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Walkthrough Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - guide "Episode VIII. The Last Jedi (All Challenges)

 How to complete all the story missions of the eighth episode and complete each available challenge

At the very beginning of the episode, after watching the cut-scene, fly forward to the marker to start the first task.

Dameron's defiance

Keep shooting cannons on the surface of the ship. You need to reduce its durability to 0. Also, don't forget about the challenges associated with destroying TIE fighters. Keep shooting at the fighters. As for the Baron TIE fighters, they will appear later when you are asked to protect the bomber. They are easily distinguished from regular LEDs by the purple streak they leave behind. They need to be fired at with proton torpedoes (to complete one of the three challenges). Then knock out four hatches (two on each side of the ship) to stop the fighters from spawning.


  • Ac. Complete a level without being defeated. Here everything is clear without words. You must not allow a single explosion of your ship.
  • How do you like my shooting? Destroy 3 TIE Fighters for 5 seconds. When the battle begins, pick up the moment, find a cluster of fighters and shoot them.
  • Return to sender. Defeat 3 Baron TIEs with Proton Torpedoes. These fighters will appear in the second half of the fight when you are asked to protect the bomber. They differ from the usual ones in the purple stripe that they leave behind. In them, and launch proton torpedoes (key Q when the red circular scale is filled).

Master Cracker Escape

Hack the control panel and go inside the marked room. Move to another room. Break into the closet and take the clothes. Return to the locker room for Finn to change. Go to the bridge and watch the video. Run along with the marker into the room and interact with the blue marker. Open the Galaxy Map and travel to Canto Bight on Cantonica.

Follow the marker and enter the mansion. Chat with three visitors who are marked with a marker. Go to the room, but the guard will not let you through. On the right is a droid. Chat with him by choosing BB-8 and you will find out at the piano. It is also nearby. Destroy the piano and the guard will be distracted. Move on and activate the task.

Master Cracker Escape

Once in the prison, get out of the cell and go left. Lower the lever to open a chamber with some kind of brown creature. Jump on it and stand on the red button opposite. Break the crate nearby and build a second red button. Stand on it with any of your characters, and the second lower the lever to activate the alarm and attract the attention of the guards.

Enter the central room, kill all the enemies and use the trampoline to jump onto the central column with the pipe. Grab the pipe and climb higher. Lower the lever to turn off the energy field and collect your belongings. Destroy the red equipment in the central column and take the equipment. Using the hook, tear out the hatch in the corridor and jump down.


  • What irony! You are asked to lock the guard in the cell. Open the chamber that contained the brown creature. You put it on one of the two red buttons. Inside the chamber, you need to destroy all the objects, and then build models of Rose and Finn from them. Then wait for two guards to enter the chamber and lower the lever located to the right of it (you used it to open it).
  • Jailbreak. You need to go to the security room so that no one notices you. Right after you ban the two guards in the cell, enter the main control room where the rest of the jailers are. The alarm will not be raised immediately (if at all), and the passage of the test will be counted.
  • Who guards the guards? During the prison break, you need to defeat 8 guards. As soon as you destroy the central element of the prisoner's room and take your equipment, an alarm will be raised. On your way to the exit, make sure to defeat at least 8 jailers. The test must count.

snooker breaking news

Follow Skywalker, who refuses to return. Jump on the outer wall of the building, clinging to the pipes, destroy the bars and climb inside through the roof. Follow him outside and across the island until he stops. Chase the creature that stole the milk bottle. Sooner or later it will drop the bottle. Take it and return to Luke Skywalker. Luke agrees though. Run along the coast and follow up to the cave where the teacher is.

Run along with the marker and find a hole leading inside the cave. Jump down. Your reflection repeats the actions. Stand as a reflection on the button and go through the portal. Do the same with two reflections and two buttons. In the third room, you will need to use jumps to get your reflections to overcome obstacles. In the fourth room, everything is the same, but do not forget that you can make double jumps. Leave the cave. Fight Luke Skywalker.

Open the map of the Galaxy and go to Crait space. Then fly to the marker to start the next quest described below...

Go forward along the corridor, controlling Kylo Ren and Rey. You will run into a jammed door. Pull the lever on the right, hanging on it, and break the opened red fuse. To the right is another locked door. First, cut the wall to the right of the door and remove the red element from there. After that, lower the lever on the wall on the right and use the Force to pull out the blue element. The kitchen will start on fire. Install the blue element in the hole to the right of the door. The door will open and you can go through.

Next, you have to fight the Praetorian guards. You will switch between Rey and Kylo Ren. The health bar is common to all guardians. It will gradually decrease. Each guardian killed is minus part of the health bar and one "gray shield".


  • You amaze me! Kylo Ren must subdue Rey three times. To do this, at the beginning of the mission, switch to Rey and start attacking any attack aircraft. Kylo will stop you using the Force. Repeat steps three times.
  • Supreme loser. Destroy all Praetorian guards in 5 minutes or less. We are talking about the battle in which you will participate at the end of the task.
  • Complete destruction. Throw the Praetorian down the mine. Again, this is the final battle of this level. The mines are on the left and right. These are round holes with antennas. Something sparkles below. Position yourself in such a way as to squeeze the enemy between you and the threshold of the mine. Attack until your character eventually pushes the enemy down.

Chrome head off the shoulders

Land on an enemy ship. You control Finn, BB-8, Rose and DJ. Run down the corridor. It is useless to kill enemies, because they will appear again, and so on without end. At the very end of the path, stand on the blue marker near the laundry. Walk further along the marker and confirm the start of the task.

Then you will face the battle against Captain Phasma. In the first stage, kill the normal stormtroopers, and then shoot the green circles on the loaders under the ceiling, which are carried by TIE fighters. You need to shoot only those loaders that have fighters. Those will fall on Phasma's head, and reduce the health bar. As soon as there is no health left, the second stage will begin. Kill the stormtroopers and jump on the turret. Attack Phasma. You will be able to pierce her shield twice and deal damage. She will then blow up the turret. Get closer to the platform Captain Phasma is standing on and throw a grenade (by Finn) at the closed panel. Explode the device hidden under the panel. The third stage will begin. Kill the stormtroopers. There are several ways to defeat Phasma. I chose this one: on the right is a red box with weapons. Take out your blaster and fire at Phasma. You have enough ammo to hit the boss three times. Then finish off Captain Phasma. Control your walker to move through the hangar, killing enemies and destroying obstacles. Get to the shuttle where the heroes will leave the enemy ship.


  • Catch, shiny head! Find a way to drop the TIE Interceptor on Captain Phasma. Don't confuse with the regular TIE fighters that you have to drop during the first phase of the battle! During the first stage of the battle, keep an eye on which aircraft move along the conveyor under the ceiling. In addition to the regular LEDs, there should be an extended TIE interceptor. It must be dropped on Phasma's head.
  • Phasmatic! Damage Captain Phasma in nine unique ways. The battle against Captain Phasma is divided into three stages. And on each of them you can deal damage three times. You can do it the same way or use 3 different ones. So, in the first step, shoot at the green targets on the conveyor belt to drop a TIE fighter on Phasma. On the other hand, it's best to take your time and drop a TIE Interceptor (looks slightly different) on her to complete the first challenge. Keep in mind that dropping different fighters is the same way to deal damage to Phasma. That is, you should not drop an LED on it if you previously dropped TIE, this will not count. Now destroy the objects on the location, build a cannon, aim and throw an electrical network at Phasma. Finally, go to the device on the left, interact with him and plant a round bomb in the hole under the platform Phasma is standing on. In the second stage, first kill the stormtroopers, and then use the turret in the center. Shoot Phasma once. Go back a little and you will see a red terminal on the right. Hack it with a stormtrooper to launch a TIE that will crash into Phasma. Then throw a grenade at the wall that Phasma is standing over and blow the fuse. In the third stage, run to the large structure to the right of Phasma, climb the stairs onto it, and lower the lever to land the first blow on the boss. Then find the weapon box on the right, open it with Finn and select the blaster. Shoot Phasma. Finally, next to this crate, there is a stand with power cores. Grab the charged core and install it in the device a little to the left. The conveyor belt with walkers will start.
  • Trouble underfoot. Trample 10 stormtroopers with the AT-ST walker. Everything is extremely simple here: when, at the end of the mission, you control the walker, do not shoot at the attack aircraft, but instead try to crush them.

What is all Salt

Stand in the blue area in the hideout on Crait. Climb up the ledges and go through the hole in the rock. You will see the equipment. On the right is a container. Open it by pulling the ring, pull out the device and connect to the equipment on the left. Finn hacks the terminal to apply power. Run back and climb up the ladder with Rose or Finn. There is an antenna on the left, but you need a droid for it. He cannot climb stairs. Look to the right for a metal structure with a ring. Pull the ring to destroy it and create a springboard from the parts. It will fall down and you can jump on it using BB-8. Now hack the blue terminal to fix the antenna. Run towards Poe Dameron by climbing the stairs and stand on the blue area.

To begin with, you will control Luke Skywalker, who is fighting against Kylo Ren. Press the keys that pop up on the screen to dodge Kylo's attacks. This is all that needs to be done throughout the battle. You will have to press the Q, E and Space keys. When you are switched to Po, run through the tunnel until you find a blocked passage. First, destroy the containers on the left and build the desired drill out of them (the boxer one leads to the challenge). Attach the drill to the vehicle. To the right of it there is a platform with red buttons. Press the middle button of the right row so that the mechanical paw will reach the brown creature. Jump on it and set it in the hole nearby. Now take the only route and destroy all obstacles by pressing the Q key. When you run into the next blocked passage, Rey will appear. Remove the stones from the path using the power of the Jedi. Soon the task, like the episode, will end.


  • I'll get to the bottom of the truth! You need to make your way through the crystal cave. When you're done dodging Kylo Ren and you're in the cave, build a box drill (the one on the right) and blast your way through the crystals in the cave.
  • Knock Knock! To get started, complete the test below. So you can get into the secret adit. Go there with your heroes and climb the steps. Climb onto the container on the right, to which the stairs lead. Use Luke Skywalker or another similar hero to use the terminal. This will destroy the container. Jump down and use the remaining parts to build a cart. Interact with it from the side to turn the handle. So you break through the wall and complete the test.
  • Loophole. You need Threepio. When you follow the beast up the stairs, hack the terminal on the left, after the second flight. You will control another droid. Go down a little lower and hack the terminal with the green key on the left. Remember the password that will be displayed on it (an inverted trapezoid, three horizontal stripes, "1" and half a boat). Run even lower and hack the terminal with the red lock. Choose from the list the code that matches what you saw above. You will open a shortcut.