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Looking for a strong Graveborn class build in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands? Here you will find a variant that relies on powerful companions and a lot of damage.

This class is about: In Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, you have a total of six classes to choose from. One of them is the "Grabspross", or "Graveborn".

This class relies on dark magic on the one hand, and on the other hand on the support of companions, such as the half-lich, which supports attacks. The latter point is fundamental for the following build.

What build is this? YouTuber "Moxsy" created a video showing just how powerful the Graveborn can be with a focus on multiple pets. We embed it here for you:

Right at the beginning of the video, you can see bosses melting away fighting the build. Moxsy combines the Grave Sprout with the "Spore Keeper" class. This is possible thanks to the multiclass system that you unlock as you progress through the game.

We'll show you exactly how the build looks here.

Gravesprocket build relies on powerful companions

This is the most important skill: You can find the "Loyal Slaves" ability very early on in the Gravesprocket skill tree. Here you can invest up to three points if you only work with skill points. But Moxsy even uses a class mod to bring the ability to a full 6 points.

The skill is crucial as it increases your all damage per pet you have. This applies to all damage types, including weapons and spells. In addition, the companion respawn rate will be increased.

In order to get the most out of this skill, it makes sense to summon as many companions as possible.

The Graveborn attacks with monsters
The Graveborn attacks with monsters

What companions are used? Moxsy not only relies on the half-lich, which is there anyway but also tries to get more companions through weapons.

  • For example, there is the weapon "Snowballing Doodad of the Warrior" by Feriore. If thrown while reloading, it transforms into an additional Hydra companion. You can throw several of them, so that the "Loyal Slaves" skill gets additional stacks at the same time.
  • There are Feriore weapons that transform into "flying weapons" when thrown. They deal damage on their own, but also count as a stack for Loyal Slaves.
  • Other of Feriore's weapons can transform into flying fairy companions when thrown. They do extra companion damage but don't count as a "Loyalty Slave" stack.
  • There are also various spells that can summon Hydras - sometimes even 4 at once. They also increase your "Loyal Slave" stacks.

What skills are used? Especially skills that increase companion, spell, and ability damage are interesting. To do this, Moxsy uses the following skills in the grave sprouts build:

  • Loss of Essence (4/3 using Class Mod)
  • Loyal slaves (3/3)
  • Dark Pact (5/5)
  • Harvest (3/3)
  • Soul Stain (1/5)
  • Dark Hydra (3/3). This skill is particularly important as it can summon powerful Dark Hydras when you kill opponents.
  • Ascension (4/3 using Class Mod).

In addition, Moxsy uses abilities from the "Spore Keeper" tree. Here he gets the mushroom companion, as well as some strong skills for companion damage.

  • Kindred Heart (5/5)
  • Affinity (5/5)
  • Porthole (4/5)
  • Medicinal Mushroom (1/1)
  • Thrill of the Hunt (3/3)

Most of the abilities rely on increased damage from your companions and skills, which in turn ensure that your remaining damage also skyrockets. In addition, the resistance of your companions will be increased and the mushroom companion can even save your life.