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Walkthrough Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - guide "Episode VII. The Force Awakens (all trials)

 How to complete all the story missions of the seventh episode and complete each available challenge

You control Poe Dameron and BB-8. Get to your ship and kill all the stormtroopers. You will then be switched to Rey, who is nailed to by BB-8. Run along with the marker and confirm the start of the first task.

First of all, the Order

Walk forward until you find the locked hangar doors. You can destroy stormtroopers and officers who have a key card. An alternative option is to hack the terminal in the far left corner to release flying heads and distract the enemies. Behind the officer, on the floor will be the key card you need. Apply it to the terminal to the right of the door and go further. When you get to the hangar, proceed carefully. You need to capture the enemy SID. In front of him is a walker. I recommend shooting at the target from the side so that the walker falls into the pit. So you will not only get rid of a potential threat but also complete one of the tests on the level. When you're ready, go up the stairs in the center where the marker leads. After the second ladder, turn the two levers to release the LED. Watch the video.

Walkthrough Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - guide "Episode VII. The Force Awakens (all trials)


  • Dangerous weapon. Defeat enemies using dangerous objects in the hangar. At the very end of the level, when you are fighting enemies, shoot at one of the two white targets. One target will cause the walker to fall into a pit, while the other will open a pit into which stormtroopers will fall. You just need to open one of these pits.
  • It's time to have fun! Start disco! In the room where you need to find a key card or distract enemies, go to the right corner, on the side of the door with an officer and stormtroopers. Build a control panel out of them and interact with it. Musical equipment will appear, which will divert the attention of enemies.
  • Secret passage. Find a secret path below deck to the hangar. When you fight enemies in the corridors, go to the other side and look for a locked door, near which there is an elevator and an attack aircraft. Destroy the elevator and the object on the left, then build a ring. Pull it with another character. To destroy the lift, you need a special character capable of throwing grenades. Get to the room with enemies and connectors for colored batteries. Pick them up. They lie in different parts of the same room. Install in the slots and go through the opened door. Move different blocks to block the path of steam flows. Climb out the stairs at the end of the corridor. You will need to pull the ring on top to open the hatch.

Awl for soap

Use the vehicle nearby and move towards the huge ship. Go inside, search the bottom floor and collect 3-4 portions of scrap metal. Move to the far left corner, where the marker points. Hold down the E key and select the net gun. Throw two nets at the wall and go upstairs. Collect scrap metal and go up the stairs to find another one. Hold the E key and switch to the glider. Fly to the next platform, where there will be another scrap metal. After collecting it, drop the box down. Jump after it and build a springboard out of it. Use the trampoline to jump up and collect the scrap metal. BB-8 must also climb there, in order to then be pulled by a cable over the crossbar from above and hack the blue terminal. So you lower the ladder, and Rey can climb it to the scrap metal. Fly on the glider further to the next platform.

Climb down and go to the opposite wall, where the marker points. Pull up to it using BB-8 (there is a crossbar there) and collect two portions of scrap metal. Climb onto the adjacent wall, pulling back to the pipe, and climb over the crate to the platform with the scrap metal. Go to the other side and blow up the cracked wall with a blaster, behind which there is another pile of scrap metal. Gather all the remaining parts and ride the transport to the nearest settlement to exchange them for rations. Defeat the Winkar Brute and stand in the blue area to continue the quest.

Try to escape on the quadcopter, but the enemies will destroy it. Deal with the stormtroopers, run to another one and kill them all. Build a control panel out of parts and have BB-8 hack it. Then get out of the settlement and jump into the Millennium Falcon. This will start the quest described below.

low-flying trough

First, destroy three enemy groups, consisting of 7, 10, and 12 TIE fighters. This is the best time to take the first test. Then fly towards the Star Destroyer and try to break through the wall. After that, find a TIE with a proton torpedo, knock it out and shoot this torpedo into the wall of the destroyer (key Q). Fly inside, move between the rubble, and destroy opponents.


  • And I'm good at it. Defeat 3 TIE Fighters for 5 seconds. Everything is quite simple: when you fly, try to quickly shoot three fighters.
  • Can you go even lower? Win or lose by flying through the wreckage in the ship graveyard. At the very beginning of this level, you will see several cylindrical parts. Fly through them until the enemy crashes into the rubble or loses sight of you.
  • Difficult without a co-pilot! Dodge an enemy shot or missile. Use CTRL and ALT to dodge enemy shots. Do this before destroying the outer skin of the Star Destroyer.

Duet is good, solo is better

Open the Galaxy map, select D'Kar and fly into the space of this planet. Switch to Finn and pull the ring near the gate. Go through them, after which you will be switched to Han Solo and Chewbacca. As Han Solo, aim at the panel on the left, where the purple marker is pointing. The platform with anti-raft equipment will go down. Switch to Rei, find two objects to the left of the conveyor. Place the left part with the red button on the right part. Click this button to start the conveyor belt. A container of anti-raphthal equipment appeared in the far corner. Drag it close to the conveyor belt to give it to Han Solo. Start the equipment by interacting with the container.

After the destruction of the raftar, go to the opened corridor. BB-8 hack the blue terminal on the right and move there. Soon you will reach a hangar filled with bandits. Climb down and kill all the enemies. With the help of Han Solo, aim at the purple marker to destroy the shield generator. Then sit on the turret in the middle and shoot the generator to disable the shield. Now switch to Rey and ride up the lift. Move along the corridor and go around the raftar, which will appear from under the floor. You can run along the wall to the left or right as Rei, or build a crossbar from the parts and grab onto it. Inside the container are parts with which you can take control of the turret in the hangar. And kill all the enemies without risking the other team. Then install the battery in the slot and press the red button.

Turn the handle in the center to open the lower right hangar. From there, a transporter will appear. Move it to the platform with pipes at the beginning of the room. Then press the red button to load the ladder container from above. Turn the handle again to open the upper right chamber. Move the transporter with the container to it, climb up and jump inside. soon you will find yourself in a hangar with the Millennium Falcon. First, hack the blue terminal on the left using BB-8. Previously, Chewbacca or Khan must cling to the yellow pipe on the side. The container will move up. Jump over to the container pipe on the left. When he leaves to the left, jump down to the platform and press the red button to get rid of the first attachment.

Switch to Rei. Shoot the net thrower at the wall and climb up. Hang with both characters on the two levers on the sides of the door. Run along the corridor after the raftar who grabbed Finn. Break the boxes at the passage on the left and install the found battery in the terminal on the right. Click on the red button. Go to the end of the corridor and open the door. Once in the hangar with the Falcon, go to the far wall. Use the net gun to fire two nets. Climb up and run along the wall. Get to the red button and press it to release the Millennium Falcon.


  • Advantage. Find a way to the observation post. When you destroy the raftar with the help of special equipment, you will see a passage on the right. Another rafter will grab the marauders. Follow there and in the role of R2-D2 hack the blue terminal to open the door on the right. Follow this path until you reach the turret room. In another way, you would have come down there, but this way you got here from above, to the second floor.
  • A trick against the raftar. Defeat the second rafter standing in the way instead of bypassing it. When you find yourself in the corridor, where a raftar appears from under the floor, do not run around or jump over it. Instead, as Rey, select the Blaster Crusher and fire at the cracked ceiling above the Raftar. That's how you destroy it.
  • Turret capture. Grab the turret from below. As for this challenge, when you find yourself in a hangar with a turret where you need to destroy the shield generator, take your time. Instead of grabbing the turret from here, switch to Rey and Finn and move down. Find the animal room. Destroy them, then destroy the container and build a control panel out of it. Use it to take control of the turret above.

Friends of the Resistance

Travel to Takodana, to Maz Castle. Enter the building and watch a cut-scene with the appearance of Maz Kanat. Move down the marker until you find a grate through which it is impossible to pass. Follow the red cable and go into the room on the side. There is a blue terminal at the top that BB-8 can hack. Move a high column to it, and then place the box close to it below. Switch to BB-8, jump on the low box, from there to the middle one, and from there - even higher. Interact with the blue terminal. Enter the same room, pick up the key and open the chest.

Run up and go outside the castle. Move through the ruins, killing the stormtroopers. FN-2199 coming soon. Fight him. Once the boss is defeated, all other enemies will disappear as a cutscene will play. Open the Galaxy Map and move to D'Kar, where the Resistance base is located.

Super- "Starkiller"

Stand in the blue area, then follow Poe and BB-8 to the center of the Resistance. Reopen the map and move to the Starkiller base. Kill all stormtroopers. You need to eliminate a total of 30 enemies in order to draw out Captain Phasma. However, you may run into a bug and miss a couple of attack aircraft. In this case, you will have to leave the level and start it again. Once you've done that, be sure to approach the large window in the hallway to capture Rei's escape. Phasma will then leave her room. Go there and grab the battery. Install it in the corridor on the right and build, for example, a magnet. This is how you trap Phasma. When Phasma is trapped, get close to her and attack with a melee attack, on the Q key. She will take the battery away. Kill all the spawned enemies and Phasma will appear. Run into the room where it came from, and grab the power core (battery). Now attack Phasma and steal the core. Insert into another transformer. In the corridor on the left, for example, it will be possible to activate the electric floor. When Phasma is stunned, get close to her and hit her by pressing the Q key.

Hold Phasma on target and follow her to the base's systems control center. Keep aiming at Phasma until she disables the shields.


  • Ray escape. Follow Rey's escape from Starkiller Base. Once you're inside the base, where you'll need to take out 30 stormtroopers to draw out Captain Phasma, walk in a straight line to the huge window at the end of the corridor to see Rey on the other side.
  • collapse. Find a way to blow up the bridge with snipers. Everything is in the same place, as soon as the level starts, look up and you will see a bridge with enemies. Under the bridge is a purple dot that you need to aim at as Chewbacca. So you will blow up the bridge, and the sniper will fall down.
  • In snow captivity. Block the stormtroopers from entering the base. All in the same corridor where there was a bridge and there is a window through which you saw Rey, look for a door on the right with a ring on top. Pull this ring to block the door and prevent a group of stormtroopers from breaking into the base.

Destruction of Starkiller

Run inside the Starkiller base, guided by the markers. Once inside, grab one explosive and carry it to the indicated places. Plant all four explosives and leave the location. This is how the quest will begin.

Shoot at the selected objects on the surface of the Starkiller. Then follow the ditch and destroy various objects until you get to the thermal generator. The task will end with a cut-scene.

Fight Kylo Ren using Finn and Rey. Chase Kylo by destroying the tree. Switch to Rey and shoot the stormtroopers in the head to knock off their helmets. This is required to complete the test. Defeat Kylo Ren a second time and chase him again. Kill the stormtroopers, then use the net thrower and set up two nets. Climb up to them and defeat Kylo Ren for the third time. After the cutscene, follow BB-8, then return to the Falcon and travel to the temple island of the planet Ak-To.


  • Here is the pilot! Get out of sight of three enemies. Use CTRL and ALT when the appropriate prompts appear on the screen to dodge enemy projectiles.
  • Snow fun. Make a snowman out of Kylo. During the second fight against Kylo Ren, look on the left for parts that can be used to build a snowman. Throw this snowman at Kylo Ren to complete the challenge.
  • Cool your heads. Destroy the helmets of 5 Snowtroopers. Use Finn or Rey to shoot the helmets on the snowtroopers' heads. There will be plenty of them at the level so that you can safely complete the test. Stormtroopers appear between the first and second, as well as the second and third stages.