The Tournament in Acceleration is available on Clash Royale and in order to win your games more easily, we offer you two interesting decks to play.

Clash Royale, the arena game from Supercell is full of cards to play, fun modes to discover, and challenges to complete.

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Among the challenges available, we find the Tournament in acceleration and some players want to know which are the best decks to play. We are therefore going to offer you two builds that are interesting to try.

Which decks to use to complete the Tournament challenges in acceleration on Clash Royale?

If you want to know which decks to play to succeed in the Tournament in acceleration, we offer two very different builds.

Dual Freeze Dragon Deck

The first deck that can be seen below is relatively expensive since you only need 4.0 Elixir to use it. As you will see with the cards below, you will have a strong unit to destroy opponent towers, but also have tools to control your enemy's actions.

Dual Freeze Dragon Deck

List of cards :

  • Ball
  • bowler
  • Lumberjack
  • hell dragon
  • Electro Dragon
  • Freeze
  • Tornado
  • Barbarian Barrel
If you want to see what this deck does, you can check out the video below from Oofro.

Spam Archer Queen Deck

This second deck as you will see focuses on the relatively low cost of units in order to spam them while having effective tools to counter your opponent. Its cost is relatively low since it requires 3.1 Elixir.

Spam Archer Queen Deck

List of cards :

  • Skeletons
  • royal giant
  • royal ghost
  • Sinner
  • queen of archers
  • Electromind
  • Fireball
  • The log
If you want to see what this deck does, you can check out the video below from JuicyJ Gaming.

Of course, these two decks are for information only and you may find that other builds are more interesting to play. Finally, we remind you that if you want to know the best Clash Royale builds, we offer you different decks.

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