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Walkthrough Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - guide "Episode IX. Skywalker. Sunrise (all trials)


Walkthrough Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - guide "Episode IX. Skywalker. Sunrise (all trials)

How to complete all the story missions of the ninth episode and complete each available challenge

The first level of the game will begin immediately after the introductory video.

In two counts!

Fly through tunnels and destroy opponents. When dodge hints appear on the screen, press the indicated keys to avoid getting hit. Also, don't forget to aim at the enemy and launch a proton torpedo. And so with three opponents to complete another test. Destroy pipes and other obstacles to collect as many studs as possible and get the "True Jedi" achievement. At the end of the level, you need to press the "Space" in a timely manner to complete the hyperjumps.


  • Kill aim. Don't let yourself be targeted three times in a row. When prompts with CTRL and ALT keys appear on the screen, click on them. You will also understand that they are aiming at you by an emergency sound signal.
  • Here comes the BOOM! Destroy three enemies with proton torpedoes or rockets. Aim at the target and press Q to launch the torpedo.
  • Ethical age. Activate hyperdrive for all jumps in time. At the very end of the level, press the "Space" when the appropriate prompt appears on the screen. You need to make 4-5 hyperjumps.

They are flying now!

Run-on the markers during your workout. Jump on the columns in the water, and climb up the same columns to grab the first red ribbon. Run a little further and climb along the cliff on the left, along the rungs and ledges to grab the second tape. Jump down and run back. Jump onto the crossbar and ledges to collect the third tape from the waterfall. Jump further, swinging on three vines, and grab the fourth ribbon. Finally, stick your lightsaber in and climb the metal wall to slide down the zip line and grab the last ribbon.

After the cut-scene, go downstairs and run to the Falcon to meet up with your friends. Travel to the Forbidden Valley on Passan. You can jump into the Falcon or just open the Galaxy map. Move through the gorge and stand in the blue marker. You will find yourself at the "Festival of the Forefathers". Talk to the five marked characters, after which the sixth will run up to you. Chat with him at the blue marker. This is how the quest will begin.

Next, the chase will begin. You must shoot back from enemies. While driving the speeder where Chewbacca, Rey and BB-8 are sitting, you need to complete all the tests. To do this, switch to BB-8 and throw barrels of gunpowder. When you hit the driver, switch to another character and shoot him. So complete the first test. Keep throwing barrels of gunpowder as BB-8 until you hit the jetpack trooper. At the very end, one of the speeders will fly up from the hill. Hit it to complete the third challenge.


  • Flight of caterpillar speeders. Destroy the crawler speeder while it is in the air. At the very end of the chase, when you control Rey and Chewbacca's speeder. An enemy speeder will fly up from the hill and you must hit it.
  • Don't underestimate droids. As BB-8, hit a Jetpack Stormtrooper with a Powder Keg. As soon as the chase starts, switch to BB-8 and throw powder kegs. Until you hit a stormtrooper with a jetpack.
  • Teamwork! Use a powder keg to disorientate the driver, and then knock out the speeder. Throw barrels with the BB-8 and then knock out the enemy vehicles it hits. While the driver is disoriented.

S-ZR-Oh no!

Walk a little further along the sand tunnel to see the second group of heroes. Climb up the grid on the right and hang on the bar. Switch to Rei and do the same, but instead of the crossbar, jump onto the platform that opens up. Switch to Po and jump to the adjacent crossbar to reveal a second platform. Jump on it as Rey, turn left and jump on the posts. Run along the wall and drop the crate down. Move as Poe Dameron and use the crate to jump onto the pillar with the blue carnation. From there, jump towards Rey and pull the ring to free the team. Follow along, jump on the ledges and roll along the cable, and then stand on the blue marker. Return to the Millennium Falcon to start this quest.

Follow Po through the streets of the city until you see a walker. When control returns to you, take your time and instead of running across the street, fire your blaster at the spotlight. This is how you complete the first test. Approach Po. It will say that the battery is missing. It lies in the right corner, to the side of the walker. You can either shoot the spotlight again or wait for the walker to leave. Take the battery and install it in the slot next to Poe Dameron.

Once in the courtyard, choose which of the first sentinels to attack stealthily. Get close, from the back, and press F. Then you will need to shoot at one of the two sentinels from above. You will kill them with one shot, and the second one will be finished by Po. There will be a locked gate ahead. Switch to Rei and go to the stairs. To their left, on the corner of the building, there is a battery. Destroy the objects and use force to pull out the battery. Move it to the slot above the locked gate. You can go further.

Kill local bandits. When the First Order goes, you should not join the battle, because according to one of the tests you need to complete the level without letting yourself be discovered. So just wait. Soon you will reach the main courtyard. You will need to raise the gate, and you will see a lot of enemies. Some of them will leave. You are asked to reach the workshop without raising the alarm. If you are spotted, you will have to kill all the stormtroopers (the walker is not needed), and then the door to the workshop will open. Don't forget what the challenges in this chapter are about!


  • Please be quiet. Complete a level without being detected. Everything is extremely simple here. The hardest part is the New Orders challenge, described below.
  • New orders. Get rid of the stormtroopers in the main courtyard without raising the alarm. Once in the main courtyard, in front of the workshop, go right. Eliminate the enemy behind the red control panel and hack it using an attack aircraft. So you turn off the alarm, and complete the test.
  • Right in the eye. Use your blaster to disable the UA-TT spotlight. At the very beginning of the level, when you find yourself in the city and you need to follow Po, you will see the light from the UA-TT spotlight. Fire the blaster at the searchlight on the walker to complete the challenge. Don't worry, it won't give you away and you'll be able to pass both tests above.

Strength should be enough

Travel to the Steadfast. After landing, kill the enemies and move along the corridors, where there will be new attack aircraft. Use Rey to take over the stormtrooper's mind and make him hang on the lever. Keep moving forward and stand on the blue marker. After the cut-scene, kill the enemies and run to the end of the corridor to save Chewie.

After the video, fly to the marker in space, following the coordinates received from the ancient blade. Use the boat and move to the wreckage of the Death Star II. Swim forward to the Death Star II. Run forward and pull the metal structures by hooking on the ring (BB-8). Climb to the other side and, as Rey, climb up the ledges around the pillar next to which the droid is standing. At the very top, run to the left and lower the plate with the crossbars using the Force. Now switch to BB-8 and climb up these rungs using the grappling hook.

Go back a little, cling to the rope and climb up while holding the "up" key. But first, find any box that can be lifted with force. Jump on top of BB-8, quickly switch to Rey and use the Force to lift the crate up a tier where you can zip up. On this tier, look for a blue terminal. Hack it by controlling BB-8. Crossbars will appear on the wall. Climb them with Rey. Jump on retractable platforms. Once at the top, drop the box down and jump after it. Use the parts to build a trampoline so that both Rey and BB-8 can climb up. Climb up the ledges on the central column and enter the blue area to start this quest.

The battle against Kylo Ren will begin. At the first stage, use a lightsaber and various combos. You can also throw objects scattered around the arena. Run along the left wall and follow through the corridor. On the right there will be a pit with green smoke. Push the cube to the left into it. Then switch to BB-8 and pull the ring on the left wall. Move through the hole as a droid and kill the enemy. Stand on the first button, switch to Rei and jump from the crossbar to the column. Move BB-8 to the second button and Rei jump on the appeared columns. Cut the wall on the left side to open a passage. Escape through it as a droid. Destroy all objects and build a blue terminal. Hack it with BB-8.

Soon you will meet Kylo again, the second stage of the battle will begin. Win using various combos. Kylo will run again. Run forward along the bridge, climb the rungs and jump forward. While Rey is fighting Kylo for the third time, switch to BB-8. Follow the same path. There will be a ring on the right. Pull it to apply electricity to the cable in the water. Lure Kylo Ren into this water to complete one of the challenges. Defeat Kylo for the third time. The fourth and fifth stages will be the same as the third. This is the right moment to lure Kylo to the place where the crushing wave will hit. Return to the camp of the Resistance.


  • Shock is our way! Activate dangerous electrical devices to damage Kylo Ren. When you fight Kylo Ren for the third, fourth and fifth time, notice that there are rings on the side of the bridge. By pulling the BB-8 on them, you activate the power supply to the cable, immersed in puddles. Lure Kylo Ren into these puddles to complete the challenge.
  • Dark Lord of the Surfers. Lure Kylo into a crushing wave. In the third, fourth and fifth fight against Kylo Ren, you will find yourself on the bridge. Periodically, this bridge is washed by crushing waves. Red spots appear on the floor. These are the areas where the war will hit. Be patient and lure Kylo Ren to these areas.
  • Great opportunity. Pass through the Death Star without opening the doors. When you get over the poison mist pit, there will be a door ahead. Don't rush to open it. Instead, switch to a character with a blaster and shoot the golden pipes above the door.

stay with me

Run across the marker to say goodbye to Leia Organa. Follow Luke to his dwelling. Return to the burnt ship. Use force to lower the door and pick up a landmark. Go after Luke again, who will get his fighter out of the water. Travel to Exegol's space. Fly to the marker to start the mission.

After the cutscene, kill a couple of High Defenders to trigger a new cutscene. Then you will control Ben Solo, who must kill two knights of Ren. Do not forget that according to one of the trials, you must not die from their hands. Repeat the same steps, killing a couple more High Defenders and Knights of Ren. After that, the battle will end.

Next, you need to move on orbak. Dodge the red stripes along which the fighters will fire. Fight the stormtroopers and then pull the crashed fighter to build a bridge and go to the other side. Jump on until you see the stormtroopers again. Defeat them, then use BB-8 to hack the blue terminal on the right side of the electrical barrier. Then you will need to defeat the BB boss. Wait for the overheated elements to the right and left of the turret to open and attack them. There are four elements in total, and each deals 25% of the total damage of the turret. Build the device in the center and pull the ring on the side. All this can be done by Finn. Hack the blue terminal using BB-8. Rotate the device in a circle to cut a hole and watch the video. Press the indicated keys.


  • Sith disaster. Use the surrounding objects to defeat the Sith stormtroopers. You need to switch to the rogue. For example, Han Solo. We are talking about the moment when you control the orbak, and then the red stormtroopers appear. Switch to Chewbacca or Han and find the purple dot to aim at. So you will blow up devices that will destroy enemies.
  • Lookout. Take no damage from Sith Fighters while riding Orbachs. In the middle of the level, you will control orbachs - beasts that look like horses. As you run forward, dodge the red patches that appear on the track. Otherwise, you will receive damage from the shelling of enemy fighters. In principle, everything is simple.
  • Perplexity. As Ben Solo, defeat the Knights of Ren without dying. When you fight for Rey and Ben Solo, in the second case, you need to make sure that Ben never dies during the battle. We'll have to defeat the four knights of Ren.