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 In Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, one weapon stands out from the crowd: the pistol is called "Liquid Cooling" and is currently considered to be the best weapon you can find.

What makes the weapon so powerful? The Liquid Cooling is a powerful legendary pistol made by Skuldugger in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

Like all other Skuldugger weapons, it has the quirk of not requiring reloading. Instead, she has an overheat meter that fills up after a certain number of shots. Then stop firing.

But this is where the powerful effect of the weapon comes into play: whenever you score critical hits with the Liquid Cooling, the overheating meter is reset a bit.

If you aim well, this can result in her just not stopping shooting - at least until all your ammo is gone.

Even better, if you're using the Killomancer class, you can exploit the Out of the Shadows ability - then temporarily all hits become critical hits. So you really only stop shooting until the skill has expired.

You can see how powerful she is, for example, here in the video by YouTuber Ki11erSix:

In general, the weapon has very strong damage values ​​and can even drop with a double damage variant. It also deals Cryo damage to your opponents. They will be slowed and frozen - making them even easier targets for critical hits.

In the Wonderlands community and among several YouTubers, the "Liquid Cooling" is making a name for itself as arguably the best weapon in the game right now.

But where do you find this thing?

Here you can find the Liquid Cooling in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

How to get the Liquid Cooling: There are different ways to get the Liquid Cooling.

  • It can just show up as a world drop - pretty much anywhere
  • She can even appear in vending machines
  • You can also get them as a reward for the Chaos Chambers in the Wonderlands endgame
The "safest" option, however, is the boss "Lissia" in Krachmastbucht. You can meet Lissia by the boss obelisk behind the waterfall in Crustymast Cove. Here you have to flatten some waves of skeletons before Lissia herself appears. If you have defeated them, there is at least a chance of getting a Liquid Cooling.

But: No matter which variant you need a lot of loot luck. As things stand, the weapon is extremely rare. Nevertheless, the search could be worthwhile.