Inside this place, you can find various awards and more. In the end, you will reach the sanctuary. Behind the room is a staircase leading to the technical room. It is currently closed, so head through the door located up the stairs. Listen to the Narrator. Eventually, the doors will open, but the path will be blocked by crates. Return to the previous room and you can go down to the maintenance room. Continue until you reach a room with a single yellow button that allows you to "skip" the Storyteller's words.

Now everything is simple. Use the button to skip the Narrator's dialogue. You can listen to it as long as you like, but in the end, you will be forced to press this button. Keep clicking until the room begins to change. A hole will appear in one of the corners (after ~10-12 clicks). Pass through it to the street and walk through the desert until the reboot starts.

The Stanley Parable 2 ending

After passing the previous ending, again go to the corridor with the door of new content. A brighter sign will appear. Follow through this door, move through the offices, and soon you will find yourself in a huge exhibition hall dedicated to content for The Stanley Parable 2. You can explore this hall in any way you see fit. Basic things to do:

  1. Climb the long steps on the right and enter the room with the bucket of tranquility. Take this bucket.
  2. Go to the other side and look into the hall of collectibles. Take the first Stanley figurine. You have to find five more.
  3. After that, you can go to the exit. Opposite the hall with the collectible, there is an exit point in the far right corner. Go there, listen to the Narrator. The game will restart.
The Stanley Parable 2 ending

Ending "Elevator"

Listen to the Narrator and move where he says. Go through the left door and the meeting room, go up to the chief's office, and enter the code. Get to the elevator and ride it down. Do not rush to leave the elevator. Instead, press the up button to return back to the boss's office. Enter the office and listen to the Narrator. Go down again and go up. After listening to the Narrator, go down for the third time and ride up. This time you will be at the very top. Walk down the corridor, up the stairs, and out into the press conference room. Wait. The game will restart.

Ending "Ventilation"

Disobey the Narrator and go through the right door. After the restroom, go forward without turning into the door on the left. You will be taken to a warehouse. To the left of the yellow platform where you can ride into the distance, there are boxes and a board. Climb up the board and jump off to the left. You will fall onto the stand, and there will be open ventilation on the side. Move through it to find a tape recorder with a recording of the Narrator's voice. Listen to the Narrator, the game will be restarted shortly.

Calm Bucket Endings

There will be many endings that are related to the bucket of tranquility. These are variations on the standard endings described above. But not everyone. All that is required of you is to grab a bucket and move through the finals listed below. The Storyteller will have different stories for you, and sometimes the ending itself will be significantly different from the standard.

Calm Bucket Endings

So, you can take a bucket of calm and go through the endings:

  • Freedom. No additional action is required. Repeat all the same as in the standard passage.
  • Explosion. No additional action is required. Repeat all the same as in the standard passage.
  • Coward. Since you need to return to Stanley's office, you will have to pick up the moment when the door to the office does not close. This happens after some endings. And then you can take the bucket and return to Stanley's office.
  • Madness. No additional action is required. Repeat all the same as in the standard passage.
  • Museum. No additional action is required. Repeat all the same as in the standard passage.
  • Confusing ending. Will be significantly different from the standard. Follow the Adventure Line and soon you will reach the bucket destroyer. No matter how hard you try, Stanley will refuse to throw a bucket at that car. Soon there will be an ending and a reboot.
  • Telephone. No additional action is required. Repeat all the same as in the standard passage.
  • Without Stanley. No additional action is required. Repeat all the same as in the standard passage.
  • Power. No additional action is required. Repeat all the same as in the standard passage.
  • Cowardice. No additional action is required. Repeat all the same as in the standard passage.
  • Is that... a bucket? It will be a completely different ending. The fact is that with a bucket, the Narrator will not let you through to the red and blue doors. That is, you must go through the right door, jump from the yellow platform to the bridge and try to go to the blue and red doors. Instead, you will be shown a different path. Click on any buttons. There are no right or wrong answers here.
  • Rescue capsule. No additional action is required. Repeat all the same as in the standard passage. The bucket will fly away on an escape pod and will only be inaccessible for one run.
  • Fall from the window. No additional action is required. Repeat all the same as in the standard passage. Don't forget to study the ending twice by choosing "Yes" and "No".
  • Paradise. No additional action is required. Repeat all the same as in the standard passage. Pick up the moment when the door does not slam shut, take the bucket, return to Stanley's personal office and interact with the computer. Assuming you got this normal ending. You don't have to click on all the computers listed in the description above.
  • Whiteboard. Again, pick up the moment when you appear in the blue office, take the bucket and visit the room with it. However, there are no comments here, so I doubt that she decides anything.
  • Utility room. No additional action is required. Repeat all the same as in the standard passage.
  • Ventilation. This is a new ending, but it can be modified by taking a bucket with you.
  • Elevator. Similar to the previous paragraph.

Ending with collectibles

Ending with collectibles

You need to collect all collectibles. Optional in one go:

  1. You will find the first figurine during the ending of The Stanley Parable 2.
  2. Next, go to the stairs that lead to the upper floor to the secretary and the chief's office. Do not rush to go to the chief's office. Instead, turn left and enter the bathroom. There will be a statue.
  3. Also, go down the stairs that lead to the boss's office or down to the Madness ending and look for the third figurine under the stairs.
  4. Go through the right door, the rest room and to the warehouse with the yellow platform. Jump down from the board and boxes, to the ventilation. Do not enter the ventilation, but go to the end of the wooden bridge to find the fourth figurine.
  5. Go there, stand on the yellow platform and jump off it onto the metal bridge. Move the only way. By the way, do it without a bucket!!! You must find red and blue doors. To the right of them, a utility room with a fifth figurine will be opened.
  6. Finally, visit the chief's office, enter the code and look for the figurine in front of the elevator leading down.

When you get all the figurines, restart the game or get to one of the possible endings. And then you can see the long ending. Just do what the Storyteller asks. Walk-in any direction. Sooner or later the ending will come to an end.


As soon as you get the previous ending, the Epilogue item will appear in the main menu. Run it. The first locations will change over time, you just need to wait. Then follow the linear path while learning the various hints. Is it on The Stanley Parable 3?

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