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Walkthrough Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - guide "Episode III. Return of the Jedi (All Challenges)

 How to complete all the story missions of the third episode and complete each available challenge

The first task will begin immediately with the start of the episode.

Passed out

Move forward and hit the energy barrier. Use the power of the Jedi to pull the power cell out of the hole. The barrier will disappear. Destroy all the droids, clear the room on the left and stick the lightsaber into the wall. Cut it to go further. Make a rectangle on its right side. Kill all opponents in the control room, exit into the corridor on the left. Finish off the droids. Pick up the large object on the floor behind the energy barrier on the right. A device with an energy cell will appear. Pull it out so you can move on. Destroy one more robot and watch the cut-scene.

Walkthrough Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - guide "Episode III. Return of the Jedi (All Challenges)

Keep moving until you reach the last room with Palpatine. Fight Count Dooku. It will act as before, but this time there will be battle droids. Shortly after the victory, the task will be completed.


  • Beep-bop, reinforcements! You need to activate a friendly droid turret. When you pass through the first barrier and the room, you will return to the corridor. On the left there will be a door that can be blown up with a grenade (some characters are able to throw it at E, for example, an attack aircraft), and Threepio or another such droid can hack the terminal in the far left corner of the room. Activate the turret.
  • Civil War. You need to defeat the enemy droid while controlling the same droid. In a small control room with a small table in the center, there is a panel that Threepio can hack. Do this and take control of the droid by selecting the "antenna" slot. Controlling the droid, finish off other enemies.
  • Beware of wet floors! You have to control the rascal. For example, Chewbacca. Use it to destroy one of the two Droideks that you will meet in the corridors with energy barriers.

How impolite

Take a taxi to the Jedi Temple to meet with the Council. Interact with the blue marker to start the Jedi Council meeting. Open the Galaxy Map and go to the planet Utapau, in Pow City. Stand in the indicated place to start the task.

Fight against General Grievous using various combos. When he goes upstairs, switch to Cody and shoot at the red and white target to fill up the charge meter. After that, pull the ring to start the transport line. Grievous will fall down and you can continue the battle.

When he escapes a second time, follow the yellow wall with your lightsaber. Run further, kill the enemies and switch to Cody. Pull the ring sticking out of the wall towards you. Run further along the bridge. Once it's destroyed, run Obi-Wan Kenobi up the wall on the right. Defeat Grievous a third time until he escapes again. Kill all the enemies and try to climb the yellow wall by sticking your lightsaber into it. Part of the wall will collapse. Use the power of the Jedi to place two crates underneath it. Jump on them and jump into the wall with your lightsaber. Climb up and kill all enemies. Break the wall on the right and stick the lightsaber. Cut out a square on the left side. Build a terminal. Get on Cody's lift and have Obi-Wan Kenobi push the button on the lift. So you go upstairs. Using Kodi, interact with the terminal. Defeat General Grievous for the last time.


  • Droid attack. You need to defeat five battle droids, four magnaguards, and five super battle droids without dying once. Everything is clear here. In any case, you will meet a sequence of such characters.
  • Stealth attack. While Grievous climbs up and waits for you, take him by surprise. To do this, when Grievous goes upstairs, follow the yellow wall higher, sticking the lightsaber into it. Call the elevator. Kill all enemies. Grievous will rise even higher. Don't follow him, but instead take the elevator down and exit the large hangar outside where the clones are. On the left, look for a place to climb with a lightsaber. Stick the sword, climb up and go down to the bridge on the cable. Go to the other end of the bridge, jump to the right and look for a yellow cabinet on the wall to the left. Switch to any bounty hunter and shoot this closet. Climb up the stairs to take the enemy by surprise.
  • Very impolite. Defeat two MagnaGuards using a blaster. We are talking about warriors with energy staves. Just switch to a character with a blaster and kill them.

Wookiee droid attack

Take a taxi to the Coruscant Senate building to fight Chancellor Palpatine. Stand in the area marked with the blue marker to interrogate Palpatine. Travel to Kachiro on Kashyyyk by selecting it in the open area. Move to the gazebo on the left, kill the droids and save the first Wookiee. Go a little further, kill the enemies and destroy the rubble to save the second Wookiee. Get to the third Wookiee, which is under fire from the boats. Stand behind any turret and destroy two boats. Now run along with the marker, to the top, to the control room, where you can start this task.

Defeat all opponents, then use any Wookiee and pull the ring (watch the marker). Go to the other side along the bridge and cut a hole in the door. Follow through the corridor, after the cut-scene, jump onto the platform, grabbing the crossbar, and kill all the opponents. Then destroy the containers nearby and build a handle out of them. Using the Wookiee, turn the handle clockwise and then ride down the rope.

Kill the enemies, pull the object hanging from the tree (Wookie by the ring) and build the desired tool. For example, with the help of a battering ram, it will be possible to knock down a tree and go to the other side. If you do this, then on the other side, immediately jump into the walker on the left. Control it to destroy enemies and another walker controlled by a clone. Climb up, clinging to the ledges, and kill the last opponents. Leave the planet.


  • Force impact. You need to defeat the enemy clone by controlling another clone that was captured with the help of the Force. Can be done at any time. To capture the mind, use the F key and select the "Influence" option.
  • Regular passenger. Get to the escape pod using the alternate route. When it becomes possible to build a ram, instead create an elevator to climb the rock on the right. Break the objects and use the details to create a bridge. But don't follow it. Pay attention to the tree with a hole. There are blocks underneath. Move the big block to the side. Remove the small block from one hole and place it in the other. Put a big block in its place. It turns out the steps along which you can climb up and climb inside the tree. Slide down the cable to get near the escape pod.
  • In our way, in Kashyyyk! Use the AT-RT to take out the three clones and the enemy AT-RT. When you find yourself in an area with clones and walkers, capture one of them and destroy all enemies.

Conflict in the Senate

Go outside and take a taxi to the Senate of Coruscant. Enter inside the building, confirming your readiness to start the task. This whole mission is a long fight against Darth Sidious. In the first stage, kill normal enemies and dodge the red areas where Sidious will hit. In the end, he will spread his arms to the sides and start to let the current flow. Jump over charged beams using double jump. When he stops, it will be your turn to attack. Hit Sidious until he hides under the electrical barrier again. Repeat the steps until you have the upper hand.

Once up, kill the enemies and fight Sidious again. When he flies away on the platform, break the object on the next one and build a control panel. Interact with her by controlling the second character. Defeat Sidious for the third time, then deal with all the reinforcements and gain the upper hand for the last, fourth time.


  • A dazzling sight. Use the light to blind Palpatine. You need a rascal. For example, Chewbacca. Aim at the spotlight located under the ceiling and it will do everything for you.
  • The latest word in technology. Throw the droid at Palpatine's head. During the fight against Palpatine, inspect the side walls. Find a lever. Hang on it so that a part of the droid falls on Palpatine.
  • Return to the Senator. Interrupt Palpatine's spinning attack (lightning) by reflecting it back at the enemy. Pretty simple.


Use a taxi and go to the eastern residential district. Enter the living quarters and confirm the start of the mission. Talk to Padme. Now you will manage it. Get to Padme's ship and head to Mustafar. Open the Galaxy Map and follow to the Mustafar Space. Fly over the marker and land on the planet. Start the battle against Anakin Skywalker. Use the surrounding objects to throw them at the enemy. After the first victory, chase Anakin until you run into a closed door. When Obi-Wan asks, switch to Threepio and split by holding E. Use your robot's lower torso to enter the small chamber on the left and stand on the red button. Using R2, hack the blue terminal. Defeat Anakin a second time using various combos.

Use Threepio, connect both parts and hack the terminal. Turn on the alarm and use Kenobi's lightsaber to cut a hole in the door. While Kenobi is busy with Anakin, you will control the droids. Ride forward and you will be blown down by the air current. Kill the enemies, then destroy the objects and build a panel with two red buttons. Stand on these buttons. Defeat Anakin a third time while dodging falling fireballs. Climb up the ledges until you find yourself in another place. Defeat Anakin for the fourth time.

As Threepio, jump up the ledges to the terminal and hack it. Defeat Anakin one more time using various lightsaber combos. R2 hack the blue terminal and then defeat him one last time.


  • Get the cake! Throw a cake cart at Anakin. In the first battle against Anakin, search the battlefield for the cake cart that Padme brought and throw it at the enemy.
  • Secret entry. Choose an alternative route to get to Anakin. When you defeat Anakin for the first time, run down the corridor, but instead of entering the room, jump onto the yellow pipes on the right. Climb up the ledges on the wall and lower the lever. Jump inside the room to count the test.
  • Expanding horizons. Use the steam vents to damage Anakin. At the very beginning of the battle, switch to R2-D2. With Anakin standing on the yellow vent, hack the blue terminal on the side to damage him and complete the challenge.