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Walkthrough Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - guide "Episode VI. Return of the Jedi (All Challenges)


Walkthrough Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - guide "Episode VI. Return of the Jedi (All Challenges)

How to complete all the story missions of the game and complete each available challenge

Move up the slope and use R2-D2 to hack the panel to the right of the gate. After a couple of seconds, the start point of the first mission of the episode will appear on the left.

Plan to save Khan

Now you control Leah Organa and Chewbacca. Move forward and to the right. In the corridor you will see plates with spikes. Pay attention to the enemy that moves on the correct plates. Follow the same slabs to avoid damage. jump over to the other side of the cliff, clinging to the crossbar, shoot the block on the right and lower the lever. So you lower the bridge, and Chewbacca can go further. Stand with both characters on two different red buttons to open a passage further.

When you run into the yellow gate, in front of them on the right, look for a passage into the corridor with the detention cells. There, you can use Chewie's skill to shoot the panel and free the prisoners. Return to the locked gate. Demolish the structure in front of them and build two panels with levers. Leia Organa should jump onto the left panel. To the right panel, control Chewbacca and move the large block. Climb onto it and jump onto the lever. When both levers are lowered, you will open the gate and you can go further. Move down the stairs to the room ahead and break the structure on the left. Pick up the battery and install it in the device on the left. Watch the cutscene of Han Solo's rescue.

Now you will control Luke Skywalker and Beeb Fortune. Move along the same corridors, go around the slabs with spikes and go to the large gate on the right. Don't go across the bridge! Examine the device to the left of the gate, use the power of the Jedi and break it. Build two red buttons out of it and stand on both to make a security bot appear. You can go further. Destroy the blocks on the right and build one of the two devices. Using Jabba's hologram, you can fool the device (you need to stand on the two red buttons again). Raise the gate using force and go down to Jabba's lair.

After the cutscene, you will be forced to fight against Rancor. To get started, you can run around the location from Rancor and use the power of the Jedi to throw several different stones at him. Keep doing this, and when the throwables run out, use Luke and another character to attack in melee. Press the Q key. Don't forget about dodges on the "Space" and WASD. And follow the prompts that pop up on the screen. The task will end soon.


  • Don't ruin the operation. You need to go through the first part of the task so that no one suspects either Leia or Chewbacca. So do not attack anyone and do not destroy anything unnecessarily.
  • The fate of the droids As soon as you get to this level, in one of the corridors, on the wall on the left, look for metal shutters that can be broken. By doing this, you will find enemies and the droids R2-D2 and C-3RO, which they ask you to know about.
  • Rancor under the door. When you fight the Rancor, first run away from him, grab various objects with the power of the Jedi and throw them at the boss. You need to throw five items, and then the test will be passed.


Climb down through the desert and interact with the blue dot to start the quest. At the very beginning, you have to fight against Boba Fett. The battle will be divided into two stages. In the first one, you fight on the deck of a flying ship. Use all available means. There are grenades in the box. Switch to different characters. Press Q if you fall into a trap. When you defeat him for the first time, he will fly out of the ship. Use the turret at the side and shoot Boba Fett until he has no health points left. If missiles are flying in your direction, just shoot them.

Then steps will appear. Kill all enemies and climb higher. To climb to the upper deck, you need to stack 3 boxes located nearby on top of each other. One box is on the right (move it to the left), and the other two are on the left. When all three crates are stacked on top of each other, you can climb on them, jump onto the pipe and get out to the upper deck. Kill all the enemies that are tormenting R2-D2, then switch to the drone and hack the panel.

Next, you have to fight against Jabba the Hutt. Walk around Jabba and attack from behind. He will not be able to oppose you at all. Then deal with reinforcements, regular enemies, then chase Salacius Crumb and attack him until the enemy has no health points left. He will return to Jabba the Hutt. Attack Jabba, reinforcements and Salacius again. And deal devastating damage to Jabba the Hutt for the last time.


  • Boba Fett without missiles! When Boba Fett is flying outside the ship, use the turret. Wait for him to launch a rocket at you and shoot it while it flies in your direction.
  • Liked? The test failed. We'll update the content later. If you know something, write it in the comments.
  • Cool hit. When Boba Fett flies from place to place, throw your lightsaber at him, as you learned to do it earlier (through aiming RMB). Do it before you defeat him.
  • Promise
  • Head to the vehicle and select your destination - Dagobah, Dragonwyrm Swamp. Run from marker to marker and go inside Yoda's hut. Approach Yoda to start the quest The Promise. Return to the ship and move to the space of Endor.

Return to the fleet

Land on the space station "House-One". Follow the markers and use R2-D2 to hack the panel to the left of the door. Go further until you find a blue marker that allows you to start the task. Confirm the action.

Endor's Limit

Now go back to the takeoff area and use the terminal to select the spaceship. Select the Millennium Falcon and travel to Endora space. Move towards the yellow marker to start a new task. Fight enemies until two stormtroopers leave behind a vehicle. Jump on the motorcycle and move on. Fly through the forest and shoot at opponents. You can even keep your finger on the LMB. Everything is quite simple, albeit long. And try not to crash into trees and explosive red containers. You will find yourself in the Ewok Village.


  • Get it right! When you move on a motorcycle through the forest, you will meet 2-3 AT-AT. Fly between the front and back legs of this walker to complete the challenge.
  • cabal. When you fight the enemies at the beginning of the quest, use the Jedi's power of suggestion and make them fight each other. Pretty simple!
  • Unsafe place. Find the generator below and overload it to deal damage to all opponents.

Chewbacca Defense

Run down the tree and approach the marker to start the next story mission. Switch to Wicker, go forward through the forest and use the workbench located opposite the gate. You will create a blaster crusher. Use it to break through the gate. Hold E to open the scavenger tools menu. Choose a blaster and shoot at the barrier. Fight your opponents. It is best to use Chewbacca. After destroying the enemies and the turret, build one of the two devices from the parts. We made an ewok horn, and it allowed us to lure the walker. Destroy the turret and a few more enemies on the bridge, then build another turret from the parts and use it to shoot down the walker.

Build a scavenger's workbench with spare parts (using Wicker) and craft a net launcher on it. Select the device via the E menu and run the grid into the marked wall. Having done this, climb up the grid, break the box on the right, take the battery and place it in the hole on the left. With both characters, jump onto the two bars in the center of the gate to saw them apart. Go through the gate, hold E while playing Wicker, select the net gun, and shoot at the wall. Create two nets and climb them up.

Use the scavenger's workbench again and craft the glider. Select it by holding down the E key, jump down, and glide to the walker marked with a marker. You will be able to manage it. One of the challenges of the mission is played in this place: you need to destroy three enemies on flying motorcycles before you destroy all enemy walkers (four at the beginning and two at the end).


  • Ewok'n'roll. When you control the AT-ST, shoot the rocks to destroy the enemy stormtroopers.
  • Helmet installation. When at the very beginning you shoot from cover, hit three times in the head of attack aircraft.
  • Undercut. To destroy the AT-ST, shoot the logs, which will destroy the walker.

Fulfill the destined

Move along the corridor and listen to the attack aircraft. In the role of Darth Vader, use the device on the left and hack it by pressing the indicated keys again. The next door will have a closed panel. Look behind the glass on the left and apply suggestions to the stormtrooper. Stand on the red button, then return control of Darth Vader and hack the second panel by pressing the indicated arrow keys. Interact with the marker to start the task.

First, you have to fight against Darth Vader. Nothing special. After the first phase, you will be offered to hide, but there is no point in this. After defeating him, you will join forces and fight against Emperor Palpatine. Raise the crosshair up and aim at Palpatine to deal damage to him. Defeat the normal enemies and return to Palpatine for a cutscene. Repeat the steps two more times. After that, the emperor will jump down. Press Q and aim several times at Palpatine until you deal devastating damage to him. The first (chronologically) trilogy is complete!


  • I won't fight you. After the first fight with Darth Vader near Palpatine, hide behind the pillars until he finds you. This is how you complete the test.
  • Let the hate flow. When fighting Palpatine's red-robed men, lure them into the red circle the emperor is aiming at so they can take damage from their master.
  • There is no fight. You need to find the weapon box of the Empire, open it, and pick up the desired item.
  • Star Wars I The Phantom Menace